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Rolling Stones News: Music to be featured throughout ‘Monday Night Football’ season on ESPN, new vinyl releases out this week

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Rolling Stones News: Music to be featured throughout ‘Monday Night Football’ season on ESPN, new vinyl releases out this week

ESPN will be celebrating The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary during this year's season of Monday night football on their pregame show. "Legend to Legend" will be a unique collaboration with the Universal Music Group that will combine Monday Night Football highlights with classic tracks from thelegendary band featuring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood.

ESPN is licensing 16 Rolling Stones tracks, spanning the early 1970's release of Exile on Main St. through the mid 2000's A Bigger Bang. The songs will be a mix of popular hits and deep cuts, including "It's Only Rock'n Roll", "Hot Stuff" and "One Hit (To the Body)". Four different songs will be selected per month and will be used for four weeks at a time on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown Pregame show (6:30 p.m. ET), on bumpers and teases within the Monday Night Football game (8:30 p.m.), and in a post-MNF game highlight segment onSportsCenter, ESPN's flagship highlights, news and information show.

"Legend to Legend" will debut Monday, Sept. 10 when ESPN kicks off the 43rd season of Monday Night Football with two games at a special time: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (7 p.m.) and San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders (10:15 p.m.). Countdown begins at 5 p.m. The schedule continues throughout ESPN's 16-week NFL schedule, which concludes on Saturday, Dec. 22.

"Legend to Legend" elements will be identified with a branded logo and high-end animation within Monday Night Countdown and SportsCenter, highlighting "The 50 Years of the Stones" and incorporating the band's signature tongue logo., Batteries for Everything!

"We're very proud that the Rolling Stones chose ESPN's Monday Night Football to play a major role in their 50th Anniversary celebration; sports and music fans alike will enjoy the combination of these two pop culture legends – the most successful prime time sports series in the history of television and the world's greatest rock and roll band to supply music for our season-long soundtrack," said Bob Toms, ESPN vice president of production enhancements, who oversees the ESPN Music department.

New York, NY (September 5, 2012)—Live shows from Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones will get the vinyl treatment on September 11 when Eagle Rock Entertainment releases two very exciting packages: a special  Vinyl Special Edition edition 2LP/DVD/CD of Muddy Waters And The Rolling Stones Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981, and The Rolling Stones Some Girls: Live In Texas ‘78 2LP/DVD/CD. (Both sets were previously released in DVD/CD formats – Some Girls in November 2011, Checkerboard Lounge in July 2012.) Each set contains an 180g vinyl in a three-panel gatefold sleeve. With audio presented in DTS Dolby 5.1, these sets truly allow fans to fully experience and enjoy these brilliant artists and moments in music. [MSRP $39.98 each]

Considered by many fans to be one of The Rolling Stones greatest tours, Some Girls: Live In Texas was filmed at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas on July 18, 1978. Their stripped-down rock ‘n’ roll glory on full display, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts, and Bill Wyman perform the very songs that skyrocketed the Some Girls album to the top of the US Charts at the time of this concert. The end result steams right off the vinyl. Years later, Wood summed it up by saying, “it was straight-ahead garage rock, hardly a stage-set, no smoke, no big lights, like the Stones going punk.”

The concert presented on Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981 captures a moment-in-time when Jagger, Richards, Wood and Stewart paid a visit to Buddy Guy’s blues club, just prior to a three-night stint at the Rosemont Horizon. The result is one of those magical nights caught on tape and recorded for posterity. Muddy, clearly in charge, invites the Stones one-by-one to join the party. Buddy tears off some jagged lightning riffs. Junior Wells blows some mean blues harmonica. The warmth of the vinyl sound is perfect for such classic soul as this. The songs fly by in a world of honest, unpretentious love-of-the-music. Mixed and mastered by Bob Clearmountain, this concert is a rare gem of rock ‘n’ roll and blues history.

Check out Eagle Rock Entertainment:
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Top 30 list of richest drummers in the world

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Top 30 list of richest drummers in the world

We now know who the richest drummers in the world are, and it really should be no suprise who is #1. compiled all information including salaries, real estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties and endorsements to come up with the figures. The final net worths come from a formula that takes out taxes, manager’s fees, agents fees, and lifestyle. Check out the Top 30 below., Batteries for Everything!

The 30 Richest Drummers in the World:
1. Ringo Starr – $300 Million (The Beatles/Solo)
2. Phil Collins – $250 Million (Solo/Genesis)
3. Dave Grohl – $225 Million (Nirvana/Foo Fighters)
4. Don Henley – $200 Million (The Eagles)
5. Lars Ulrich – $175 Million (Metallica)
6. Charlie Watts – $160 Million (The Rolling Stones)
7. Larry Mullen Jr. – $150 Million (U2)
8. Roger Taylor – $105 Million (Queen)
9. Joey Kramer – $100 Million (Aerosmith)
10. Chad Smith – $90 Million (The Red Hot Chili Peppers/Chickenfoot)
11. Travis Barker – $85 Million (Blink 182/The Aquabats)
12. Stewart Copeland – $80 Million (The Police)
13. Alex Van Halen – $75 Million (Van Halen)
14. Nick Mason – $75 Million (Pink Floyd)
15. Tommy Lee – $70 Million (Motley Crue)
16. Bill Ward – $65 Million (Black Sabbath)
17. Jon Fishman – $60 Million (Phish)
18. Carter Beauford – $55 Million (Dave Matthews Band)
19. Rick Allen – $50 Million (Def Leppard)
20. Tre Cool – $45 Million (Green Day)
21. Danny Carey – $40 Million (Tool)
22. Tico Torres – $40 Million (Bon Jovi)
23. Max Weinberg – $35 Million (Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band/Conan O’Brien)
24. Mickey Hart – $30 Million (The Grateful Dead)
25. Bill Kreutzmann – $25 Million (The Grateful Dead)
26. Neil Peart – $22 Million (Rush)
27. Taylor Hawkins – $20 Million (Foo Fighters)
28. Questlove – $16 Million (The Roots, Jimmy Fallon)
29: Steven Adler – $15 Million (Guns N’ Roses)
30. Mick Fleetwood – $8.5 Million (Fleetwood Mac)

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Rolling Stones News: Documentary to air on HBO this Fall, Bill Wyman says he won’t be a part of Stones 50th Anniversary tour

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Rolling Stones News: Documentary to air on HBO this Fall, Bill Wyman says he won’t be a part of Stones 50th Anniversary tour

A new documentary on the history of the Rolling Stones is slated to air on HBO in the fall. The band gave their full cooperation to the film, but an air date has yet to be announced.

Michael Lombardo, President of Programming at HBO, said in a statement" "This is all done as part of the band’s 50th anniversary. This documentary has the full involvement of the four current band members – Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ron – as well as the former band members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor. We’ll follow the band from their early club days through their arrival as the greatest band in the world."

'The Kid Stays in the Picture' (about Robert Evans) director Brett Morgan helmed the project. Morgan told Rolling Stone back in March: "Nobody has put the story together as a narrative. We’ve been looking under every rock, going through their archives. It will be music never heard before, and I’ve conducted 50-plus hours of interviews so far. By the time we’re done, they will be the most extensive group interviews they’ve ever done."

Former Stones bassist Bill Wyman is part of the new documentary, but apparently won't be part of an upcoming 50th anniversary tour. Wyman recently rehearsed with the band for the first time since he exited the group in the early '90s, but told EADT Suffolk magazine in the U.K., "I don't fly, so there's no way I'll go on any tour. I did meet up with them earlier this year for a couple of rehearsal sessions but that was all.", Batteries for Everything!

Wyman was on hand for the opening of a London photo exhibit marking The Stones' milestone anniversary on July 12th. He also performed alongside Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and ex-Stones member Mick Taylor at a June 30th concert held in conjunction with London's Blues Fest. Hopefully Wyman will at least show up for a few gigs once the Stones book some dates.

Mick Jagger has said that the Stones will play live sometime "in the autumn," but specualtion is that is may be multiple dates in some larger cities as opposed to a lengthly months-long tour.

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Rolling Stones News: 50th Anniversary of first gig, Mick and Keith talk 50 years in Rock n’ Roll, photo exhibit opens today, Jagger and Bowie rumored affair documented in new book

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Rolling Stones News: 50th Anniversary of first gig, Mick and Keith talk 50 years in Rock n’ Roll, photo exhibit opens today, Jagger and Bowie rumored affair documented in new book

Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones have started rehearsing for a 50th anniversary tour – although he can’t confirm when it will take place. "There's things in the works - I think it's definitely happening," he told the BBC. "But when? I can't say yet."

"We're playing around with the idea and had a couple of rehearsals - we've got together and it feels so good. There might be life in the old dog yet. We’ll die gracefully, elegantly wasted.

"Sometimes its hard work and you wonder why you're doing it, but apart from those few moments it's been an incredible adventure."

The Stones lengthly career started 50 years ago today on July 12, 1962, as Richards and singer Mick Jagger hit the stage in as the Rollin' Stones at London's Marquee Club. Jagger and Richards were accompanied by Elmo Lewis, Dick Taylor, Ian Stewart and Mick Avory.

Lewis stayed on under his real name of Brian Jones, Taylor was replaced by Bill Wyman and formed the Pretty Things, Stewart worked with the band until his death in 1985, and Avory, who went on to join the Kinks, was eventually replaced by Charlie Watts.

Richards also told the BBC: “Nobody expected anything like this, especially in those days. Bands lived for three years. It’s something to do with the generation, the fact we were suffering from World War II until the sixties. It’s the technology too – before that you made 45s. It was almost a monthly business.

“Bringing out albums stretched the longevity for a band. The Beatles and ourselves got more room to expand.”

His biggest regret is the death of Jones in 1969. “That was a shock – we were all very close,” he says. “And I wouldn’t have taken certain things if I’d known what I’d have to go through to get off of it.

"Sometimes it’s hard work and you wonder why you’re doing it, but apart from those few moments it’s been an incredible adventure."

A photography exhibition marking the band's long career will be launched at London's Somerset House today.

Talking about the pictures, which include reportage, live concert and studio images, the guitarist said he felt "weird" looking back at the group's early days., Batteries for Everything!

"It's amazing - most of these pictures I think, 'where was the cameraman?' I don't remember them being there," he said.

Watch Will Gompertz of the BBC ask Mick Jagger and Richards about the last 50 years of rock'n'roll in the video here:

Jerry Hall, who started dating Mick in 1977, and was married to him from 1990 to 1999, recalls what it was like to watch the Stones onstage and off in this article from the BBC:

The Telegraph in the UK has more on the photo exhibit here: and Sir Mick Jagger reflecting on 50 years of the Rolling Stones ahead of the new exhibition here:

You may remember their 1985 remake of 'Dancing in the Street,' with Mick Jagger and David Bowie coming close to kissing, and recall Angela Bowie's book from 20 years ago talking about an affair between Jagger and David Bowie. There has even been talk of Mick writing 'Angie' for Angela Bowie after she caught the two together. Now, a new unauthorized biography 'Mick: the Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger,' written by Christopher Andersen has rekindled the claim that Mick Jagger had a long-term love affair with David Bowie in the 1970s.

After meeting in the early Seventies, writer Chris Andersen says that both stars became fascinated with one another. Not long after their first encounter in 1973, when Mick visited Bowie backstage at one of his concerts, Andersen claims that their relationship quickly turned physical.

The book claims that Angie Bowie, who was married to David at the time, returned to their London home to find the two men asleep together in her bed. What was Angie's response? "Do you want some coffee?" she asked, and returned a few minutes later with coffee and orange juice on a tray.

Andersen outlines the affair with quotes from friends and family. "Ava Cherry, a backup singer who lived with the Bowies for a time, reportedly told a friend that 'Mick and David were really sexually obsessed with each other. Even though I was in bed with them many times, I ended up just watching them have sex'."

An excerpt of the book was posted by the NY Daily News earlier this week. Check it out here: It mentions that Bebe Buell, mother of Liv Tyler and former lover of both Jagger and Bowie, dated the two at the same time, and that the two rockers attempted to lure her into a few orgies. "I used to get some pretty strange phone calls from Mick and David at three in the morning inviting me to join them in bed with four gorgeous black women," reads a quote in the book. "[Or] four gorgeous black men."

But in a Facebook post written yesterday (July 11), Buell strongly disputes Andersen's account. "This entire Bowie/Jagger thing is completely stupid and false! Who cares what they did in their private time? I sure don't but I don't like getting dragged into the press when I wasn't part of it. I don't do orgies, never did, never have!" she writes. "Yes, I dated both men but not at the same time. Bowie was more of JUST a friend. Jagger was a BF on and off for years. I hate having to answer to all of this crap! A person's sexuality is their own right and business but I am not anyone's sex toy!"


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Rolling Stones News: 50th Anniversary photo exhibit and book, Band members jam at Bluesfest London 2012, Mick Jagger’s daughter gets married, Keith Richards co-produces new album from Aaron Neville (video)

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Rolling Stones News: 50th Anniversary photo exhibit and book, Band members jam at Bluesfest London 2012, Mick Jagger’s daughter gets married, Keith Richards co-produces new album from Aaron Neville (video)

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, the Rolling Stones will attend a photo exhibit in their honor on July 12th in London. The day marks the 50th anniversary to the day of their first gig at London's Marquee Club. The Somerset House will showcase prints and photographs ranging from concert images and studio shots to negatives and outtakes from throughout the band's history.

"This is our story of 50 fantastic years," said the band in a statement. "We started out as a blues band playing the clubs and more recently we've filled the largest stadiums in the world with the kind of show that none of us could have imagined all those years ago."

The band debuted as The Rollin' Stones on July 12, 1962. The band included Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar), Brian Jones (guitar), Ian Stewart (piano), Dick Taylor (bass) and Tony Chapman (drums.) The exhibit will open free to the public on July 13th and run until August 27th. The band recently unveiled an updated logo to mark their 50th anniversary, and they are strongly considering playing at least one live show this year to celebrate their longevity.

The party will roll on into next year as well. "The Stones always really considered 1963 to be 50 years, because Charlie [Watts] didn't actually join until January," Keith Richards told Rolling Stone earlier this year. "We look upon 2012 as sort of the year of conception, but the birth is next year."

Among their many exciting plans for the anniversary is the photo book, 'The Rolling Stones: 50.' Published by Thames and Hudson, it features rare and previously unseen photos from across their career.

Here a video clip of the book being printed in China (oh joy), and the first copies being opened at the Thames and Hudson offices in London.

The Rolling Stones have unveiled a modified version of their famous tongue-and-lips logo in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The image was designed by popular graphic artist Shephard Fairey, and features the classic logo surrounded by the wording "The Rolling Stones 50 Years," with the "Stones" modified so that the first "S" actually is a number five and the "O" is a zero.

The original tongue-and-lips logo was created in 1971 by designer John Pasche and first appeared on The Stones' Sticky Fingers album., Batteries for Everything!

Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman joined Ronnie Wood at the concert the guitarist headlined on June 30th as part of 'Bluesfest London 2012.' The show was be a tribute to the Chess Records label, and featured Wood and various musical friends performing such songs as Chuck Berry's "Maybelline," Muddy Waters' "Hoochie Coochie Man" and Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightnin'."

Mick Jagger gave away his daughter, Jade at her wedding on June 30th to festival promoter and disc jockey Adrian Fillary. Swapping vows at the Aynhoe Park Hotel near Banbury, Oxfordshire, the couple's ceremony was attended by celebs including Mick Jagger's second wife, Jerry Hall, Kate Moss (whose daughter Lila Grace was a flower girl) and Jade's parents, Mick and Bianca.

The 40-year-old fashion designer bride's daughters, Assisi, 20, and Amba, 17, (from her relationship with artist Piers Jackson) were bridesmaids. After the ceremony, the couple's friends and family gathered for a reception, also at the Aynhoe Park Hotel. The UK's Sun reported that Mick performed the Rolling Stones classic 'You Can’t Always Get What You Want' during Saturday’s ceremony as part of the couple's first dance.


New details have been announced about legendary New Orleans soul singer Aaron Neville's forthcoming doo-wop album, which is being co-produced by The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards. The as-yet-untitled collection, which will be released by Blue Note Records, is due out in the fall. In addition to his production contributions, which he did alongside Don Was, Richards played guitar on the record. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench also is among the musicians that appear on the album.

"This was a dream session," says Richards. "The band fell right into the groove and Aaron sang like an angel. It was an honor!"

The album features a variety of doo-wop-era songs chosen by Neville himself. He says of the project, "When I was a kid, doo-wop was like medicine to me. I didn't care what else was goin' on in the world as long as I could sing along with Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels, The Flamingos, The Clovers, Sonny Til and the Orioles, Clyde McPhatter -- I was like a kid in a candy store."


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