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Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day to seek treatment for substance abuse

by on Sep.23, 2012, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day to seek treatment for substance abuse

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day will seek treatment for substance abuse after his profanity filled meltdown onstage this weekend at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. Armstrong got pissed off after noticing a clock that had counted down to one minute left in their set. After dropping multiple f-bombs on festival officials near the clock, Billie Joe “I wanna play a new song. F**k this s***. Gimme a f**in’ break, one minute left. One minute f**in’ left. You’re gonna give me one minute?! Look at that f**in’ sign right there, one minute! Let me tell you something...I’ve been around since f**in’ 1988 and you’re gonna give me one f**in’ minute?! You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

The singer added, “I’m not Justin f**in’ Bieber you motherf**ers! You’ve gotta be f—in’ joking. It’s a f—in’ joke. I’ve got one minute, one minute left, oh now I’ve got nothing left.”

He then smashed his guitar, flipped off the festival and told the audience that Green Day would return before throwing his microphone in the air. Watch the tirade below.

A Green Day representative released a statement that reads:

"Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse. Green Day would like everyone to know that their set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those they offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. The band regretfully must postpone some of their upcoming promotional appearances."

Armstrong was hospitalized for an undisclosed illness in Italy earlier this month after suffering symptoms of "severe dehydration" according to bassist Mike Dirnt, who along with Tre Cool also said Billie Joe had been vomiting prior to the show cancellation. There is nothing to indicate that that situation had to do with drugs or alcohol. We hope Billie Joe gets the help he needs and is more than ready for a healthy tour. The new Green Day album ¡Uno!, will be in stores this Tuesday.

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Pussy Riot posts protest video thanking bands for support and set fire to picture of Vladimir Putin

by on Sep.07, 2012, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Pussy Riot posts protest video thanking bands for support and set fire to picture of Vladimir Putin

Pussy Riot, the Russian punk rock collective have posted a protest video thanking fellow artists for their support and blasting 'the evil men' including Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom they burn a picture of.

Three Pussy Riot members, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich, received sentences of two years for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred." Two additional Pussy Riot members reportedly fled Russia to avoid potential charges. In the new clip, Pussy Riot thanked the international music community for their support, including Madonna, Bjork and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day, while burning a photo of Russia’s President Putin.

The women in the clip say in regards to their battle, “We’ve been fighting for the right to sing, to think, to criticize, to be musicians and artists; ready to do everything to change our country, no matter the risks. We go on with our musical fight in Russia, and our country is dominated by [an] evil man. This man [Putin] thinks it’s illegal to call yourself a feminist, to sing punk music. This man thinks it’s illegal to stand up for rights of the gay and lesbian community. This man thinks that you can’t criticize your government. This man thinks that if you sing and dance in an inappropriate way, you get two years in prison."

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Top 30 list of richest drummers in the world

by on Aug.27, 2012, under ROCK NEWS

Top 30 list of richest drummers in the world

We now know who the richest drummers in the world are, and it really should be no suprise who is #1. compiled all information including salaries, real estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties and endorsements to come up with the figures. The final net worths come from a formula that takes out taxes, manager’s fees, agents fees, and lifestyle. Check out the Top 30 below.

The 30 Richest Drummers in the World:
1. Ringo Starr – $300 Million (The Beatles/Solo)
2. Phil Collins – $250 Million (Solo/Genesis)
3. Dave Grohl – $225 Million (Nirvana/Foo Fighters)
4. Don Henley – $200 Million (The Eagles)
5. Lars Ulrich – $175 Million (Metallica)
6. Charlie Watts – $160 Million (The Rolling Stones)
7. Larry Mullen Jr. – $150 Million (U2)
8. Roger Taylor – $105 Million (Queen)
9. Joey Kramer – $100 Million (Aerosmith)
10. Chad Smith – $90 Million (The Red Hot Chili Peppers/Chickenfoot)
11. Travis Barker – $85 Million (Blink 182/The Aquabats)
12. Stewart Copeland – $80 Million (The Police)
13. Alex Van Halen – $75 Million (Van Halen)
14. Nick Mason – $75 Million (Pink Floyd)
15. Tommy Lee – $70 Million (Motley Crue)
16. Bill Ward – $65 Million (Black Sabbath)
17. Jon Fishman – $60 Million (Phish)
18. Carter Beauford – $55 Million (Dave Matthews Band)
19. Rick Allen – $50 Million (Def Leppard)
20. Tre Cool – $45 Million (Green Day)
21. Danny Carey – $40 Million (Tool)
22. Tico Torres – $40 Million (Bon Jovi)
23. Max Weinberg – $35 Million (Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band/Conan O’Brien)
24. Mickey Hart – $30 Million (The Grateful Dead)
25. Bill Kreutzmann – $25 Million (The Grateful Dead)
26. Neil Peart – $22 Million (Rush)
27. Taylor Hawkins – $20 Million (Foo Fighters)
28. Questlove – $16 Million (The Roots, Jimmy Fallon)
29: Steven Adler – $15 Million (Guns N’ Roses)
30. Mick Fleetwood – $8.5 Million (Fleetwood Mac)

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Green Day Angry Birds Friends game now available (video)

by on Aug.20, 2012, under FUNNIES, LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Green Day Angry Birds Friends game now available (video)

Green Day now have their own edition of the incredibly popular mobile phone game Angry Birds Friends. The Green Day musical episode of the game features ten new levels, and new "bad" pig characters inspired by the members of the band. The charcaters take the likeness of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

The band has teamed up with Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds, with fans will be able to access specially created content, including the band's latest single 'Oh Love,' and an exclusive song 'Troublemaker.' This unique collaboration is the first of its kind for Rovio. Updates for the Green Day episode, coming later this fall, will provide even more exclusive content and levels.

"We’re all fans of Angry Birds," said singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong. "It’s such an addictive game that when we first started playing it we couldn’t stop. Go Team Green!"

"We are beyond excited," commented Rovio CMO and Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka. "Two amazing brands working together on a one-of-a-kind collaboration — we can’t wait for our fans to explore this new Green Day world." Go here to check out the game:

Green Day will be the releasing the first of their trio of albums 'Uno,' 'Dos,' and 'Tre' over the next few months. The first one, 'Uno,' will arrive Sept. 25.

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Green Day ready release of album trilogy (video)


Green Day ready release of album trilogy (video)

Green Day are getting ready to rock in a big way. After back to back punk opera albums ('21st Century Breakdown' & American Idiot'). The band will be releasing three separate albums, Uno!, Dos! and Tré!, to be issued by Warner Bros. two months apart this fall and winter. Uno! will be released on Sept. 25th, but it is available for pre-order starting today.

Billie Joe Armstrong talked with David Fricke of Rolling Stone about the anticipation for the new releases: "It's exciting and nerve-wracking. But it's more exciting," he quickly noted with a grin, "than anything else."

RS: What did you think Green Day needed to do next, after American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown? You couldn't do a third punk opera in a row.

BJA: People ask me all the time. Even my son asked me, "Dad, would you ever go back to playing songs like from [1994's] Dookie and [1992's] Kerplunk?" I love those records. I love the punk stuff I grew up on. But there are so many bands who make the mistake – "We're going back, old-school." Well, that's all you're doing. You already did it. So we're changing the guitar sound. We're not going with the big Marshall-amp thing. We wanted something punchier, more power pop – somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles.

RS: When did you realize you had three albums' worth of solid new songs instead of just one?

BJA: The songs just kept coming, kept coming. I'd go, "Maybe a double album? No, that's too much nowadays." Then more songs kept coming. And one day, I sprung it on the others: "Instead of Van Halen I, II and III, what if it's Green Day I, II and III and we all have our faces on each cover?"

RS: There is a song on Uno! – "Kill the DJ" – that is the closest thing you've done to a straight-up dance song, with power-drill guitars. It's a mix of thump and noise that recalls the Clash's work with early hip-hop beats on [1980's] Sandinista!

BJA: Mike asked me to write a song with a four-on-the-floor rhythm. I'd never done it before. It's kind of like Sandinista!, Ian Dury's "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" and the Tom Tom Club song, "Genius of Love." We were trying to figure out how to make dance music without turning into a dance band.

RS: Who's the DJ you want to kill?

BJA: It's about static and noise.

RS: People on TV and radio, talking endlessly about themselves?

BJA: Yeah – and all of the things inbetween. Like this government cannot, will not, agree with itself. They refuse to make it work. Right, left – it doesn't matter. It blows your mind and pisses you off. It's a song about being drunk, going through this chaos, feeling fucked up and all you want to do is get more drunk: "I don't even want to know about it anymore."

Read the entire interview here:

Pre-order ¡Uno! - coming September 25 Pre-order Price Guarantee at now. Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you'll receive the lowest price. The first single from ¡Uno! will be "Oh Love" and will hit the airwaves on July 16th.

1. Nuclear Family
2. Stay The Night
3. Carpe Diem
4. Let Yourself Go
5. Kill The DJ
6. Fell For You
7. Loss Of Control
8. Troublemaker
9. Angel Blue
10. Sweet 16
11. Rusty James
12. Oh Love

Last week Green Day were forced to cancel a massive free show planned in Burbank, CA. Arrangements for the "secret" show were already under way, when permits needed for the show were denied by the city due to crowd control issues. Thousands of perople were expected, and after monitoring the situation, fears escalted that the crowd could pose serious concern for safety of concert-goers once the location was made public.

Despite the lack of a U.S. show before the first album release, the band will kick off summer tour dates in Japan at the Summer Sonic Festival 2012 in Toyko on Aug. 18th and Osaka on Aug. 19th. That will be followed by stops at the Rock en Seine 2012 in Paris on Aug. 26th, Hockey Park in Munchengladbach, Germany on Aug. 29th, Wuhlheide in Berlin on Aug. 30th, Rock am See 2012 in Konstanz on Sept. 1st, and the I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy on Sept. 2nd.

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