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Dee Snider of Twisted Sister says band is partially responsible for birth of Speed Metal, talks ‘Twisted Christmas’

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Twister Sister have had a great 2011 with reissues and special editions over the last year from Eagle Rock Entertainment. In the works are a documentary on the band by Andy Horn, and Dee has a new solo album (Dee Does Broadway) on its way out and an autobiography to come. Twisted Sister has their last annual Christmas show at The Best Buy Theater in New York City next Saturday, December 17.

Dee Snider recently talked to Powerline magazine in the wake of the release of the 5-DVD Twisted Sister collection, ‘From the Bars to the Stars.’ Dee had this to say: “And people look at me like I have horns when I say it, but I’ll say it again and argue and prove it — that Twisted Sister is responsible for the birth of speed metal or at least partially responsible. And if you say ‘How?’ I say ‘Simple.’ If you use the live tapes back in the day played at such a high speed, musically, all the cover songs we did — everything was always sped up. That was purely due to my highly caffeinated state and my mental state. We didn’t realize how fast we were playing. I was the one controlling the speed and I kept screaming ‘Faster…faster!’ Bands like Overkill, Anthrax, Carnivore — they were out in the crowd in Brooklyn watching Twisted Sister, following Twisted Sister.”, Batteries for Everything!

“I’m asked, ‘Why aren’t you doing new music?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not driven. I’m not motivated to do the music anymore.’ I don’t feel it, I don’t have…I mean, I’ve seen this quoted and it’s true. After Stay Hungry I was declawed…well, not declawed. I remember this moment: I was sitting poolside in the ‘80s in a million dollar house with five cars, two boats in the driveway, and I’m sitting by the pool with a f***ing full wallet and I’m thinking about the next song of teen angst. And I’ve got nothing, I’m literally sitting there going. ‘I’m not mad.’ I’m not screaming about we’re gonna make it, and we’re not going to take it, and I wanna rock. I made it, I didn’t take it, and I’ve rocked! And I’ve got nothing. And you continue to write for a couple of years and the song quality was there — no doubt about it — my craft was there on Desperado and Widowmaker but what drove me and Twisted Sister to the heights was that gnawing, that fire, that frustration, it was the message in my music.

I’ve talked to a fan who became a big record executive for awhile, now he’s a big Hollywood movie writer, his name is Brian Kauffman. He had seen Twisted Sister 45 times, and I asked him ‘Why did you come to see us 45 times?’ And in a moment of idiot savant, he goes, ‘Because I believed you believed.’ I was like ‘What the hell does that mean?’ He said, ‘You were so convinced when I saw you on that stage. You were so convinced you were going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread. I had no choice but to believe in you.’ And, again, going back to what I like about these bands, hearing that moment in time when they believe they have nothing to lose, and will take out anybody who tries to get in their way.” Read the entire interview here.

Here’s some Artison News Service reports on the 5-disc box set and

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