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Def Leppard News: Rick Allen releases fine art collection, Joe Elliot talks band beginnings and band longevity in Cincinnati radio interview

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Def Leppard News: Rick Allen releases fine art collection, Joe Elliot talks band beginnings and band longevity in Cincinnati radio interview

Drummer Rick Allen of Def Leppard has released his fine art collection entitled, 'Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change.' Allen worked with L.A. creativity house SceneFour to translate rhythm into visual art. The result is a collection of abstract imagery built directly from the artists’ rhythmic prowess. “The collection reveals something that up until recently I didn’t even know existed, transforming sound into light,” says Allen about his work.

With this debut, Allen is holding true to a lifetime of breaking barriers, from overcoming the loss of his left arm and forging ahead with Def Leppard to the height of the band’s successes to the founding of The Raven Drum Foundation, an organization focused on serving, educating, and empowering veterans and people in crisis.

With only 300 pieces available in the collection, those interested are encouraged to visit

Rick Allen became involved in philanthropic efforts with his wife and musician Lauren Monroe after losing his left arm in an automobile accident. Together, the duo has founded the Raven Drum Foundation with a mission to serve, educate, and empower veterans and people in crisis. With a rich legacy of music and humanitarian work, Allen is gearing up for another chapter in his career with his fine art debut, Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change. Check out a recent profile in L.A. Weekly here.

Fast Tube

Vocalist Joe Elliott of Def Leppard was interviewed earlier this month (Apr. 2) of the "Mark And Mo In The Morning" show on the WEBN-FM in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out the interview in two parts below. Elliott talks about how missing the school bus led to the beginnings of Atomic Mass, which eventually became Def Leppard, the longevity of the band despite some devastating events, the big Bowie influence, Rick Allen losing his arm and how he and the band adapted, and how the band ended up doing the CMT Crossroads series with Taylor Swift. Good interview guys!

Joe is in Buenos Aires, Argentina tonight as part of the 'Rock N' Roll All Stars' Tour of Central and South America with members of Kiss, Guns N' Roses, The Cult, Deep Purple, Collective Soul, Billy Idol, Alice In Chains. One more gig with the All Stars follows on April 27 in Lima, Peru. Joe and Def Leppard will kick off their massive 'Rock of Ages' summer tour with Poison and Lita Ford on June 20th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Get all the details and dates here:

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Matt Sorum’s new band and Art Work ready for your consumption

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Matt Sorum’s new band and Art Work ready for your consumption

Drummer Matt Sorum (The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver) is going by the name of Baron Von Storm in his new band Diamond Baby. Diamond Baby have released a music video for the song "The Last Rockstar", which features cameo appearances by Jane Lynch, Juliette Lewis, Verne Troyer, and Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister. Along with Sorum (Baron Von Storm), Diamond Baby features vocalist Ace Of Diamonds, guitarist Duke Oz, bassist Mr. Fitz and keyboardist Lisa The Lover.

"I called Verne Troyer and Lemmy (Kilmister of Motorhead) and Juliette Lewis and Jane Lynch is my next-door neighbor, so I asked her to do it," Sorum says. "She’s so busy, she’s such a huge actress now, but then she said she’d love to do it because she’s never done a rock video or a music video. And when I told her she was going to play my butler, she was cool."

Why Baron Von Storm? Sorum says, "My former name and my former musical background I probably couldn’t do as much. I wanted to kind of dabble in a different music area," he says. "So the rock side of me is the other name – I really felt like more of a Ziggy Stardust kind of character with this." Check out the new video below and listen to seven new tracks from the upcoming album here.

Music and art collide with the unveiling of a highly limited collection of visual artwork by legendary drummer Matt Sorum. All the pieces were done with still photography and light sticks. Working in collaboration with creativity house SceneFour, Matt Sorum's fine art debut is an unprecedented, comprehensive study of rhythm light and 100 rhythmic performances captured on canvases. Each piece in the series is epic in size, and all are numbered and signed.
Visit for more info.

Sorum recently commented on his visual artwork: "I never considered myself an artist in that form until it was brought to my attention that it could be done. So I think there are similarities to painters. You know the sticks relate to brush strokes. The fact that we're able to capture that image and create art out of it and the similarities and achieve aspects that artists can achieve with a brush, I think makes solid sense to me. I think there's a similarity. Whatever motion each human has, in a different way, creates their vision. Great artists have a different feel from each other, nobody is similar, everyone has a different take on things and it comes through in the movement."

There are a total of five different visual pieces in the collection to choose from.
-Of the five pieces, there will a total of 130 total drafts to own, each numbered and signed by Sorum. Once those pieces are sold, no more drafts will be printed.
-All of the art pieces in the collection are large in size. The largest is 60" x 48" and the smallest piece is 30" x 20".
-Beginning this month, Sorum's collection will become available to galleries in the United States and Europe.
-Like all SceneFour art releases, you can purchase the piece in full, or you can own a piece through a payment plan (with no interest charged).

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