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‘Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal’ documentary creators kick off fundraising campaign

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‘Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal’ documentary creators kick off fundraising campaign

The creators of 'Inside Metal: The Pioneers Of L.A. Hard Rock And Metal' Documentary Film Series, which features the biggest names of '80's Metal, offers Metal fans a chance to be included in these historical movies!

The early '80s metal scene in Los Angeles has become legendary, as it spawned such worldwide headliners as Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Dokken, W.A.S.P., and originally, Metallica (before the latter relocated to San Francisco). And the new documentary, 'Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal,' chronicles the entire scene.

Directed by Bob Nalbandian and produced by Metalrock Films, 'Inside Metal' features all-new interviews with countless bands and artists that thrived on the scene, and tell its story, first hand. To ensure that this killer documentary receives the attention it deserves, a fundraising campaign has been set up at WWW.METALROCKFILMS.COM - which will help strengthen the film's distribution, marketing and promotion.

This groundbreaking movie features exclusive and candid interviews with members of Metallica (Lars Ulrich), Ratt (Stephen Pearcy), Dokken (Don Dokken), Quiet Riot (Carlos Cavazo), W.A.S.P. (Chris Holmes), Megadeth (David Ellefson), Great White, (Jack Russel), Y&T, (Dave Meniketti), Stryper (Michael Sweet) and Armored Saint (Joey Vera).

'Inside Metal' is about giving fans the real inside story from the behind the scenes world of metal and hard rock with in-depth interviews, ultra-rare concert footage and photographs, and an original music score from that era; in this no-holds-barred, never before seen, recollection of untold stories.

To check out some sneak previews, visit:

Early feedback has been exceptional, including renowned video director Jonas Åkerlund (who has worked with the likes of Metallica and Ozzy) raving, "This film captures an era that catapulted metal into the spotlight and takes the audience on a wild ride down memory lane. After watching it I wanted to get in my time machine and experience those days for the first time. You’re hit with a potent nostalgia, a time I thought we couldn’t get back, not until I saw this film. I can’t get enough of this shit, what an amazing film to watch over and over again, well done!"

Metalrock Films ask - and want - real and serious metal fans to be a part of this historic documentary and spread the word that this was the scene where it all began, ground zero.

"Our Fanbacked campaign will raise the direly needed financial support to bring this film to one and all in the US and Internationally in order to pay for the marketing and promotion to get it noticed by the general public. We want to bring this film to your theatre, town, bar, club and living room! Unite and support us. We have created some one of a kind opportunities for our friends and fans to participate with us in birth of this film. Get your name on the screen and let the world know that you support metal and the bands that create it. Help us tell the story of the music you love and let the world know you love it. Join in the festivities of our, and your, accomplishments by being at the premiere of the movie and interact with the artist that participated in its creation. Commemorate your participation with a plaque, t-shirt, poster or other limited edition merchandise items that says 'Metal Rules.' Keep checking back as we add more tasty premiums."

And thanks to you and your donation, 'Inside Metal' will finally get the true story of the scene heard - worldwide!

Inside LA Metal movie poster

To make a donation, go to:

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Armored Saint rock Metal Blade Records 30th Anniversary show (video)

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Armored Saint rock Metal Blade Records 30th Anniversary show (video)

Armored Saint were part of the Metal Blade Records's 30th anniversary show, which took place this past Friday, November 30th at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Besides performing some of their greatest tracks, they rocked some cover songs with guest musicians, including Amon Amarth's Johan Hegg and Fates Warning/Redemption's Ray Alder. Sets by Sacred Reich and Gypsyhawk were also a part of the celebration, hosted by 'That Metal Show's' Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson.

Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel was a teenage metal fan preparing to enter college in 1982 and working as a buyer for Oz Records, a shop in Woodland Hills, when he started a fanzine called The New Heavy Metal Revue. That evolved into a compilation album called The New Heavy Metal Revue presents Metal Massacre, which featured Metallica, Ratt, Black 'N Blue, Malice, Cirith Ungol, Demon Flight, Bitch, Avatar, Pandemonium and thus, Metal Blade was born. Slagel originally operated the label out of his mother's garage, and after the Armored Saint EP release and Slayer's 'Show No Mercy' release the label was on it's way. Bitch's 'Be My Slave' being targeted by Tipper Gore's PMRC in 1985 brought recognition to the label as well. The early music by Slayer and Corrosion Of Conformity, Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Six Feet Under, Fates Warning, and Armored Saint were all part of the explosion of Metal Blade.

Congrats to Metal Blade and Brian Slagel on the 30th Anniversary and here's to many more years of metal success to come!

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Armored Saint to re-release first E.P. with bonus tracks and vinyl pressing, ready for European summer tour


Armored Saint to re-release first E.P. with bonus tracks and vinyl pressing, ready for European summer tour

Armored Saint will release their first EP with bonus tracks and etching on vinyl. Due out on August 10th/13th via Metal Blade, the tracklisting is as follows:
'Lesson Well Learned'
'No Reason to Live'
'False Alarm'
'Stricken by Fate'
'On the Way '

Metal Blade Records stated: "All five songs will be on side A, side B will feature a nice etching! Armored Saint will be heading back to Europe next week. At Sonisphere in France, the SAINT will be playing on the same day as Ghost, Evanescence, Wolfmother, Soulfly, Lacuna Coil, and more. Bang Your Head's list of confirmed bands includes Arch Enemy, Exodus, Thin Lizzy, Primordial, and more. Dong Open Air also features Napalm Death, Sepultura, and many others. Along with the festival appearances, Armored Saint will be playing three headlining shows with UK's Collapse as the supporting act."

Singer John Bush elaborates on the dates: "I'm very excited for our upcoming summer dates. First, Armored Saint has never played in France. Not only are we doing the awesome Sonisphere show, we are also doing a headline club show in Paris. About fucking time. Also, we're extremely pumped to play the Bang Your Head festival again. It's one of the best metal shows in Germany. Plus, we get to be part of the Dong festival. First time there. The tour wouldn't be complete without playing in Holland, which is the first country Armored Saint ever played in Europe back in 1989; and Zurich, where it will be our first time to headline in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Armored Saint doesn't tour all that often so come out and join us, cause you're never sure when or if we'll be touring again. We'll be playing songs from our entire catalog as well as from our most recent record, La Raza, which we're extremely proud of. See ya this summer."

Armored Saint European Tour 2012:
Jul. 8 - Amneville, France - Sonisphere Festival
Jul. 10 - Paris, France - La Maroquinerie
Jul. 11 - Kekrade, Netherlands - Rock Temple
Jul. 13 - Balingen, Germany - Bang Your Head Festival
Jul. 14 - Neukirchen, Germany - Dong Festival
Jul. 15 - Zürich, Switzerland - Dynamo

Check out this interview with Joey Vera in France from Metal Sickness. Joey talks about how the band picked the name Armored Saint, did they expect the band to be around for 30 years and much more:

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Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. shares stories of touring with Metallica & Armored Saint, firing early drummer Tony Richards and more in Part 7 of ’30 Years of Thunder’ postings

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Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. shares stories of touring with Metallica & Armored Saint, firing early drummer Tony Richards and more in Part 7 of ’30 Years of Thunder’ postings

Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. has posted part seven of an expected fifteen in the '30 Years of Thunder' series of stories from the beginnings of W.A.S.P. up to today. In part seven, Blackie writes of their record label, Capitol/EMI, demanding the firing of drummer Tony Richards, who was replaced by Steve Riley (now in L.A. Guns). He touches on the early tours of the U.K. and Europe, being banned in Ireland and guitarist Chris Holmes being knocked out by a rump roast. He also talks U.S. tours with Krokus, Kiss, Quiet Riot and Iron Maiden, with one specific three band bill that W.A.S.P. did with Armored Saint and Metallica. There is a great Cliff Burton story involved in that memory, and here comes the PMRC!

On September 21st 1982, W.A.S.P. played their first show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

On September 21st 2012 W.A.S.P. will begin the “30 Years of Thunder” anniversary Tour starting in the United Kingdom and continue Worldwide!!

This World Tour will be the biggest spectacle W.A.S.P. have ever created. The two hour show will consist of three parts. A one hour set contain songs from the first four albums. The second set will be a 25 minute shortened version of “The Crimson Idol” complete with the movie accompaniment. A third set will consist of material from the New Studio Album, older material and everything in between. This show will see multiple video screens, pyrotechnics, and elements from the early W.A.S.P. shows and Blackie’s moving microphone stand “Elvis”!

Blackie's entertaining and enlighted posts, will take you back to the beginnings of W.A.S.P. Read them all at the link below.
Read the latest entry #7, 'The New World Disorder' here:
Read all the previous entries here:

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Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic Concert Flyer and memories of July 8, 1989 – The Graduate – Santa Barbara, CA.


Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic Concert Flyer and memories of July 8, 1989 – The Graduate – Santa Barbara, CA.

Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic 6/8/89  - The Graduate - Santa Barbara, California. I went to this show on the UCSB campus at The Graduate in Isla Vista, California, and helped advertise for it on my "Hot Metal Soup" radio program on Live 95, KPGA.

My memories of this show are first, that local central coast rock band Intrinsic had a solid set as they always did. Then Los Angeles band Armored Saint kicked ass, playing selections from their "March Of The Saint" album from Chrysalis Records. But the most vivid memory had nothing to do with the band sets at all. There was a dispute as to who was to headline: Danzig or Accept. Apparently the promoter had told each band they were the headliner. I met with Accept, and they had vocalized the issue of stage set up, as their equipment would take much longer to set-up than Danzig's and that it didn't make sense for them to go on before. Glenn Danzig didn't care, and actually he was kind of a prick about it, coming to the door of his tour bus and rallying his fans to voice their displeasure. He even talked some shit about Accept. I understood each band being upset about being promised the headlining slot, but Danzig had virtually no staging at that point. There were many people there just to see Danzig, but if they didn't want to see Accept, obviously they could have left before their set. Glenn Danzig refused to play if he couldn't headline, no matter who was trying to appeal to his sensibilities. Accept ended up getting back on their tour bus and leaving, just stating that it wasn't feasible for them to set up and tear down before Danzig's set. Danzig put on a good show, as "Mother" was a huge song at that point, but it was too bad Accept didn't get to play too.

I did go back to Armored saint's hotel after the show, partied with the guys, and had a great interview with Joey Vera in a separate, quiet hotel room. They were so accomodating, and left me with nothing but positive memories.

Intrinsic photos:

Armored Saint photos:

Danzig tour bus photos:

photos courtesy: Chris Polowy

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