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Canadian rockers Saga back with original vocalist, tour and new CD coming soon

by on Jan.29, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Legendary Canadian hard rockers Saga, have reunited with vocalist Michael Sadler who left the band back in 2007 and was replaced by Rob Moratti who appeared on their 2009 release, The Human Condition.

The band has issued the following statement: "To put all the rumours to rest, we are happy to officially announce that Michael Sadler is once again the singer and frontman in Saga!! The new studio CD and tour news with Michael will be up very soon! We wish Rob all the best in the future with his new solo CD!"

Forming in 1977, Saga was launched into rock stardom in 1983 when MTV started spinning the singles to their fourth album, World's Apart. 'On The Loose' proved to be their breakthrough in America and peaked at #26 on the Billboard Charts in March of 1983. 'Wind Him Up' became the second single and peaking at #64 on Billboard the following month.

Saga 2011 features:
Michael Sadler - vocals
Jim Crichton - bass, keyboards
Ian Crichton - lead guitar
Jim Gilmour - keyboards, clarinet, vocals
Brian Doerner - drums

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Motorhead performance from Conan, Lemmy to appear on Last Call With Carson Daly this Monday

by on Jan.28, 2011, under TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Lemmy and Motorhead performed on "Conan" a couple nights ago. Check it out:

Lemmy Kilmister will guest on this Monday's (January 31) episode of NBC-TV's "Last Call With Carson Daly".
Motorhead are set to release their 20th studio album, 'The World is Yours', February 8th.

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Dirty Looks singer, Henrick Ostergaard passes away at age of 47

by on Jan.28, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Henrik Ostergaard, lead Singer for the band Dirty Looks passed away on Thursday January 27th, 2011 at 9:18 a.m. while under hospice care, according to Erie County Coroner Lyle Cook. He was 47 years old. Ostergaard, who was of Danish descent, lived in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 1985, he started the band Dirty Looks. Three independent albums and an EP would soon follow, which led to Dirty Looks getting signed by Atlantic Records. Later in Henrik's career, he would be signed to Sony Records and most recently FnA Records where he released a new album, I.C.U., in 2010.

"I'm deeply saddened by the news of Henrik's passing," said Jack Pyers, who played bass on numerous Dirty Looks albums. "I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and share some significant achievements with Henrik. He is and will certainly always be in my thoughts and close to my heart. So, my deepest respect to Henrik as a friend, father, husband and one of the best (expletive deleted) rock 'n roll singers that ever was."

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Lars Ulrich & Scott Ian talk Big 4 U.S. Tour date

by on Jan.28, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

During an appearance on the January 25th edition of "The Kevin & Bean Show" on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM (106.7), Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich explained the decision to play only one U.S. show, stating, "Let's take baby steps here. We did seven or eight last year, we're doing one show in England and one show in France (this year)." He added, "Listen, we don't wanna cram this down people's throats. We don't wanna sort of overstay the welcome, and we don't know what kind of response there's gonna be to this in America, so we're starting, obviously, without being disrespectful to the rest of the wonderful country...We have a history in Southern California, Slayer has a history in Southern California, Mustaine has a history in Southern California, so there's a lot of history in California. And we picked, obviously, the Coachella site where this is going down the week after the Coachella, [which] is probably — along with Bonnaroo — the favorite festival site to go to in North America.

I went and saw Rage Against The Machine a couple of years ago out there at Coachella and just thought it was a brilliant, brilliant place, so when the Coachella organizers asked us if we would come and play there the week after and they would leave the scaffolding up and all that business, it just seemed like a great way to kick this off in North America.
If there is enough demand for it, obviously there's a very strong possibility that there will be more shows, but we don't wanna overextend the welcome and we also don't wanna turn it into something that becomes this whole nostalgia trip that's gonna sort of be, 'Okay, now it's just gonna be this for the next few years,' and 'Celebrate the past.' So it's a balancing act, you know."
Here's an Artisan News Report on the tour with comments from Scott Ian of Anthrax:

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Vince Neil gets two weeks in jail for his DUI; allegedly owes over $1 Million in back taxes

by on Jan.28, 2011, under ROCK NEWS

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has accepted a plea deal for charges of drunken driving in his Lamborghini last September.
AP reports say that Neil, 49, will serve two weeks of jail time, plus two weeks of house arrest. The singer agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence when he appeared before a Las Vegas judge on Tuesday. His publicist released a statement on his behalf, saying, "I have recognized that you can't drink and drive at all." Neil's lawyer, David Chesnoff, added that the singer could have faced up to six months in jail and said his client "recognized that he needed to take responsibility for his actions." The Motley Crue rocker is scheduled to begin serving his sentence Feb. 15. He was arrested June 27 for driving under the influence, only a week after declaring his sobriety. After he gets out of jail, he will serve 15 days of house arrest. He will also pay a $585 fine. Neil was driving a Lamborghini with the license plate "Tatuud" and weaving between lanes when he was stopped by Las Vegas police, according to the arrest report.

This isnt the rock-and-roll frontman's first brush with the law. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and drunken driving in a 1984 crash that killed his passenger, 24-year-old Nicholas Dingley of Hanoi Rocks. Neil was 25 at the time and walked away uninjured. He served 20 days in jail and paid $2.5 million in restitution to victims.

Now Vince Neil has found himself embroiled in more trouble - he allegedly owes over $1 million in unpaid taxes. The Motley Crue frontman is being chased by U.S. federal authorities for debts amounting to $1,111,221. Neil and his wife Lia were hit with a $740,171 lien for delinquent federal taxes last April, while another $371,050 demand was filed against the couple for income taxes in December. Good luck Vince. Keep it together brother.

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