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Nickelback don’t get booed too bad in Detroit, talk about halftime show and get Motown tribute (video)


So…Nickelback played the NFL/United Way Thanksgiving Halftime Show and they didn’t get booed too bad, even though they played that song “When We Stand Together.” Good song message…bad song. Seriously, I don’t have any problem with Nickelback, they are the Creed of today, and look what has happened to Creed. They separated and members of the band went on to form Alter Bridge, who kick ass. Now Creed will be putting out new music in 2012 with a new sense of legitimacy because of that Alter Bridge success. We can hope the same for Nickelback. Regardless, Nickelback have sold tens of millions of albums, have songs at the top of the rock charts and sell out concerts, so they’re doing quite a bit right. Here’s NFL halftime, Grey Cup and interview footage of the band.

Nickelback didn’t show up as the “Four Nickels,” but we do have a Motown tribute to Nickelback. Scott Bradlee and friends recorded their version of the Nickelback tune ‘How You Remind Me’ Motown style and offered it up for the halftime show as “an alternative that is bound to make both sides happy.”

As you probably know, an alleged Lions fan started a petition to ask the Lions to change the halftime entertainment, which made headlines across the country. Turns out the guy who initiated the petition had an ulterior motive: to find a way to get his friend to play the gig, Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger told the CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos. “There is an individual, who is a local artist,” Chad explains. “‘Artist’ wanted to play the halftime show. So the guy who started the petition has something to do with [this Artist], and thought to himself, ‘how do I get my buddy to be able to play the halftime show. I will start a petition.’”, Batteries for Everything!

Here’s the interview of George Stroumboulopolous on CBN (Nov. 25) with Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake talking about playing the halftime show, the entire petition issue, the band’s charitible causes and more. The guys flew back up to Canada after the Thanksgiving halftime show and appeared with George that very same day.

Nickelback made a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week (Nov. 22) and performed “Burn It To The Ground,” and “When We Stand Together.”

Nickelback also made the rounds in two countries for football halftime shows. The Grey Cup Canadian Football League Championship Game was the past weekend, and the band performed three songs in Vancouver. Here’s performance footage of “Animals,” “When We Stand Together,” and “Burn It To The Ground.” The B.C. Lions beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 34-23 in the 99th Grey Cup at the B.C. Place.

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