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KISS remembers Dick Clark, check out the Rock on American Bandstand (video)

by on May.04, 2012, under INTERVIEWS, ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

KISS remembers Dick Clark, check out the Rock on American Bandstand (video)

The site was down on April 18th when it was announced that Dick Clark had passed away, and although I did a post on the Marshall of Rock Facebook page, I wanted to do a full video tribute to Dick on the site. Today Paul Stanley posted this today about attending Dick Clark's Memorial:

"Yesterday, the private memorial for Dick Clark took place, and I was there by invitation along with Erin, Gene and Shannon. Dick was a true icon who changed the world of rock and roll while making a career of using his love of music to make icons of others. To see rock's greats spanning 5 decades humbled and giving thanks to this giant only underlined once again... the impact this wonderful man had on so many. Any of the current Idol/Voice type shows wouldn't exist without the trail that Dick Clark blazed to make them possible. He left an indelible mark on me for the irreplaceable generosity he showed KISS over the years. Always there with a word of guidance, we won't forget him. He will live on through his impact on countless aspects of American pop culture." Paul Stanley

The legend of the  incredible music and television icon Dick Clark will always live on. I grew up watching American Bandstand, and even though I'm a rock guy, I appreciate all music in general and thoroughly enjoyed what he brought into my world. Thank you Dick. Here's some of the best rock moments from AB. He even had Y&T and Dokken on AB.

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The Who News: Is ‘Tommy’ going to be featured on an episode of ‘Glee’?, Pete Townshend honored by Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation

by on Apr.04, 2012, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS

The Who News: Is ‘Tommy’ going to be featured on an episode of ‘Glee’?, Pete Townshend honored by Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation

Rumor has it that The Who's classic 1969 rock opera, 'Tommy,' may be the focus of a special episode of Glee. According to the Chicago Tribune, surviving band members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey would make guest appearances on the show.

Ryan Murphy, creator of the Fox musical comedy, told The Hollywood Reporter last year that Townshend had contacted him to see if he was interested in using Who tunes in the show. Glee has had several themed episodes during its three-year run, including one that featured the songs of Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours.' We'll get you more details as they become available.

Pete Townshend was presented with a very special honor recently in London. The Who legend was chosen as a recipient artist of the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation and was given a custom-made guitar that features a single fret taken from the 1943 Gibson J-45 acoustic that belonged to rock 'n' roll pioneer Buddy Holly.

Revered session guitarist James Burton, who has played with Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and many other stars during his illustrious career, presented Townshend with the instrument. The foundation's recipient artists are asked to choose a Holly song that becomes the theme of the custom guitar, and Townshend picked "It's So Easy." Previous Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation honorees have included Graham Nash and Jackson Browne.

The Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation raises funds for school music programs by lending specially-designed guitars to various respected musicians.

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Beatle News: McCartney fills Howard Stern with Holiday spirit, new music from McCartney & Ringo Starr, script notes auctioned

by on Jan.04, 2012, under CD/DVD RELEASES, FUNNIES, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Beatle News: McCartney fills Howard Stern with Holiday spirit, new music from McCartney & Ringo Starr, script notes auctioned

Paul McCartney and his newlywed Nancy Shevell made a Merry Christmas call to wish Howard Stern and his wife Beth, a Merry Christmas, and Stern decided to pay it forward.

Stern talked about the call on Sirius/XM radio show yesterday morning (Jan. 3) saying, “After I hung up, I was really on a high. I said to my wife: ‘That was really amazing, who would ever think that Paul McCartney would call me.’”

On New Year’s Eve, Stern and his wife didn't go out and once again, and they started talking about McCartney’s surprise call. Stern then asked the question “Who could I do that for that I know that would make somebody’s day?” He then proceeeded to announce on Twitter that he was “drunk dialing” and proceeded to call approximately 60 fans who posted their phone numbers online. “We have the loveliest fans, we truly do. We just sat on the couch. The cats were in our lap, and we were just dialing people and saying hello. It felt good, actually and our fans were great.” And it at started with a phone call from a Beatle. Maybe Stern used the calls to promote his upcoming gig as a judge on the NBC show 'America's Got Talent'?

photo: Hear Music/Concord Records

Paul McCartney is releasing a new album on Feb. 7 that pays tribute to classic songwriters like Cole Porter. The first track from it features Sir Paul with guitar from Eric Clapton. 'My Valentine' is one of two original songs on the as-yet-untitled album.

The album also will feature backing vocals from from Diana Krall and a guest spot by Stevie Wonder. It marks the first time McCartney recorded without playing bass, guitar or piano. McCartney said in a press release: "It was very spontaneous, kind of organic, which then reminded me of the way we'd work with the Beatles. We'd bring a song in, kick it around, when we found a way to do it we'd say 'OK, let's do a take now' and by the time everyone kind of had an idea of what they were doing, we'd learnt the song. So that's what we did, we did the take live in the studio."

Fast Tube

Ringo Starr also has new music on the way, with his 16th studio album 'Ringo 2012,' to be released on Jan. 31st on Hip-O Records. Guests include Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Edgar Winter, Don Was and Charlie Haden. The album features a cover of Buddy Holly's 'Think It Over' and the nostalgic 'In Liverpool', which was co-written with Dave Stewart (ex-Eurythmics, SuperHeavy). Ringo also wrote songs for the album with Glen Ballard, Joe Walsh and Van Dyke Parks.

Ringo and Stewart got along so well working on the album together that they have already started anothe musical project together. "Me and Dave wrote a musical, a complete thing – characters, story, a lot of songs. We wrote it for Broadway, but it will more likely end up (as) a movie… and I'm not telling you anything else. It's about other people", Ringo said. We will get more details on the collaboration as they become available.

At a recent Gotta Have Rock And Roll auction, McCartney’s script notes for the ‘Take It Away’ music video sold for a whopping $25,941.00. The starting price was $10,000, with the 7th bid the winner.

The document outlines the ‘Take It Away’ video, and was full of notations and directions from McCartney. The song is from McCartney's 1982 solo album, ‘Tug Of War’, which also featured 'Ebony & Ivory' with Michael Jackson, ‘Ebony & Ivory’. Drummer Ringo Starr and producer George Martin both played on the original recording and also make appearances in the ‘Take It Away’ video. ‘Tug Of War’ was Paul’s first album to be released following the death of John Lennon and featured the song ‘Here Today’ which was Paul’s tribute to John.

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Beatles News: ‘Love Me Do’ Demo sells for big bucks, Ringo Starr new album

by on Dec.12, 2011, under CD/DVD RELEASES, ROCK NEWS

Beatles News: ‘Love Me Do’ Demo sells for big bucks, Ringo Starr new album

This Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ 1962 Demo Record was sold for $17,339.31 this past Saturday (Dec. 10) during a 10-day eBay auction. The seller says this original demo is the ‘Holy Grail’ of Beatles items. It’s an original U.K. Parlophone Beatles record, with only 250 copies pressed and given out to DJ's, music journalists, family and friends.  It carries some really important historical significance.

The single only reached #17, so it was considered a success, which permitted the Beatles to continue recording the single and album ‘Please Please Me.’

It was pressed in 1962 and will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. Paul McCartney‘s name is misspelled on both sides of the vinyl, without the 'C' in Cartney. It is in pristine condition, packaged in its original Top Pop Special Rush Copy sleeve, with the labels shiny white, without marks and the wax has no signs of groove wear, scratches or scuffs.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Edgar Winter and Don Was will be among the guests on Ringo Starr's new album, "Ringo 2012", out Jan. 31 on Hip-O. It will be Ringo's 16th studio album, and have 9 tracks, including a cover of Buddy Holly's "Think It Over" and a track called "In Liverpool", co-written with Dave Stewart. Ringo, 71, produced the new album, and also co-wrote songs with Joe Walsh, Van Dyke Parks and Glen Ballard.

Here's some Bizarro funnies from Dec. 9th

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Legendary Keyboardist Jon Lord gets Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music in UK

by on Jul.27, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Legendary Keyboardist Jon Lord gets Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music in UK

Former Deep Purple and Whitesnake keyboardist Jon Lord has received the Honorary Degree of Doctor Of Music from the University of Leicester.

“Jon Lord is one of British music’s most eclectic and talented instrumentalists. There are no signs of his creative talents abating.” These words rounded off a detailed account of Jon Lord’s musical life that preceded Jon being presented with the Honorary Degree.

"It is humbling to hear your life retold with such accuracy, he said in his acceptance speech, where he also spoke fondly of his musical childhood in Leicester. His first concert was experienced was in the same hall where the presentation ceremony was being held. "I was 6 or 7 years old and heard cutting edge classical stuff performed by the Hallé Orchestra; the William Tell Overture, Grieg’s Piano Concerto and the New World Symphony. It thrilled me and possibly changed things right there", he explains.

Years later in the same hall, he saw Buddy Holly. "He spun my head around. The love of what Buddy Holly represented and the love of what the Hallé Orchestra represented has defined my musical life. This town was and still is deep inside my bones, and it’s a huge, huge privilige and an honour to come back here and accept this honorary degree. My parents – were they alive – would be dancing in the street. I suspect and hope they’re dancing somewhere far more pleasant than Averill Road [Jon's childhood home]. Thank you and God bless!"

The last time Jon Lord visited the University of Leicester was 41 years ago when Deep Purple played at the Students’ Union on February 7th, 1970.

Check out this footage of Jon Lord receiving and responding to the presentation of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music from the University of Leicester:

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