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Chickenfoot/Black Stone Cherry Concert – Santa Barbara Bowl – June 9, 2012 (interview, video and pics)


Chickenfoot/Black Stone Cherry Concert – Santa Barbara Bowl – June 9, 2012 (interview, video and pics)

A trip to the Santa Barbara Bowl for any concert is a true pleasure, as the ambience of the legendary venue always shines through, but when you drop Chickenfoot and Black Stone Cherry in the bowl to rock the place, the party vibe kicks in and doesn't stop. I had a chance to interview Chris Robertson of the always accessible Black Stone Cherry and get some great pics and video from the 'Different Devil' tour stop. Check it all out along with the setlists from both bands below.

Kentucky's own Black Stone Cherry rocked the bowl with their brand of modern southern rock, with tracks from their self-titled debut album, as well as others from 'Folklore and Superstition' and 'Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea.' Toss in a kick ass cover of Joe Walsh's 'Rocky Mountain Way,' and you had a set of hard rock that connected with the audience....those familiar with BSC, and those just being introduced to the band. Vocalist/Guitarist Chris Robertson, guitarist Ben Wells, bassist Jon Lawhon and drummer John Fred Young attack the stage and just don't let up. If you haven't checked out all of their albums, you need to do so because they have a wealth of great material.

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Special thanks to Julie Lichtenstien and Jessie Lee Weiss

In the bonus, I met a new rock brother who has signed with my favorite NFL team, the Oakland Raiders. Fullback Owen Schmidt was sitting next to me, and he is a true Black Stone Cherry fan as well. Check him out in the third and forth clips below and here's a recent interview with him at Good luck this season Owen! He was hanging with BSC after their set, because he wasn't sitting next to us during the Foot.

Here's more photos pre-show and of BSC from the pit:

Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry


Jon Lawhon


Ben Wells


Black Stone Cherry rocking the Bowl!


John Fred Young bashing the skins!


Chris Robertson

Young & Rockin' BSC fans

Black Stone Cherry Setlist:
Maybe Someday
Blind Man
Yeah Man
In My Blood
Let It Roll
Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh cover)
White Trash Millionaire
Blame It On the Boom Boom

Chickenfoot hit the stage as the sun began to set, and kept things heated up as they rolled through tracks from their two albums. Chickenfoot came together as friends jamming, which translates to the stage with the friendly jabs and interaction between all of the guys. Even though drummer Kenny Aronoff is only filling in for Chad Smith as he fulfills his Red Hot Chili Pepper duties, he fits right in as the band doesn't miss a beat with his incredible drumming skills. It was the first time Chickenfoot has played Santa Barbara, and the first concert that Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have played in S.B. It was a great show by masterful musicians!

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Chickenfoot rocking the Bowl!

The Foot!

Chickenfoot in S.B.

The Foot rocks Santa Barbara!

Chickenfoot rocking Santa Barbara Bowl

Chickenfoot Set List:
Lighten Up
Big Foot
Last Temptation
Sexy Little Thing
Soap on a Rope
Up Next
My Kinda Girl
Down the Drain
Something Going Wrong
Turnin' Left
Future in the Past

Different Devil
Oh Yeah
Rock Candy (Montrose cover)

Here's a photo album of pics on my Marshall of Rock facebook page:

Here's some additional awesome pics and concert report from my man Ray at

As Chickenfoot wrapped up the 'Different Devil' Tour the following night at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, the band has posted a 'Footnote' thanking everyone who came out:

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Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic Concert Flyer and memories of July 8, 1989 – The Graduate – Santa Barbara, CA.


Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic Concert Flyer and memories of July 8, 1989 – The Graduate – Santa Barbara, CA.

Danzig/Accept/Armored Saint/Intrinsic 6/8/89  - The Graduate - Santa Barbara, California. I went to this show on the UCSB campus at The Graduate in Isla Vista, California, and helped advertise for it on my "Hot Metal Soup" radio program on Live 95, KPGA.

My memories of this show are first, that local central coast rock band Intrinsic had a solid set as they always did. Then Los Angeles band Armored Saint kicked ass, playing selections from their "March Of The Saint" album from Chrysalis Records. But the most vivid memory had nothing to do with the band sets at all. There was a dispute as to who was to headline: Danzig or Accept. Apparently the promoter had told each band they were the headliner. I met with Accept, and they had vocalized the issue of stage set up, as their equipment would take much longer to set-up than Danzig's and that it didn't make sense for them to go on before. Glenn Danzig didn't care, and actually he was kind of a prick about it, coming to the door of his tour bus and rallying his fans to voice their displeasure. He even talked some shit about Accept. I understood each band being upset about being promised the headlining slot, but Danzig had virtually no staging at that point. There were many people there just to see Danzig, but if they didn't want to see Accept, obviously they could have left before their set. Glenn Danzig refused to play if he couldn't headline, no matter who was trying to appeal to his sensibilities. Accept ended up getting back on their tour bus and leaving, just stating that it wasn't feasible for them to set up and tear down before Danzig's set. Danzig put on a good show, as "Mother" was a huge song at that point, but it was too bad Accept didn't get to play too.

I did go back to Armored saint's hotel after the show, partied with the guys, and had a great interview with Joey Vera in a separate, quiet hotel room. They were so accomodating, and left me with nothing but positive memories.

Intrinsic photos:

Armored Saint photos:

Danzig tour bus photos:

photos courtesy: Chris Polowy

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