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Alice Cooper News: MLB “Strikezone” Alice vs Alice, finding romance in Budapest, photos and concert review from Whisky a Go Go show


Alice Cooper joined Major League Baseball Fan Cave for a heated Alice vs. Alice debate on his Detroit Tigers and his Arizona Diamondbacks. Alice grew up and originated in Detroit and is huge Tiger fan. He moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area years ago, and is now also a big Diamondbacks fan. Watch the debate here:

Alice Cooper took the stage of the legendary Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood this past Thursday night for the first time since Alice Cooper the band performed there live in 1969 with Led Zeppelin.

Cooper was joined by Steve Hunter, one of rock’s great guitarists; Tommy Henriksen, who co-wrote much of the new release; bassist Chuck Garric; drummer Glen Sobel; and guitar prodigy Orianthi, making her debut with the band. The band rocked all the classic tracks and songs from Cooper’s new album “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”, the long-awaited sequel to his 1975 classic “Welcome to My Nightmare”, which was released on September 13. Also making special guest appearances during the set were former The Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger and pop singer Ke$ha.

Read a Hollywood Reporter review of the concert here.
Check out high-quality photos of the concert by Stephanie Cabral here, Batteries for Everything!

Fox 411 spoke to Ol’ Black Eyes about where he goes when he takes off his eyeliner and leather pants for a little rest and relaxation. For romance and more, he heads to Hungary’s capital, that’s really two cities in one.

Says Cooper: “Budapest, my wife says, is more romantic than Paris. There’s something about Budapest that’s very warm. Go there during the summer of the spring and you’ll be surprised how much fun that is.”

Check out the video report:

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