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Nirvana News: Photographer Anton Corbijin recalls working with Kurt in New Yorker Magazine, Courtney love bashes the Muppets

by on Mar.13, 2012, under FUNNIES, LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Nirvana News: Photographer Anton Corbijin recalls working with Kurt in New Yorker Magazine, Courtney love bashes the Muppets

A new article in New Yorker Magazine called 'Still Moving: Photographers Music Videos' by Jessie Wender, recaps some of his favorite video collaborations between famous photographers and musicians.

Photographer Anton Corbijn was interviewed on his working with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana on the 'Heart Shaped Box' video. Anton says "I worked for two days in Seattle with Nirvana as a photographer in August, 1993," Corbijn told me. "Afterwards Kurt told me he was interested to see my Echo & the Bunnymen videos, as Courtney had told him about these. So those were duly sent off, and a few weeks later I received a fax from Kurt. He had written a very detailed script for the song 'Heart Shaped Box,' and drew the set idea as well. It was extremely precise and detailed. I had never met a musician who was able to visualise his own music so well. In any case, my videos tend to be made from my ideas, based on the music. Kurt had sent me a script that became ninety per cent of the video. I added some stuff (the big woman 'mother earth,' the road through the poppies, the fake birds, fake butterflies, etc.), but this was very much Kurt’s video. He wanted the film to be shot in Technicolor, but that was not possible, so we shot in color, then transferred to black-and-white and then hand-tinted every single frame—a process that took weeks, but it made the video look very up whilst the imagery was really dark. Clever, in retrospect, as MTV never asked for any changes. Kurt asked me again for the next video, 'Pennyroyal Tea,' but I felt that I couldn’t top the 'Heart Shaped Box' video and turned it down. He then said without me he would never make another video, and unfortunately he never did.”

Read the entire article here.

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Courtney Love cointinues to lose her mind publically as she has now told TMZ that the Muppets "raped" the memory of her late husband Kurt Cobain by using Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in their 2011 movie.

The Hole frontwoman claims she has absolute control over the usage of Cobain's catalog, but that is just not the truth. Love apparently sold half of her remaining rights to the music to Primary Wave Music and gave the company the exclusive right to distribute Nirvana's complete catalog.

So the company has the legal standing to license the song for the barbershop quartet version in the movie, and not only that, it obtained permission from Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. On top of that, Grohl is even in the movie.

The real story is this: Back in 2005, Love sold 25 percent of the rights to the Nirvana catalog, walking away with $50 million in the process. Five years later, she was offered $162 million for the rest of her majority stake, an offer she said she was considering because the songs and their royalties were "cursed."

Sounds like another blantant attempt to keep the Courtney Love name out there, since the last time we heard from her was for exposing her tits at a rock festival overseas. Keep your clothes on and go spend your Muppet money Love, because Hole sucks now, and your ex-husband was behind your only album that was any good.

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Nirvana News: Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson to release new book ‘Letters to Kurt’, Melvins van decorated by Kurt Cobain up for sale on Ebay

by on Mar.10, 2012, under LINKS, ROCK NEWS

Nirvana News: Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson to release new book ‘Letters to Kurt’, Melvins van decorated by Kurt Cobain up for sale on Ebay

"Letters To Kurt" by Eric Erlandson, guitarist, songwriter, and co-founder of the band Hole, will be published on April 8 by Asashic Books.

Erlandson wrote the book as an elegy for his friend, late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. The book is formed from 52 letters, and is an anguished, angry, and bleeding-heart meditation on rock 'n' roll, sex, suicide, and the questions that follow.

"It just wasn't feeling right to write a memoir-style book, and this one just came out of me a couple years ago," Erlandson said in an interview with The New York Times. "It felt like the right way to go, but at the same time, I had a lot of hesitation. At some point, it just started to click, and I started to honor it."

"I see these letters as songs; a fifty-two-card pick-up," said Erlandson, who studied writing in the years following Hole and found inspiration in the work of Jim Harrison, Patti Smith, and Charles Bukowski. "In no way do I intend to glorify or romanticize Kurt's chosen way out, nor make light of it . . . I thought if I could sort out my struggles and disappointments, face my demons, maybe I would be in a position to help others."

Erlandson has major book events scheduled in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, with more to follow.

Erlandson was born and raised in San Pedro, California. He is best known as co-founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist of the alternative rock band Hole, which he formed with Courtney Love. Their albums "Pretty on the Inside", "Live Through This" and "Celebrity Skin" achieved international recognition and success. "Live Through This" was named one of the top 100 albums of all time by Time magazine. Since the breakup of the band in 2002, Erlandson has been involved in a number of musical and literary projects. He has a BS in Economics from Loyola Marymount University and practices Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. He currently lives in Los Angeles. For more info on the book go to

Eric Erlandson book events:

March 29 at 7 p.m.
Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

April 5 at 7 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Union Square
33 East 17th St.
New York, NY

Upstairs at the Square presents a conversation with Eric Erlandson, followed by musical performances by Eric Erlandson & Melissa Auf der Maur

April 8 at 6 p.m.
Basilica at 6 p.m.
110 Front St.
Hudson, NY

Reading by Eric Erlandson, music by Melissa Auf der Maur, Eric Erlandson, and Patty Schemel, and a screening of "Hit So Hard".

April 23 at 8 p.m.
366 North La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

April 26 at 7 p.m.
City Lights
261 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco

Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of the Melvins before he joined Nirvana. The Melvins were a then up-and-coming local band from Montesano, Washington, who equally enjoyed punk rock and heavy metal and helped create "grunge" in the process.

Cobain drew a "Kiss mural" on the side of the Melvins' van and also chauffeured the band to their shows. Now you can own the "Melvan" (a beat-up 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van) as it's up for auction on eBay.

Ben Berg, who plays bass in the group Weird Beast has been in possession of the vehicle since around 1992 and is the seller. "When I turned 16, I got the van from Kay Lukin, who is Matt Lukin's mother (Matt was the Melvins' original bassist). It was a gift mainly. You've got to understand, I was just this huge Melvins fan. They were like gods to me."

"When I found out that their old tour van was parked somewhere on the outskirts of Montesano, it was like a little pilgrimage for me, because I couldn't drive at the time. To actually go out and sit in this thing was like a wet dream. And Kay could see my enthusiasm and my pure awe over her son's old band. It had been sitting on their property for a few years. They didn't know what to do with it, so she made one of my dreams come true. That was my first car, dude!"

After Berg obtained the van, he discovered that it also had a connection to Nirvana. "I had no idea that Kurt was even affiliated with that van until well after it was in my possession. I was told that the Kiss mural was drawn by Kurt Cobain and it was done in Sharpie markers that he shoplifted. I was also told that he used to drive the Melvins around to their shows in the area. I think Kurt's name is carved somewhere in the van, as well. I don't know the exact location. I know that Krist Novoselic's name is carved in there. Dale Crover's name from the Melvins is carved in there."

When asked about the mileage on the van Berg said, "Oh god, it's off the chart. When the Melvins had it, they actually used it on their first US tour. They went all the way over to the East Coast in it. Buzz (Osborne) told me one time that somewhere on that tour; they woke up to Lukin trying to put out a fire in the engine. It hasn't been started for years. It can run – it needs to be totally gone through. It needs a major overhaul. But it can be done."

"It's on eBay reserved at $150,000. If it's somebody with money right now that wants to contact me, I would let it go for like $135,000." Bidding is set to close on March 13th.

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Hole’s always bizarre Courtney Love loses her cool and her top at Music Festival in Brazil (video)


Hole’s always bizarre Courtney Love loses her cool and her top at Music Festival in Brazil (video)

You would think that at 47 years old, Courtney Love would be calming down and avoiding the past outrageous bahavior that she's known for. Well, apparently not. After donning a fan-made "Courtney Be My Bitch" T-shirt last night (Nov. 13) at the Sao Paulo music and arts festival in Brazil, she Courtney Love busted out of the t-shirt and black tube underneath, treating the crowd to an impromptu strip show.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail reports that once topless, the Hole frontwoman continued singing and strumming her Rickenbacker.
Besides stripping down, the animated Love added another press worthly moment. At one point in the show, a fan held up a picture of the singer's late husband, Kurt Cobain, prompting this angry response:

"I don't need to see a picture of Kurt, a-----e, and I'm going to have you f---ing removed if you keep holding that up. I'm not Kurt, I have to live with his s--- and his ghost and his kid every day, and throwing that up is stupid and rude and I'm going to beat the f--- out of you if you do it again." She continued: "You weren’t fucking married to him, I fucking was. You didn’t get kicked out of a band by him, like Dave, he did. Go see the fucking Foo Fighters and do that shit."

She then stormed off the stage, and after a member of her crew urged the crowd to chant "Foo Fighters are gay!" she returned for a bit of Dave Grohl bashing. She added, "I don't care what you listen to at home, but if a guy takes off money off my kid's table, f--- him." Check out the video below, this is just some weird shit:

If you remember, Love has a history of such behavior, reportedly getting naked for a New York Times reporter last year, and flashing David Letterman in 2004. Hole are currently touring the world and recently pulled out of a slot on Australia's Soundwave Festival after Courtney Love discovered that her band would be below Limp Bizkit on the bill. Check out the full article here:

photos: AKM Images

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Courtney Love to tell all next Fall…in new memoirs

by on Oct.01, 2011, under ROCK NEWS

Courtney Love to tell all next Fall…in new memoirs

Courtney Love is ready to tell all! She is slated to release her memoirs in the Fall of 2012 and the book promises to set the record straight about Love’s marriage to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, her career as the singer/guitarist of Hole and her relationships with celebs and her and Cobain’s only daughter, Frances Bean.

The book hasn't been titled yet, but it’ll be released via William Morrow, an imprint of the HarperCollins. Rock journalist and biographer Anthony Bozza will co-write the book with Love.

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Alter Bridge explain filling their “downtime” in July webisode

by on Jul.08, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Alter Bridge explain filling their “downtime” in July webisode

Here's the latest webisode for July from Alter Bridge. In this one the band take a break from touring in the month of July, the band members explain how they will fill their "downtime" until the tour resumes in August in the USA.

Alter Bridge kick off the Carnival of Madness tour with Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry, Adelita's Way and Emphatic at Rock The Ranch in Twin Lakes, WI on August 13th. The Carnival runs through Sept. 17, then the band heads over to Australia for the Soundwave Revolution Festival shows with Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Steel Panther, Danzig, Hollywood Undead, Hole, Bad Religion and more starting Sept. 24th.

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