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Metallica release ‘Hardwired’ performance video chronicling ‘WorldWired’ tour from September 2016 to February 2017

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Metallica release ‘Hardwired’ performance video chronicling ‘WorldWired’ tour from September 2016 to February 2017

Metallica have released a performance video for the song 'Hardwired' filmed on the band's current 'WorldWired' tour. It chronicles the time on the road from September 2016 to February 2017.

The North American leg of Metallica's 'WorldWired' 2017 tour starts May 10 in Baltimore, Maryland and will hit stadiums in 25 cities before wrapping up in mid-August. Support acts on the tour include Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat, with Gorija taking over for Volbeat for the last six shows. For all the tour dates visit

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Avenged Sevenfold release title track from upcoming album ‘Hail To The King’


Avenged Sevenfold release title track from upcoming album ‘Hail To The King’

Avenged Sevenfold have released the lead track from their new album, 'Hail to the King,' which will be released on August 27. Avenged Sevenfold also have announced a fall U.S. tour with the Deftones and Sweden's Ghost B.C. that will kick off on October 3 in Chicago, Illinois. Check out the new single, album track listing and the upcoming dates below.

'Hail to the King' track listing:
Shepherd of Fire
Hail to the King
Doing Time
This Means War
Crimson Day
Coming Home
Acid Rain

Avenged Sevenfold/Deftones/Ghost B.C. Tour Dates
Oct. 3 - Chicago, IL
Oct. 5 - Indianapolis, IN
Oct. 6 - Cincinnati, OH
Oct. 8 - Baltimore, MD
Oct. 9 - Boston, MA
Oct. 12 - Bloomington, IL
Oct. 13 - Detroit, MI
Oct. 15 - Atlanta, GA
Oct. 16 - Orlando, FL
Oct. 18 - Houston, TX
Oct. 19 - Dallas, TX
Oct. 20 - San Antonio, TX
Oct. 22 - Omaha, NE
Oct. 23 - Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 26 - Las Vegas, NV

Avenged Sevenfold Hail To The King album cover

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Disturbed’s David Draiman prepares to release album from his new band DEVICE

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Disturbed’s David Draiman prepares to release album from his new band DEVICE

Device, the new band from Disturbed frontman David Draiman will be releasing their new single 'Vilify' on Feb. 19th. DEVICE, also includes former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, and as part of the touring lineup. Will Hunt from Evanescence and Dope lead guitarist Virus. Draiman has described DEVICE as an industrial band in the vein of Ministry and early Nine Inch Nails.

Draiman says, “Crazy! Finally able to talk more about this amazing band. The first single off our debut record debuts at radio on Feb. 19 and we have a tentative release date for the record of April 9." Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include 'You Think You Know,' 'Recover,' 'Hunted' and 'War Of Lies.'

DEVICE filmed a video earlier this week (Jan. 11) for 'Vilify' with director P.R. Brown, who has worked with such artists as My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Prince, Audioslave, Motley Crue and SIXX: A.M.

Special guest musicians on the DEVICE album include:
- Terry "Geezer" Butler (Black Sabbath)
- Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion)
- Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)
- M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
- Serj Tankian (System Of A Down)
- Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)

The collaboration with Lzzy Hale is reportedly a version of the Lita Ford/Ozzy Osbourne track 'Close My Eyes Forever.' Lzzy told told The Pulse Of Radio how excited she was to be a part of the project. "I'm humbled. My brother (drummer Arejay Hale) was freaking out because my brother and I have been huge DISTURBED fans since (their 2000 debut) 'The Sickness' came out, you know. So this is a huge moment for him and I, like, 'Oh my god, I can't believe this is actually happening.' Got a little fangirl for a second."

Disturbed is currently on hiatus, with Draiman saying at the time that all four members wanted some time to pursue other endeavors. "We've got other things that each of the band members wanted to pursue individually, outside of Disturbed," he said. "There's other businesses we have, there's other interests. We've got futures hopefully to help cultivate for our families and our children, and they can't all revolve specifically around Disturbed." There is no timetable on Disturbed's return, but all four members say they're likely to come back.

Disturbed bassist John Moyer is currently part of Adrenaline Mob, one of drummer Mike Portney's many group projects.

Here's an Artisan News report with Draiman talking about the new project, followed by another praising Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, who will be honored later this month at the 2nd Annual Rock & Roll Roast.

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Rock Picks of the Week: Black Country Communion, Joe Bonamassa, Adelita’s Way, Fozzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Candlelight Red

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Rock Picks of the Week: Black Country Communion, Joe Bonamassa, Adelita’s Way, Fozzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Candlelight Red

Rock Picks of the Week are back, and although a few of these tracks have been out for a bit, I will be catching up on my picks and expect some additional posts. Starting off is a band that doesn't look like may survive past it's third release. Black Country Communion's new album 'Afterglow' was released on October 30th, but if the recent tweets by band members and their producer/"fifth member" are any indication, the band could be no more. For me, that is a serious bummer, as I felt BCC should have always been more popular and well known in not only rock circles, but in all of music. 'The Confessor' is the first track released from 'Afterglow,' and it delivers like I knew it would.

Vocalist Glenn Hughes, guitarist Joe Bonamassa, and producer Kevin Shirley, who is (or was) the band's unofficial "fifth member" took to Twitter last month to discuss their thoughts and frustrations about the cancellation announcement of the only tour date the band had announced, whith was called off right after pre-sale tickets became available. Shirley – who had the idea of putting Hughes and Bonamassa together in a band together after seeing them jamm onstage in Los Angeles back in November of 2009.

Hughes has always wanted BCC to do major touring in support of their albums, and has been upfront about his frustration with Joe Bonamassa’s solo career not allowing the band to do that. Hughes took on a much bigger role with the new album, and has also recently stated that he didn't think the band could continue as is, because of that desire to tour.

Hughes has already announced he will be a part of the 'Kings Of Chaos, which features Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan, Gilby Clarke, Joe Elliott, Sebastian Bach, Steve Stevens and more. That band's first appearance is on the Deep Purple tribute album, 'Re-Machined". Hughes is on that album as well, but just not as a part of the Kings of Chaos lineup, who also have a song on the tribute album.

As fas as the tweets go, producer Kevin Shirley initially said after the concert cancellation, “I like to leave these things alone, but I feel an apology is in order. When you’re thrown a lifeline, it doesn’t serve you to steal the rope! And tweeting doesn’t make it history, or true. Your call will be answered – please enjoy the music.”

Bonamassa then tweeted, “I am very sorry about the Black Country Communion canceled gig. But principle still stands for something in 2012. I’m ready to move on.”

That was followed by Hughes re-tweeting Bonamassa’s comment and adding, "Me too." Hughes had earlier tweeted after the cancellation, "Been a rough week."

If this is it, it will be so sad to see this fantastic band disappear. There may be hope however to see the band live, but without Bonamassa on guitar. Drummer Jason Bonham has recently mentioned that something could be worked out with Bonamassa's consent and help in picking a replacement touring guitatrist for a BCC tour. We'll see if that is a possibility in the coming weeks.

Joe Bonamassa's solo track 'Dislocated Boy' is up next and despite Joe's reluctance to commit on an extended basis to Black Country Communion and my disappointment with that, the guitar legend always brings an amazing level of passion and musicianship to everything he does. I also love his solo work and I understand why he doesn't want to halt any momentum to what is and always has been the most important part of his career.
The track comes from the 'Driving Toward the Daylight' album, which was originally released last May. Check out the video clip featuring guest guitarist Brad Whitford of Aerosmith. Bonamassa has recently released another album, the double CD set 'Joe Bonamassa: Live From New York's Beacon Theatre,' and has a spring tour alreeady booked. Check out dates and everything else about what's going on with Joe at

Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way have had a great 2012, with the band taking their last track released from the ‘Home School Valedictorian’ album all the way to the top of the rock airplay charts. 'Criticize' was a slow climb for quite some time on the charts, but then just exploded and went straight to the top. Their latest album came out over a year ago, but the band is still having success with it, as the latest rock pick of the week, 'Alive,' is their fourth single from the album. Check out the video for the track, which has a positive message that we all need to try to follow: 'Laugh a little louder/Love a little harder.'

Adelitas Way had a great time touring with with Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Helyeah, P.O.D., Fozzy and more on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival tour at the end of September, and recently wrapped up shows with Theory Of A Deadman and Charm City Devils. The band have one show scheduled in December, but expect more touring from the band in early 2013.

Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy are up next in rock picks. Fozzy's latest album, 'Sin And Bones,' was released this past August, and the band has been touring consistently behind it since it came out. Fozzy joined Geoff Tate and Candlelight Red for shows, as well as some U.S. headlining dates in Oct./Nov. and are now slated to kick off a European tour on Nov. 27th with Soil to wrap up 2012.

'Sandpaper', is the lead single from 'Sin And Bones', and it features a guest appearance by Avenged Sevenfold lead singer M. Shadows. A great hard rock track from a band that continues to rise in the rock world, and reach a level of success that has allowed Jericho to curtail his WWE wrestling job and concentrate on kicking ass with Fozzy.

Lynyrd Skynyrd released a video for the title track from their new record, 'Last Of A Dyin' Breed,' and it features members of E Clampus Vitus - which I am also a member of. The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (ECV) is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of Western heritage, especially the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. The fraternity is not sure if it is a "historical drinking society" or a "drinking historical society." There are chapters in California, Nevada and other western states. Members call themselves "Clampers." In the clip, the Good Ol' Boys Clampers ride in and build themselves a go-go bar, with some fantastic results! Lynyrd Skynyrd is currently on tour in support of their new album, Last Of A Dyin' Breed, which saw the band achieve their highest chart debut since 1978. The band completed a tour of the U.K. recently, and have U.S. dates scheduled into April.

Central Pennsylvania rockers Candlelight Red have released the creepy and slightly NSFW official video for 'Demons', the title track from their latest EP. Produced by SEVENDUST drummer, Morgan Rose, the band's EP features four hard-hitting tracks, and as Morgan commented, "came out unreal." Demons is available now on iTunes.

Candlelight Red have tour dates scheduled in the U.S. in December with Nonpoint.

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Metallica rocks Orion Music + More Festival with reverse ‘Ride The Lighting’ performance (video)

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Metallica rocks Orion Music + More Festival with reverse ‘Ride The Lighting’ performance (video)

Metallica's Orion Music + More Festival at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ is going on this weekend, with a diverse lineup including Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, The Gaslight Anthem, Eric Church, Cage the Elephant and many more. The festival concludes today with Metallica performing the 'Black' album in its entirety, but last night the band rocked the entire 'Ride The Lightning' reverse. Check out the entire set below.

Metallica included other classic cuts into their set before kicking into the 'Ride the Lightning' in reverse, then wrapping up their set with more awesome catalog cuts. Watch Metallica's set tonight including their performance of the 'Black' album streaming live at 8PM ET/5PM PT tonight here:

Metallica June 23rd Set List:
1. The Ecstasy of Gold
2. Hit the Lights
3. Master of Puppets
4. The Four Horsement
5. Sad But True
6. Hell and Back
7. The Call of Ktulu
8. Creeping Death
9. Escape
10. Trapped Under Ice
11. Fade to Black
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls
13. Ride the Lightning
14. Fight Fire With Fire
15. Nothing Else Matters
16. Enter Sandman
17. Battery
18. One
19. Seek and Destroy

Here's video of the Orion press conference:

Scott Cronick of Atlantic City Insiders talked with Lars Ulrich shortly before the kick-off of the festival:

Q: Why did you pick Atlantic City as a site for your first music festival?

A: We always knew we wanted to be in that zip code — right around your neighborhood — between New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and D.C. We wanted to do it in a place where it would be convenient for people to come from the West Coast or Europe in terms of airport access. Music history is loaded with horror stories about music festivals and events taking place on somebody’s farm 90 minutes from a freeway and you have to fight cattle on a one-way road.

So we didn’t want that. When. A.C. came up, we jumped on it because we wanted the experience to be pleasant. There’s access. There’s hotel rooms. It’s a logical place to do it.

Q: Metallica has been around for more than 30 years. Why now?

A: We’ve wanted to do it for years. Call us ignorant or crazy or dreamers or whatever but it’s an idea we’ve been floating around for about four years. Since we did Bonnaroo in 2008, we felt like we’ve been doing these things in Europe and all over with diverse lineups for 25 years … and we felt we could do something like that here by ourselves and that we could make it fun.

So when we decided to do it, we looked for people we can trust and work with to protect our vision and keep it pure and about the music and experience and the musician’s lifestyle. It’s not about commerce and $9 water bottles and all that other bulls-t.

Q: So are you happy the way it came together?

A: We’re not particularly careful. We like to jump in and make the most of it. I think one of many fun elements is not knowing what will happen. We are all in this together, and we think it has the potential to be something pretty cool that can hopefully become a yearly event.

All of the fan club tickets sold out quick, so it’s buzzing. Any time you venture outside of the ordinary, you never really know. We don’t want to take it for granted that 40,000 people will show up and we can keep doing this. But if they do some and have a cool experience and are psyched about what we put together … if we can find a way to keep doing it, we will.

Q; You have some non-metal acts such as Jim Breuer, Eric Church. Was that to create diversity?

A: A lot of the big European festivals are institutions. They sell out before they even announce the full lineup because they are amazing experiences. But a big part of their success is that they offer a complete cross-section of musical experiences and options. So we’re trying to find that balance. We never wanted it to be just about Metallica. We want it to be diverse and awesome musically, but also offer lifestyle things that are inspired by what the bands are into, especially what we are into.

There will be things that show all of our passions. James Hetfield is pretty into cars. The drummer is pretty into film and movies and that type of thing. Kirk and Rob are manic surfers, and Kirk loves horror movies and posters. There are endless possibilities. We just didn’t want it to become too much and in a situation where we overpromised and under delivered. We’re sort of figuring it all out.

Q: So what will your sets be like this weekend?

A: Well, we are doing “Ride the Lightning” (Saturday) and the “Black” album (Sunday), and we rarely play full albums. We did “Master of Puppets” a couple of years ago in Europe, and that was fun. But we’re always cautious about doing stuff like that. We don’t want to turn into a nostalgic act. But with an anniversary lurking under every stone you turn with us, it seemed cool to do it.

We never did “Ride the Lightning” before. So that’s a first go-around. And we play long enough so that the set is not totally dominated by one album.

Q: It’s amazing you still play with the intensity that you do.

A: We do what we can. Playing at that energy, you have to keep in shape and not eat too many s---y cheeseburgers before you go on stage. We tend to clock in at the two-hour mark — that seems to be our groove.

Q: What will be the best part of this whole weekend for you?

A: Since we are the hosts of this thing, we are all hanging around. It’s not like we are rolling in a stretch limo 20 minutes before we go on. We are going to be there and partake and hang and listen to music and take in the whole thing. I look forward to that side of it. We are so used to going from one place to another to show up and play and leave. I look to loitering. There are going to be a f-k load of cool people in A.C. that weekend. That’s the cool part.

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