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Sebastian Bach to be part of ‘Are You Smarter Than a Rock Star?’ finale on September 25th at KISS by Monster Mini Golf in Las Vegas

by on Sep.10, 2012, under LINKS, ROCK NEWS

Sebastian Bach to be part of ‘Are You Smarter Than a Rock Star?’ finale on September 25th at KISS by Monster Mini Golf in Las Vegas

KISS By Monster Mini Golf, the unique rock ‘n roll-themed amusement attraction based around the legendary band KISS; announces SEBASTIAN BACH as the rock star to beat in the grand finale of Are You Smarter Than a Rock Star? The original voice of SKID ROW will sit in the hot seat on Tuesday, September 25th, 7 PM,. at KISS by Monster Mini Golf where competitors will battle it out for the ultimate grand prize; three days to jam at Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp with Sebastian Bach and the rock god himself, GENE SIMMONS. Before the contest fans are also invited to a one hour meet and greet session starting at 5 PM.

“The response for Are You Smarter Than A Rock Star? has been awesome. Every week it gets bigger and bigger,” stated Christina Vitagliano, founder of KISS By Monster Mini Golf. “Contestants still have a chance to claim their spot at the grand finale by participating in the remaining Tuesday nights of our contest.”

Remaining Lineup for Are You Smarter Than A Rock Star?

Tuesday, September 11th - 7 PM - Sixth Round with Blas Elias of SLAUGHTER, Batteries for Everything!

Tuesday, September 18th - 7 PM - Seventh Round with Ron Keel of KEEL

Tuesday, September 25th - 7 PM - Grand Finale with Sebastian Bach

Other ‘rock stars’ that have participated in the eight week contest include: Oz Fox of STRYPER, Brent Muscat of FASTER PUSSYCAT, Zach Throne of THE HEIGHTS, Bruce Kulick of KISS and Frank Dimino of ANGEL. Are You Smarter Than a Rock Star? started on Tuesday, August 7th and will close with a grand finale on Tuesday, September 25th, at KISS by Monster Mini Golf.
To get more info or sign up visit

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Sin City Sinners ‘Rock n’ Roll Rat Pack’ of Las Vegas! announce all-star lineup of shows in September

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Sin City Sinners ‘Rock n’ Roll Rat Pack’ of Las Vegas! announce all-star lineup of shows in September

Las Vegas, NV -- Starting this month, the hardest working band in Las Vegas is going to start working a little harder. After 5 years together The Sin City Sinners have shown no signs of slowing down, winning countless awards, releasing 3 CDs & playing over 1000 shows with special appearances by many of Rock N Roll's elite.

"We wanted to build a community here in Vegas, we wanted Sin City Sinners to be more then just a band. We have created a Rock n Roll Rat Pack" says the groups founding member & lead guitarist Brent Muscat.

Soon The Sinners are taking another step toward their goal of being Las Vegas' #1 Rock N Roll headliner, debuting an unheard of line up of 6 shows a week.

The Sinners will perform 4 nights a week Tues-Fri at The Zebra Lounge, which is located at The Palazzo Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Saturday nights will be at The Railhead inside locals favorite Boulder Station Casino and Mondays will be an all ages show at the Hard Rock Cafe on Paradise.

The band promises no two shows will ever be the same, but the one thing they all have in common is there is no cover charge to attend.

"This has always been the goal, we worked hard to brand Sin City Sinners into not only the busiest rock band in Vegas, but the most sought after" said Jason Green, the bands manager.

The band also has no plans on changing their line up of Special Guest Appearences, artists scheduled to jam in the next 30 days include: Sebastian Bach, Bruce Kulick (KISS), Mark Kendall (Great White), Ron Keel, Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt) Oz Fox (Stryper) & Frank Dimino (Angel), Batteries for Everything!

The Sin City Sinners are celebrating five years together. Plans for a new CD of all original music are under a way, as well as a book chronicling the last five years.

Sin City Sinners is Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat) Todd Kerns (Slash) Zach Throne (The Heights) & Rob Cournoyer (Raging Slab).

When Kerns is on tour with Slash he is substituted by Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith) & Louie Merlino (Beggars & Thieves)

While in Las Vegas, catch Sin City Sinners at the Hard Rock Cafe every Thursday night at 10 p.m., Boulder Station every saturday at 10 p.m., and The Palazzo every Sunday and Monday at 8:30 p.m.

For more information, including show dates & merchandise please visit

Here's footage of the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards Show after party with Sin City Sinners being joined by Marq Torien of Bulletboys and DJ Ashba (Guns N' Roses/SIXX A.M.) at Club Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on a cover of ZZ Top's 'Tush'

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Sebastian Bach and Jon Bon Jovi end feud….over 15 bottles of wine

by on Aug.24, 2012, under ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Sebastian Bach and Jon Bon Jovi end feud….over 15 bottles of wine

Original New Jersey rockers Sebastian Bach and Jon Bon Jovi, who have had their differences over the years, apparently have buried the hatchet over a bottle or 15 of vino.

Bach told French TV awhile back that his problems with Jon Bon Jovi originated from a contract Skid Row signed with him and Richie Sambora back when the Skidsters were just starting out. In that contract, Bon Jovi and Sambora owned Skid Row’s publishing rights. Once the band hit it big with their debut album, that sold 5 million copies in 1989, those publishing rights were worth big bucks.

“Nobody thought that we would become a big band. That happens all the time in the music industry. Jon was like, ‘We’ll take you on tour, but if you guys make it big,’ then he gets a cut of it,” Bach said. “So I was bitter about that for awhile, but then I realized that we probably wouldn’t have made it as big, or maybe at all, if he didn’t take us.”, Batteries for Everything!

Sambora ended up giving his share of the deal back to Skid Row, but businessman Bon Jovi wouldn't. So the distance and distain continued for years until Bach saw Jon Bon Jovi at a restaurant in London while out to dinner with his buddy Axl Rose.

“The waitress says, ‘Hey, guess who’s over in the corner.’ And me and Axl go, ‘Who?’ She said, ‘Jon Bon Jovi.’ And I go, ‘Get the f— out of here.’ He was in the corner. And I didn’t know what to do. ‘Cause we had had words…most of them were mine,” Bach laughed. “So I go, ‘You know what?! F— this. I’m gonna go over there and say ‘Hi’ to him.’ ‘Cause we used to be great, great friends; I had Christmas dinner at his house and stuff.”

Bach made his way over to JBJ's table and the following happened as described by Bach: “He’s looking at me, like, ‘What are you gonna do? What are you gonna say?’ And I was like, ‘Hey, man, how is it going?’ And he was, like, ‘Hey, man?’ And we stood up and we hugged and then he came over to me and Axl’s table and we drank about 15 bottles of red wine, had a great time.” I would have liked to see photos of that. It is surprised that after 15 bottles of wine, Axl didn't make news in some way. LOL - Just kidding Axl

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Sebastian Bach joined by Dee Snider at Sweden Rocks Festival, full Hellfest France set (video)

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Sebastian Bach joined by Dee Snider at Sweden Rocks Festival, full Hellfest France set (video)

Awesome pro-shot HD footage of Sebastian Bach's set at Hellfest 2012 in France has been posted. Seb and his band rocked close to 40,000 in attendance. Seb's current band is a really tight unit, rocking Skid Row cuts and solo material from Seb. Check out the footage of the entire set Muthertruckers! as well as footage of Dee Snider with the band performing 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and 'Youth Gone Wild' from the Sweden Rocks Festival and more.

Watch the entire Hellfest set here. It's worth checking out!, Batteries for Everything!

Here's Dee with Seb from last month's Sweden Rock Festival with the initial press conference where Seb was joined by guitarist Nick Sterling.

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Zakk Wylde News: Baby Sabbath pictures, Would Zakk play for Pantera? Would he wear BLS ligerie?

by on Jul.14, 2012, under LINKS, PHOTOS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Zakk Wylde News: Baby Sabbath pictures, Would Zakk play for Pantera? Would he wear BLS ligerie?

Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde and his wife, Barbaranne, welcomed on their fourth child, a son named Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde, on Wednesday, July 4th. Sabbath joins older siblings Hayley Rae, Hendrix and Jesse. Check out the beautiful baby photos below.

"VALHALLA JAVA ALMIGHTY BLACK LABEL!!! SABBATH PAGE WIELANDT WYLDE Has Come to Join The Mother Chapter!!!!" Wylde tweeted at the time. The infant, who is named after Black Sabbath, Jimmy Page and Wylde's father Jerome Wielandt, a World War II veteran. Hendrix's godfather is former L.A. Dodger/New York Met/metal fan Mike Piazza, while Jesse's is Zakk's former boss Ozzy Osbourne. We're waiting to see who will end up as little Sabb's godfather.

Zakk will have to break away from baby Sabbath to take part in the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp this October 10-14 in Las Vegas. The camp continues to become a bigger attraction every year, not just for the fans and those willing to shell out for the experience, but for those in the industry willing to serve as instructors., Batteries for Everything!

The annual event, now in its 15th year, will take place at the MGM Grand with KISS’ Gene Simmons, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Sebastian Bach and Zakk as guest star performers. Rock star counselors include Lita Ford, Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger, Phil Soussan, Kip Winger, Richie Kotzen, Kane Roberts, John Moyer and more. Get all the info here:

Although stating that Pantera should leave the 14 years they had together untouched by a partial reunion, drummer Vinnie Paul recently said that if the band were to come together once again, Zakk Wylde would be the only man who can fill the spot of "Dimebag" Darrell. "I mean, [Zakk] and my brother were so tight. If [a Pantera reunion] ever were to happen, [Zakk] would be the guy [to step in for Dimebag]."

Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo responded to Vinnie Paul’s comments. "That is an interesting question, if anything like that would ever possibly happen. Vince and I would have to sit in the same room, hash out whatever differences that we have, and as far as Zakk Wylde goes, I am not too sold on that ’cause we have to hash some crap out too. That day has not come yet, and until that day comes, I can comment further on that, but till then it is just talk. It would be rough not to see Dimebag on stage to my left, I would feel naked."

Don't hold your breath on that Pantera/Zakk union happening, as Phil and his band Down have just announced an upcoming tour.

Zakk is also launching the BLS male lingerie line, believe it or not, with a report below. Look out for the release of 'Unblackened,' an acoustic-based DVD which is also set to drop later this year.

Fast Tube

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