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Dee Snider talks Trump, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and ‘Rock of Ages’

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Dee Snider talks Trump, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and ‘Rock of Ages’

Dee Snider is a part of Donald Trump's upcoming fifth season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' and he recently spoke to Rolling Stone, the 'We're Not Gonna Take It' singer dished on his changed perception of the famed real estate mogul. "This may be an image killer for [Trump], but every person in the cast will tell you that he is gracious, welcoming, considerate and self-deprecating. He jokes about his hair and his assets when the camera is off. He has his persona, but it definitely changed my opinion of him.

I don't agree with him on [stuff like 'the Obama birth certificate is fake.'] I said I have a different opinion of him, but I don't agree with his politics. . . . In his own way, he is the P.T. Barnum of his day. It is no coincidence that he is talking about possibly running for President at the time that we're announcing the launch of 'The Celebrity Apprentice'. It's not a coincidence. Saying sensational things like 'President Obama sucks,' knowing at the same time that he wants people to lock up their TiVos."

When asked what was different about "The Celebrity Apprentice" compared to his appearances on other reality shows in the past, Snider said, "It's different than any other one. It's really all about the win. There is no social element to it. I mean, you're certainly with people and you have camaraderie and relationships going on, but it's purely fueled by the work and it's all about taking you out of your comfort zone. Some of the reality shows I've done have been about filming you in your comfort zone — this is about keeping you away.", Batteries for Everything!

Snider also spoke highly of his male teammates, 'American Chopper's Paul Teutul, Sr., 'Hulk' fame Lou Ferrigno and Arsenio Hall, saying that they gel together far easier than the women's team. "A lot of these guys aren't apprentices. They're smart guys, successful guys. Business guys. They're iconic." Clay Aiken, Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette and George Takei are also part of the men's team.

The heavily permed vocalist also spoke of his previous role in Broadway's 'Rock of Ages,' now set to become a moving starring Tom Cruise. When asked if the veteran actor could actually play the part, Snider responded "Tom's a great actor and I've seen pictures . . . but he looked a little too Nineties for me. He looked a little bit like the singer in Creed rather than the singer in Poison, but I hear he does a great job. Also, he insisted on being the star of the movie. That role on Broadway is a supporting role. They had to re-write the script for him. Now it's just 'based off the musical.'"

The highly visable and busy singer explains that life wasn't always easy though: "Now that I've patted myself on the back, I will balance it out by saying that I wish it was by design. But it was 90 percent desperation. It's waking up in '92 or '93 flat on my back broke and going, "What the f--- now?" I was just saying, "Reinvent, reinvent, reinvent . . ." Read the entire interview here.

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Dee Snider looking to rival Bret Micheals as ‘Reality Rocker,’ get ready for ‘A Twisted Christmas’

by on Dec.02, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, ROCK TOUR DATES, TV ROCK NEWS

Dee Snider looking to rival Bret Micheals as ‘Reality Rocker,’ get ready for ‘A Twisted Christmas’

Gotta give it up for Dee Snider, recording artist, actor, author, broadway star, and reality rocker. You may have been hearing about Dee and the new Celebrity Apprentice cast hitting the street of New York City performing some of the tasks the Donald has "Trumped" out.

It's been announced that the two-hour premiere of the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice will air on Sunday, February 12, from 9-11pm (Eastern) on NBC. Dee Snider will reportedly be going head-to-head with other contestants (each playing for their chosen charity) including Clay Aiken (American Idol singer); Marco Andretti (race car driver); Adam Carolla (comedian); Tia Carrere (actress); Lou Ferrigno (actor); Debbie Gibson (singer); Teresa Giudice (from Real Housewives of New Jersey); Victoria Gotti (mob wife/reality TV star); Arsenio Hall (actor/comedian); Penn Jillette (magician); Lisa Lampanelli (comedienne); Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008) Aubrey O'Day (former Danity Kane singer); George Takei (actor/Mr. Sulu of Star Trek); Paul Teutul, Sr. (motorcycle designer/TV star); Cheryl Tiegs (model/actress) and Patricia Velásquez (model/actress). Dee made an appearance on last year's Celebrity Apprentice, appearing in a retro 7up commericial for John Rich's (Big & Rich) team.

ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap premieres Tuesday, January 3rd at 9pm. It's the new celeb version of the hit reality series Wife Swap. Dee's wife Suzette Snider will be featured in an episode, trading places with Flavor Flav’s better half, Liz. Here's a photo of Suzette with Flav at his book signing a few months back., Batteries for Everything!

A Twisted Christmas, the annual theatrical holiday extravaganza takes place tonight (Dec. 2) at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, New York, and the Best Buy Theater in New York City on Saturday, December 17th.

Dee Snider, Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza, Eddie Ojeda and A.J. Pero have crafted this show into a hell-raisin' holiday tradition. In the past, they've had such wildly disparate personalities as Lita Ford, Mick Foley, and MINIKISS join the onstage festivities. You never know who will crash this NYC party.

After the release of 2006's "A Twisted Christmas" album (hailed by the Associated Press as "[one of] the best hard rock Christmas album[s] ever made, and one of the best rock 'n' roll Christmas albums — period — since Elvis made his"), Twisted Sister brought the metal merriment to the stage. They have continued to give these Yuletide anthems a Twisted treatment ever since. White Christmas, Come All Ye Faithful and Deck The Halls have never sounded so electric.

"If you told me 30 years ago that one day I would be playing Christmas songs, with Twisted Sister, for families in concert — and be happy about it — I would have punched you right in the nose," says frontman Dee Snider. "Funny how life changes you. Now I'm actually looking forward to it!" Added guitarist Jay Jay French: "There is no better way to blow your Christmas bonus than by seeing A Twisted Christmas on Broadway. It's so good, even atheists love it!"

The Paramount Theater is located at 370 New York Avenue in Huntington, New York. The show starts as 7:00 p.m. Ticket prices range from $52 to $74. The Best Buy Theater is located at 1515 Broadway at West 44th Street, right in the heart of Times Square. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:00 p.m.) Tickets are $35.

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