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Intrinsic return and bring ‘Nails’ to the masses!

by on Aug.18, 2015, under CD/DVD RELEASES, LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Intrinsic return and bring ‘Nails’ to the masses!

It isn't often (if ever) where you see band of brothers break up almost 20 years prior and then through the power of Metal, come back together to release a third album that was originally recorded OVER 20 years ago. Such is the case with California Central Coast Thrash metal band Intrinsic and I was there in the beginnings.

Growing up in San Luis Obispo, California, where Intrinic began, I came in contact with these talented guys originally going to parties and watching them kick ass, always impressed and knowing they had a future in the Thrash Metal scene. They grew from there, opening local shows up and down the coast for the likes of Megadeth, Overkill and many more, as well as headlining in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The band's self-titled debut even was named a top release of the year for 1987 by the top European Metal magazine (at the time) Kerrang!

They followed that up with 1990’s 'Distortion Of Perspective' EP, but while recording what would become their sophomore album, 'Nails,' the direction of the music industry was shifting. If your band didn't have a sound that replicated Metallica, Pantera and a few others, most bands were shit out of luck. So the Nails sessions where shelved for nearly 25 years, until now.

Last year the band connected with Divebomb Records and after hearing an audio preview, they struck up a deal that would bring the 'Nails' album to the masses. There was a major roadblock however, as the band’s sole master recording DAT had become damaged. Thankfully the original engineer had preserved the session reels and a brand new mix was created from scratch. From there, Intrinsic's longtime fans helped raise money via crowd funding, achieving their goal in just three days!

I join Divebomb Records in their excitement to present 'Nails' in this special edition reissue. Mike Mellinger, Chris Binns, Garrett Graddock, Lee Dehmer and Joel "Max" Stern are all solid guys in it for the love of the Metal and I hope this also leads to some more live performances. The 20 page booklet contains band supplied archival photos/flyers and features full lyrics with brand new essay detailing the making of the album. This is a reissue for the fans, by the fans. Order your copy now at The album is also available through Underground Power Records in Germany and Rock Stakk Records in Japan. Check out the CD packaging below and preview clip.

'Nails' includes:
• Never before released sophomore album recorded between 1991-1992
• Newly mixed from original session reels in 2015
• Band supplied archival photos (20 page booklet)
• Brand new essay detailing story of “Nails”
• First time on CD
• Limited edition
• Mastered by Jamie King
• Layout/Restoration by Adam Peterson (Watchtower, Epidemic and Solstice)

1. State Of The Union
2. Fight No More
3. Die Trying
4. On Gossamer Wings
5. Pillar Of Fire
6. Mourn For Her
7. The Vicious Circle
8. Denial
9. Yikes!
10. Inner Sanctum
11. Dazed & Confused
12. Too Late, But Not Forgotten

Intrinsic Nails album cover 2015Intrinsic Nails CD packaging

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Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic Concert Flyer and memories of July 8, 1989 – The Graduate – Santa Barbara, CA.


Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic Concert Flyer and memories of July 8, 1989 – The Graduate – Santa Barbara, CA.

Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic 6/8/89  - The Graduate - Santa Barbara, California. I went to this show on the UCSB campus at The Graduate in Isla Vista, California, and helped advertise for it on my "Hot Metal Soup" radio program on Live 95, KPGA.

My memories of this show are first, that local central coast rock band Intrinsic had a solid set as they always did. Then Los Angeles band Armored Saint kicked ass, playing selections from their "March Of The Saint" album from Chrysalis Records. But the most vivid memory had nothing to do with the band sets at all. There was a dispute as to who was to headline: Danzig or Accept. Apparently the promoter had told each band they were the headliner. I met with Accept, and they had vocalized the issue of stage set up, as their equipment would take much longer to set-up than Danzig's and that it didn't make sense for them to go on before. Glenn Danzig didn't care, and actually he was kind of a prick about it, coming to the door of his tour bus and rallying his fans to voice their displeasure. He even talked some shit about Accept. I understood each band being upset about being promised the headlining slot, but Danzig had virtually no staging at that point. There were many people there just to see Danzig, but if they didn't want to see Accept, obviously they could have left before their set. Glenn Danzig refused to play if he couldn't headline, no matter who was trying to appeal to his sensibilities. Accept ended up getting back on their tour bus and leaving, just stating that it wasn't feasible for them to set up and tear down before Danzig's set. Danzig put on a good show, as "Mother" was a huge song at that point, but it was too bad Accept didn't get to play too.

I did go back to Armored saint's hotel after the show, partied with the guys, and had a great interview with Joey Vera in a separate, quiet hotel room. They were so accomodating, and left me with nothing but positive memories.

Intrinsic photos:

Armored Saint photos:

Danzig tour bus photos:

photos courtesy: Chris Polowy

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