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Beatles News: Olivia Harrison talks Beatles, Wilburys and unreleased material, Ringo Starr loses track of photo collection

by on May.14, 2012, under INTERVIEWS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Beatles News: Olivia Harrison talks Beatles, Wilburys and unreleased material, Ringo Starr loses track of photo collection

George Harrison's widow Olivia has done some interviews recently to discuss her late husband songwriting and the recent releases of Martin Scorsese's George Harrison documentary, 'Living In The Material World,' and the CD 'Early Takes: Volume 1,' a collection of Harrison's demos and unreleased recordings,

Olivia Harrison oversaw the 'Early Takes' CD with Giles Martin, and told Spinner that George's writing process was "an amazing thing to witness...It was just being born right then and there. I'd try not to interrupt; I'd put a pencil and a piece of paper by him, you know, just to make sure he had something if he wanted to write something down. I'd get the tape  cassette player and put it there.

"With these early takes, for me anyway, I'm experiencing that this was the birth of something. Uncluttered, unproduced, unfettered, not too thought-out--just that purity. That's the only reason for putting them out. I think they're really beautiful and intimate and revealing."

She also discussed the existence of more unreleased material and if there was any comparison by George in regards to the Beatles and the Traveling Wilburys: "There is some more material. There may be a minute of something he was  writing, and it will never be finished. I had an idea of giving  unfinished songs to different people. Giving one to Paul [McCartney], maybe, or giving one to somebody else and saying, 'Here are the bones of a song, would you like to finish it?' I think that would be a nice idea."

"He just said he had a lot of fun with the Wilburys, and he had a lot of fun with the Beatles. He never really...I don't think there's anything you can compare to being in a band like the Beatles, is there? But he really had fun with Bob and Roy and Tom [Petty] and Jeff [Lynne]. He loved being a collaborator and loved not having to do all the work himself. I think that was the main thing. And he could hang out; he liked to hang out. He didn't always have guys and musicians to hang out  with. He missed that.", Batteries for Everything!

Olivia on whether he felt stifled in The Beatles:
"He wasn't stifled as a writer. Nobody can stifle you as a writer. You can just keep writing; you might not get your song on an album. He  developed later as a songwriter. It seems to be history that he was suppressed or something, but really, he developed later as a songwriter. Although there was so much material that John [Lennon] and Paul were writing, sure, it would be hard to get your songs on an album when they had been writing so many songs for all those years."

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Andy Greene of talked to Ringo Starr for an upcoming interview:
During the early days of the Beatles, Ringo Starr often traveled with a camera and took photos of of the group behind the scenes, from rehearsing for their history-making appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show to goofing around on the set of their 1965 movie, Help! In countless Beatles photographs, Starr is seen taking his own pictures, the vast majority of which have never been released. Sadly, Starr tells Rolling Stone that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

"I don't know where they are," he says with a sigh. "I wish I did. There's been several moves and things happen."

Starr hopes they might pop up unexpectedly one day, since it's happened before – about a decade ago, he uncovered a bunch of postcards from his bandmates and published them in the 2004 book, Postcards from the Boys. "I found a box on my shelf and was like, 'What the hell is that?'" Starr recalls. "And it was full of the postcards. At the time we were moving house yet again, and the secretary I had at the time decided to put them all in envelopes and put them in a shoebox. That's how I found out I still had them. So you never know – one day I may find another box with all my photos."

Later this week will have more on the new interview with Starr, including his thoughts on releasing the 'Let It Be' movie on DVD, his upcoming summer tour with the All Starr Band and why he's reluctant to perform 'Octopus's Garden' live.


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Beatles News: Listen to new ‘Kisses On the Bottom’ album, McCartney at the Grammys and 2012 Olympics?, George Harrison documentary up for multiple awards, missing ‘Here Comes the Sun’ guitar solo (video), Ringo Starr wants you to direct his new video and sits down with Russell Brand


First there were rumors out there that Led Zeppelin would reunite for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but they were shot down by Jason Bonham and Jimmy Page. Then a few reports cam out that Pink Floyd would get back together, but that's not happening as Roger waters will be busy with a North American tour. Now Paul McCartney has dropped hints that he may be a part of a special 2012 summer Olympics performance.

“I am seeing [an Olympics organizer] because there is something they want me to do,” Paul revealed during a recent press conference promoting his next album, ‘Kisses On the Bottom.’ “I might be doing something in the Olympics. I won’t know until then.” 'Kisses On the Bottom' will be released on Feb. 7, but you can get the full stream of the album now at 

McCartney is confirmed to be a part of this year's Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, two days before his new album is released.

Sir Paul will be honored as the 2012 Musicares 'Person of the Year' for his countless contributions to both music and philanthropy. In addition, his classic 1973 album, 'Band On The Run,' is nominated in the 'Best Historical Album' category. The album’s title song previously won a Grammy in 1974 for 'Best Pop Vocal Performance By a Duo Or Group.' The landmark disc was given the deluxe re-issue treatment last year as part of an ongoing reissue series of McCartney’s back catalog.

McCartney will add to the 14 Grammys he has already received.


The George Harrison documentary ‘Living In The Material World’, directed by Martin Scorsese has received three prestigious film nominations. The film, which aired on HBO in two parts last year. The documentary has received a Critics Choice Awards nomination for 'Best Documentary Feature,' and has been honored for three more nominations by The British Academy Film Awards, who have nominated it in the 'Best Documentary Category.'  The Director’s Guild Of America has cited Scorsese for 'Outstanding Directorial Achievement,' and the film’s editor, David Tedeschi, has also been nominated by the American Cinema Editors in the “Best Edited Documentary” category. 

“Our nominees represent the best in documentary filmmaking,” said Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford. “The documentaries made by this year’s nominees take audiences on a journey, whether casting light on injustice or exploring the human condition in all of its nuance, cruelty, creativity and triumph.”

The winners will be announced starting at the end of this month with the DGA’s on Jan. 28, followed by the BAFTA’s on Feb. 12 and the Eddie’s (ACE) on Feb. 18.

A previously unheard guitar solo by George Harrison on the Beatles 'Here Comes the Sun' from the album 'Abbey Road, has been posted online...with video! In the clip, George's son Dhani Harrison, producer George Martin’s son Giles, and producer George Martin are seated at an Abbey Road mixing desk going through the ‘Here Comes the Sun’ master tapes. They discuss the evolution of the song how the tracks came together in the studio. They hit the right fader at the right time, and they get to rediscover a bit of lost history in front of the camera. Check it out and see what you think!

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Ringo Starr is giving filmmakers the opportunity to make the official promo for his new single Wings, from his new album RINGO 2012.

This is an opportunity for filmmakers to make a music video for one of the world’s most influential artists, and get their work in front of Universal Music Enterprises, one of the industry's leading record labels. Ringo will personally choose the winner, which will be serviced to media as the official promo video for 'Wings.' Ringo says: "I've partnered with @Genero to give you the chance to make the official video for my new single, Wings from RINGO 2012. I'm leaving it open for you to interpret so let your creative juices flow! I’m picking the winner and you’ll get $3000. Entries close March 7th." Get all the details here., Batteries for Everything!

This from Promotion for former Beatle Ringo Starr's upcoming solo album will include a "Town Hall" interview with British actor-comedian Russell Brand. Brand will interview the drummer for Sirius XM Radio, one day before Starr releases his newest album, "Ringo 2012."

"Town Hall With Ringo Starr" aired live from Los Angeles on Jan. 30. Music producer Don Was moderated the interview, and Starr performed. Brand said in a statement recently that he's a "massive fan" of Starr, "but like most people I am ignorant as to his life before he rose to prominence with 'Thomas the Tank Engine.'" Brand was referring to the popular children's series that Starr narrated in the 1980s. Added Brand, "Now we can unravel the enigma of Ringo."

"Ringo 2012" is the 17th solo album for Starr, whose real name is Richard Starkey, and the second he has recorded for Hip-O/UMe. Past "Town Hall" specials have featured Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Coldplay and members of Nirvana.

Ringo was featured in the USA Today Life section yesterday (Jan. 30). Check out the full profile here.

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Beatles News: George Harrison documentary clip, Fab Fan Memories and First Recordings to be released

by on Oct.03, 2011, under CD/DVD RELEASES, LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Beatles News: George Harrison documentary clip, Fab Fan Memories and First Recordings to be released

A video clip from the Martin Scorsese directed George Harrison ‘Living In The Material World’ documentary has been released. The clip gives us a glimpse of the intense musical bond between Beatle George and some of his closest friends, including Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton. Clapton talks about Harrison’s approach to writing ‘Here Comes The Sun’ while walking through his garden. Check it out below.

The documentary will air on HBO thie Wednesday Oct. 5 (Part 1) and Oct 6 (Part 2). It is scheduled for release on DVD this spring.

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Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of the the Beatles. To celebrate what many are calling the “Year of the Beatles,” fans and friends of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are honoring the iconic group with the release of a new album, ‘Fab Fan Memories.’ The CD/audio book features stories, songs, recollections and fond thoughts from celebrities and fans from around the world.

The ‘Fab Fan Memories’ features narration from Louise Harrison, older sister of the late George Harrison. It also includes some of the Beatles biggest hits, performed by the Liverpool Legends of Branson, Mo., and the WannaBeatles out of Nashville, Tenn.

“I helped tell the Beatles’ story from the fans’ perspective,” says Louise. “I hope all who listen will recognize the love and sincerity.”

“The partnership with Louise and the Liverpool Legends was a wonderful way to celebrate the Beatles’ legacy,” adds WannaBeatles’ member Dennis Scott, who produced the project with his fellow bandmates. “Louise is the perfect host for this project. She was instrumental in paving the way for the Beatles’ early success in America … who is better qualified to both observe and comment on their incredible journey?”

In addition to the musical portion of the album, there are plenty of heartfelt memories and experiences shared by fans and famous friends of the Beatles, including Nancy Lee Andrews, Janis Ian, Phil Keaggy, Melissa Manchester, Ken Mansfield, Alan Menken, Wesley Orbison, Bruce Spizer, Bill Swan and Rod Davis of the Quarrymen. The album contains more than an hour of dialog and music., Batteries for Everything!

‘Fab Fan Memories’ retails for $14.99 and is available online here Portions of the proceeds will go to Louise Harrison’s newly formed organization, Keeping Music Alive, helps high school and college performing arts organizations raise money for their music departments.

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It has been nearly fifty years since the Beatles first stepped foot inside a recording studio to begin work on their debut record. In honor of the anniversary, fans of the Fab Four will have the opportunity to get their hands on some of their first recordings, which are being released for the first time in North America.

‘The Beatles With Tony Sheridan: First Recordings: 50th Anniversary Edition’ is set to hit stores in November on a special two-CD package. In addition to the music, the album comes complete with a specially designed book that contains a trove of concert and intimate photos taken by Astrid Kirchherr and others who spent time with the Beatles in the early stages of their career.

The book also includes copies of handwritten biographies by each member of the group, signed contracts, original artwork taken from posters and records, and text by Hans Olof Gottfridsson, who has spent years researching the Beatles.

The rare tracks were recorded back in 1961 when the Beatles worked with German Polydor, prior to their involvement with Capitol Records in 1964 when they released their debut record, ‘Please Please Me.’ Many of the Polydor tracks feature Tony Sheridan on lead vocals, however, John Lennon sings lead vocals on ‘Ain’t She Sweet.’ The album will also include an instrumental track of George Harrison playing ‘Cry for a Shadow.’

‘The Beatles With Tony Sheridan: First Recordings: 50th Anniversary Edition’ will become available for purchase starting November 8 through Time Life.

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