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Heart News: New album, memoir and box set on the way, Nancy Wilson gets engaged

by on Mar.24, 2012, under CD/DVD RELEASES, ROCK NEWS

Heart have announced the release date of their new album ‘Fanatic.’ It’s set to be released on October 2, and will follow the previously announced box set release titled ‘Strange Euphoria.’ Ann and Nancy Wilson will also put out their memoir around the same time. There is no official release date on the book as of yet, however.

The four-disc box is set for release on June 6, with 50 tracks, including previously unreleased demos, rarities, live cuts and hits, as well as a DVD with a 1976 TV performance. The Wilson sisters have also added commentary.

Ann & Nancy teamed up with Charles Cross, a Seattle author who has written books about Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix for their memoir. Nancy said last year, “We’re telling the whole story. I think it’s important to be kind of brutally honest without making anyone else feel bad in any way, if possible. There’s a lot of stuff you remember that’s like, ‘Wow, why did I do this with that person?’ or ‘What was I thinking?!’ or ‘How controlling was so and so?’”

“It’s definitely not a sensational, tell-tale book because that’s never who we are. There’s going to be some wild parties and some failed relationships, but not too much more dark stuff really.”

Nancy said that her older sister has an “incredible’ memory, which they mined for material for the book. Nancy also said,”I feel like I’ve had a lot of painful situations that I intentionally delete from my memory. So it’s been really good to have Ann there to remember a lot of this stuff because I think I kind of have defense mechanisms with forgetfulness.’

Nancy Wilson confirmed her engagement to Geoff Bywater, a music industry exec who works for FOX and deals with the tunes that are used on shows like ‘Glee’ on the band’s official Facebook account.

The two are the same age (58) and committed parents with an already happily blended family. She did not share an intended wedding date. Nancy was previously married to movie director Cameron Crowe. They divorsed in 2010., Batteries for Everything!

Here’s her FB post:
“Hello good Heartmongers!

Here is the latest love report:

There have been some questions about a certain ring on my left hand and yes- it’s an engagement ring. There’s a new love in my life!

My fiancée Geoff Bywater is a senior exec at Fox who handles the music for
Glee among many other shows.

We are deeply in love, the same age, and both devoted parents. There is so
much happiness we share together, and our blended families too.

Send up a cheer!
Love is GRAND.

Congrats to the happy couple, and you can probably look for Heart songs on ‘Glee’ in the near future.

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