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‘Who Are You: An All Star Tribute To The Who’ to be released October 2nd

by on Sep.14, 2012, under CD/DVD RELEASES, LINKS

‘Who Are You: An All Star Tribute To The Who’ to be released October 2nd

Cleopatra Records has set an October 2 release date for "Who Are You: An All Star Tribute To The Who". As THE WHO approaches a nearly 50-year career, artists in genres from classic to progressive rock, and from punk to country, collaborate on a stunning celebration of the band’s remarkable catalogue.

THE WHO has sold over 100 million records, had 27 Top 40 hits, 17 Top 10 albums, and have been certified gold (18 times), platinum (12 times) and multi-platinum (5 times). They were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1990, and have been described as one of the greatest rock bands in history by Rolling Stone, the Grammy Foundation, VH1, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Artists from CHEAP TRICK and RUSH to PEARL JAM have counted THE WHO as a primary influence. With such weight put on this legendary band’s musical output, the contributors to "Who Are You" have brought every ounce of creativity, attitude, and reverence to the collection.

"Who Are You" track listing:
1. Eminence Front
- John Wetton (ASIA)
- K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)

2. Baba O'Riley
- Nektar

3. I Can See For Miles
- Wayne Kramer (MC5)

4. Love Reign O'er Me
- Joe Elliot (DEF LEPPARD)
- Rick Wakeman (YES)
- Huw Lloyd-Langton (HAWKWIND)

5. My Generation
- Dave Davies (THE KINKS)
- Rat Scabies (THE DAMNED)

6. The Kids Are Alright

7. Won't Get Fooled Again

8. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
- Todd Rundgren
- Carmine Appice

9. I Can't Explain
- Iggy Pop

10. Behind Blue Eyes
- Pat Travers

11. Magic Bus
- Peter Noone (HERMAN'S HERMITS)
- Peter Banks (YES)
- Ginger Baker (CREAM)

12. Who Are You
- Gretchen Wilson

13. Pinball Wizard
- Terry Reid
- Mike Pinera (BLUES IMAGE)
- Brad Gillis (NIGHT RANGER)

14. Squeeze Box
- John Wesley (PORCUPINE TREE)
- David Cross (KING CRIMSON)

15. Bargain
- Ted Turner (WISHBONE ASH)
- Ian Paice (DEEP PURPLE)

16. The Seeker
- Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW)
- Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)

Check out the version of 'Eminensce Front' from the album here

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Night Ranger ’24 Strings And A Drummer’ unplugged live CD/DVD to be released Oct. 22nd, ‘Sister Christian’ singing competition on ‘Bachelor Pad’


Night Ranger ’24 Strings And A Drummer’ unplugged live CD/DVD to be released Oct. 22nd, ‘Sister Christian’ singing competition on ‘Bachelor Pad’

Night Ranger are set to release a new unplugged CD/DVD of their 30th Anniversary celebratory performance in California. The release, titled '24 Strings & a Drummer: Live & Acoustic' will be available on Oct. 22, features performances from an intimate show the rockers played this past May at founding Grateful Dead singer/guitarist Bob Weir's TRI Studios in San Rafael, California.

'24 Strings & a Drummer' is a greatest-hits album of sorts, with the group running through new acoustic arrangements of many of their biggest hits, like "Sister Christian," "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" and "When You Close Your Eyes." Also featured is a version of Night Ranger's recent single "Growin' Up in California," from the band latest studio effort, 2011's 'Somewhere in California.'

The CD contains one extra track, a cover of the Don Henley classic "Boys of Summer." The DVD, meanwhile, offers such bonus material as a Somewhere in California making-of documentary and the official promo video for "Growin' Up in California."

Track listing for the '24 Strings & a Drummer' CD/DVD:

1. This Boy Needs to Rock
2. When You Close Your Eyes
3. Sing Me Away
4. Growin' Up in California
5. The Secret of My Success
6. Sentimental Street
7. Four in the Morning
8. Let Him Run/Goodbye
9. Forever All Over Again
10. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
11. Sister Christian
12. (You Can Still) Rock in America
13. Boys of Summer" (CD only)

Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’ was spotlighted on ABC's reality show ‘Bachelor Pad’ this week, with the contestants joining in a singing competion of the song. ‘Bachelor Pad’ is a spin-off from ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ that brings back eliminated challengers from those shows for a second chance at finding some bullshit "true love."

In this week’s challenge, the remaining ‘The Bachelor Pad’ cast members shared their renditions of the tune in front of none other than Night Ranger band members Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis. The guys put on their best game faces for the competion, but probably wished the check was bigger for their participation in this trainwreck.

If you want to see the other renditions, check out the full episode here:

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Remembering Randy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell


Remembering Randy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell

Randy Rhoads was born this week (Dec. 6) in 1956. He would have been 55 years old if not tragically taken from us 29 years ago.

These quotes were in a 1984 issue of Hit Parader Magazine on the 2nd anniversary of his death. I thought it was interesting looking back to see the complete reverence his contemporaries had for him, just two years since he died. His legacy has, does, and will continue to grow. R.I.P. Randy!

Edward Van Halen (Van Halen)
I have an immense amount of respect for what he did. Some people say I may have had an infIuence on his playing, but I never was able to ask him that. If it's true, I'm very honored, because I thought he was very, very good. He was also very dedicated to his playing. I think that showed in his work.

Brad Gillis (Night Ranger)
It was every guitarist's dream to replace Randy Rhoads, and I'll never forget the thrill of having that opportunity. I always considered Randy to be the best guitarist around. I followed his career for a long time even when he was playing around L.A. with Quiet Riot, and I was always amazed by what he could do. I used to get really annoyed after watching him, because he was doing things that I hadn't even thought of trying. He was in a class by himself.

Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot)
Of course I had known Randy a long time. I was playing in some other L.A. area bands when he was playing the club scene with Quiet Riot. He was a big influence on everyone who saw him. ,He had so much talent and so much charisma - it was just unbelievable! He was one of the few guitarist I've ever seen who could literally mesmerize you on-stage. You'd find yourself watching him and just forgetting about everyone and everything else.

Angus Young (AC/DC)
I've heard him play on the radio and he sounded very good. I admire anyone who can play the guitar with a style that is easily identifiable, and that's what he was able to do. Everybody says there's nothing new that can be done with a guitar, but when people like Randy come along, they realize they're wrong.

"Fast" Eddie Clarke (Fastway)
I was lucky enough to see Randy perform many times while I was in Motorhead. We toured the country with Ozzy when Randy was still alive, and I used to go out and watch him quite often. It's a shame that his talent wasn't fully appreciated until after his death. But that's the way it is in rock and roll, sometimes. He was very special - he had "star quality" written all over him. If you're able to go on stage with someone like Ozzy and hold your own, you know you’re special.

Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
To me, Randy Rhoads had a classic "American" guitar sound. There's a difference between the way a British guitarist plays and the way an American plays. They're both equally good, it's just that people like Blackmore and Page have had the biggest impact on English guitarists while perhaps Eddie Van Halen has had the biggest impact on the guys in the States. Randy Rhoads seemed to pick up on some of Van Halen's ideas and expand them. He was absolutely terrific, and his work with Osbourne is astounding at times.

Neal Schon (Journey)
He was very interesting. I make it a habit to watch other guitarists and listen to their work. I'm not that big on Ozzy's music, so I don't often put his albums on at home, but I recognize Rhoads as a very talented guitarist.

Paul Stanley (Kiss)
I've seen just about everybody who's come down the pike over the last ten years, and quite honestly, most of 'em weren't worth remembering. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Rhoads that many times, but he was a very impressive guitarist. He obviously had studied the instrument, and he had a natural feel that separated him from most other players. To me, that's the key - if you have a feel, a quality that nobody can teach you, that's when you're special.

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
Obviously, I've always had a bit of interest in the guitarists Ozzy has worked with. After having worked with somebody for so long, you can't dismiss their musical activities very easily. Ozzy once told me that one of the things which first attracted him to Randy was that he was the exact opposite of me. He looked different, and his style was very unique. I favor certain chord structures, while Randy had his own way of expressing himself. I admire what he did, though I wish Ozzy had given him a little more freedom to express himself on his albums.

Rik Emmett (Triumph)
I'm a big guitar fan. I love listening to everything from jazz to heavy metal, and one of the guys who really caught my ear was Randy. he just stood out head and shoulders above other young guitarists. I don't know exactly what he did that was so special, but he was able to mix together a number of styles and influences, and emerge with a special sound. Most guitarists are clones of other famous musicians. Randy had a bit of that element in him, but because of his talent, he was able to rise above that.

K. K. Downing (Judas Priest)
I listened to his playing on Osbourne's albums. He had the potential to become one of the best guitarists ever. Considering he was so young, it's amazing to consider what he accomplished.

Phil Collin (Def Leppard)
When I was getting into the guitar, there were people like Ritchie Blackmore who were so good that when you saw them on-stage they inspired you to go out and buy a guitar. That's what I imagine Randy Rhoads was like for a lot of younger kids. He had such presence on-stage, and he was so talented, that when you saw him you naturally had to be totally impressed by his talent.

Billy Squier
I know I have many limitations as a guitarist. That's why I admire somebody like Rhoads so much. He was the type of player that a guitarist like me would like to be. I keep dreaming someday ... someday ...

Here's a great article from KPCC, making a trip to Randy's gravesite:

Fast Tube

Tomorrow (Dec. 8 ) will mark seven years since Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell was killed onstage. will be posting remembrances of him over the next few days. Today, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello looks back fondly on his time with Dimebag.

Dimebag recorded solos for Anthrax’s 'Stomp 442, Volume 8', and 'We’ve Come for You All' albums. Anthrax's latest album 'Worship Music,' also features the song “In the End,” paying tribute to Dimebag and Ronnie James Dio. The 100th issue of Revolver, available here and on newsstands on December 13, features a free pull-out poster of Dimebag.

“We were so close to him. He was one of us. Dimebag was the sixth member of Anthrax, because he played on the last few records. I thought paying tribute to him in song was a great idea.

“I lost a brother 13 years ago. He was murdered. And then to have Dimebag go in such a bad, traumatic way—he’s one of our brothers. Dimebag was like a brother to me.

“We had a lot of good times. That Anthrax-Pantera tour [in 1997], that was a scary tour. The shows were great. But on that tour, I brought a parasite home with me from Mexico in my stomach. So I couldn’t hold anything in my stomach including liquor. Now imagine being on a Pantera tour without drinking liquor. At one point, it was so bad because everything I put in my body, it was like a funnel–it came right out of my body. So I would have to run from these guys and hide. Because Dime’s chasing me with this Black Tooth [Grin, Dime’s signature drink, which was a shot of Crown Royal or Seagrams 7 with a splash of Coke]. He’d be yelling, ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!’ So I’m shooting this thing with a beer right after it.

“Dude, I swear to God, as soon as it went in my system, I was right on the bowl. So I laugh at that now, because I remember Dime laughing at me. As soon as I shot the Black Tooth, he’d go, ‘You’ve gotta go now, right?’ And he’d laugh. It was a great time. Of course it was painful for me, but it was a great thing for Dimebag. Those are the things you remember. It’s a time in your life I’ll never forget. I love them and I miss them. Only the good die young.”

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VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show announces lineup for new season

by on Aug.02, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS

VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show announces lineup for new season

VH1 Classic have announced the complete schedule of the new Season 8 of That Metal Show. Here are the premiere dates only and all shows repeat through the week. That Metal Show airs at 11PM/10Central.
8/20: Tony Iommi (Phil Collen guitar)

8/27: Stephen Pearcy & Tim Ripper Owens (Billy Sheehan bass)

9/3: Tom Morello & Dug Pinnick (Tony Macalpine guitar)

9/10: Corey Taylor & Jack Blades, Brad Gillis (Billy Sheehan bass)

9/17: Charlie Benante, Scott Ian & Snake Sabo (Vinnie Moore guitar)

9/24: Sammy Hagar (Alex Skolnick guitar)

10/1: Michael Sweet, Jani Lane, Taime Downe (Phil Collen guitar)

10/8: Mike Portnoy & John Sykes (Tony Macalpine guitar)

10/15: Rick Nielsen & Graham Bonnet (Vinnie Moore guitar)

10/22: Lars Ulrich (Alex Skolnick guitar)

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“That Metal Show” announces guests for season number eight

by on Jul.14, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS

“That Metal Show” announces guests for season number eight

VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" will be back for season number eight on Saturday, August 20 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.A full slate of metal and hard rock icons will be a part of the upcoming season once again.

Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson host the only TV show about all things hard rock and heavy metal. Metal musicians and rock royalty, including Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell), Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) and Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen, HSAS, Chickenfoot), will be part of the discussions this season.

Scheduled guests:

-Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour)
-Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy Osbourne)
-Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees)
-Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)
-Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iced Earth, Dio Disciples)
-Jani Lane (Warrant)
-Michael Sweet (Stryper)
-Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat)
-Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell)
-Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave)
-Doug Pinnick (King's X)
-Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob)
-John Sykes (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder)
-Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
-Sammy Hagar (Van Halen, Chickenfoot)
-Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick)
-Dave "Snake" Sabo (Skid Row)
-Charlie Benante (Anthrax)
-Graham Bonnett (Alcatrazz, MSG, Rainbow)

Guest guitarists:
-Vinnie Moore (UFO)
-Tony MacAlpine
-Phil Collen (Def Leppard)
-Alex Skolnick (Testament, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

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