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Isla Vista’s Ugly Kid Joe are back and even Uglier! Drummer Shannon Larkin says he did not have relations with “Sweet Connie”

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The reunited Ugly Kid Joe have completed a new album, their first since 1995′s Motel California, drummer Shannon Larkin has confirmed.

The lineup for the Isla Vista, California bands sessions is Whitfield Crane (vocals), Klaus Eichstadt (guitar), Dave Fortman (guitar), Cordell Crockett (bass) and Larkin, the same lineup as their second album, ‘Menace to Sobriety’.

Larkin, who also is in Godsmack, revealed the album’s status recently at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. “A lot of the songs, Klaus wrote in ’98,” Larkin said. “It’s a fun band — it’s funny, you listen to the songs and it makes you laugh. Just a good-time rock band, y’know?”

Originally named Overdrive, the band became Ugly Kid Joe as a joke when booked to support Pretty Boy Floyd. The name stuck and they scored hits with “Everything About You,” “Neighbor” and “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Guitarist Fortman, who joined in 1992, went on to produce Superjoint Ritual, Mudvayne, A Simple Plan, Evanescence and Slipknot. Fortman also mixed Anthrax’s forthcoming album Worship Music.

Amy Harris recently conducted an interview with Godsmack/Ugly Kid Joe drummer Shannon Larkin:

Amy: After I met you last year, I heard your name mentioned on a VH1 special on famous rock star groupies with Pamela Des Barres based on her book “Let’s Spend The Night Together”. I don’t know if you saw it. It aired about six months ago. They were talking about you being in Arkansas with “Sweet” Connie. I said if I talk to Shannon again, I may ask him about how that came about., Batteries for Everything!

Shannon: You may have to excuse the crudeness here, but all I can say about that is, she sucked somebody’s dick that day but it wasn’t mine.

Amy: I’m glad you could set it straight.

Shannon: That was shocking even to me and I’ve had a lot of shit said about me over the years but I figure, if I cheat on my wife it’s not going to be with a 60-year old. Evidentially, she is really into drummers. I didn’t see it, honestly, but my friends, believe me, all my friends told me, “Oh my God, you and Keith Moon and John Bonham.” I don’t even know if she blew those guys, but she definitely didn’t blow me.

Amy: That’s good to get it straight from you. I was shocked when I saw it. My initial reaction is that there is no way. I know things get crazy on the road, and I’m sure there are many stories through the years but that one did not seem right.

Shannon: Yeah, I know. Another thing someone told me was she holds up a pair of drumsticks and says they were mine. They were red-tipped drumsticks, which I have never played in my life or career. So she, I don’t know, I think she’s just one of those groupies looking for attention and, unfortunately, I was the guy she picked to say that she blew. But not true.

Read the rest of the interview here: here

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