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Aerosmith to play new single on ‘American Idol’ May 23rd season finale

by on May.11, 2012, under ROCK NEWS

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Perry says that the group will appear on the show’s May 23rd season finale to perform their new single. There’s still no word on what the title of the single is, but the album is expected this September. Perry says he’d like to play at least four new songs on their upcoming tour with Cheap Trick. Perry also talks Aerosmith’s new album, more on the upcoming tour tour and the band’s ever-present backstage drama.

RS: What’s the status of the new album at this point?
JP: It’s really close. We’ve started to mix. We’ve mixed a couple of the songs already, but I guess this week we’re really kind of rolling into mix mode. We have a couple of tracks left to finish up, just to put some overdubs on, but we’re kind of going from the final, final recording tracks to mixing this week.

RS: Fans are definitely ready to hear a new Aerosmith album. They’ve waited long enough.
JP: I’ve been wanting this record to come out for years, but there’s a reason for everything and the timing for this is just right. The pressure for this to be what everyone hopes it’s going to be is enormous and I’m starting to feel a little bit of that heat. We’ve talked about doing a new record and it’s kind of like the boy crying wolf the last bunch of years…I just have to wipe out all the expectations that everybody has because we’ve always done every record on its own, taking its own place, not looking at it in the context of the last record or the next record or whatever is going on in the world or whatever. It’s just about getting in and trying to do what we do best and that’s it. I’m definitely feeling some of that weight. It’s really about keeping he doors locked and finishing this up without letting any of that get to us.

RS: You appeared on American Idol recently, so I assume you’ve softened your position a bit about that.
JP: It wasn’t about the show – it was about how we found out about it. I was pissed off about that whole thing, but I’ve played on it before and the band is gonna play on it in the last episode of the season to debut the new single. So it’s not about the show, it’s about how we found out about it. It was a bit of a shock and it took us off balance.

RS: You guys played Toys in the Attic straight though a few years ago. Are you thinking about doing more complete album shows in the future?
JP: Well, there’s a lot of things we’ve been thinking about doing, and a lot of the ideas that we’ve had are going to start coming out. We’ve got a few good years left in us, so I think nothing’s out of the question.

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