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Jack Osbourne diagnosed with MS, first video since diagnosis, Mom Sharon breaks down on ‘The Talk,’

by on Jun.20, 2012, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Jack Osbourne diagnosed with MS, first video since diagnosis, Mom Sharon breaks down on ‘The Talk,’

Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, revealed earlier this week his diagnosis of the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. Jack and fiancée Lisa Stelly welcomed daughter Pearl Clementine just two weeks ago. People magazine reported the 26-year-old new father was "angry and frustrated and kept thinking, 'Why now?'"

Experts aren't quite sure why the characteristic inflammation and nerve damage occur, but according to the National Institutes of Health, the multiple sclerosis symptoms typically include muscle weakness, numbness or tingling sensations and problems with coordination and vision. More common in women, MS is usually diagnosed between age 20 and 40, and symptoms may start out mild, come and go or become so severe that a person becomes unable to speak or walk. Marshall of Rock sends positivity and well wishes in this life battle for Jack.

There is no known cure for MS, although Osbourne, 26, says he plans to manage the disease with medication and holistic treatments. Sharon Osbourne emotionally broke her silence on her son's Jack Osbourne's recent diagnosis with MS on her show 'The Talk.' With tears streaming down her face, Sharon thanked "everyone for all their texts and goodwill and love they send to us..." Jack and his finacee will be on 'The Talk' today and we'll post that video as it becomes available., Batteries for Everything!

Sharon Osbourne also stopped by 'Conan,' later in the day, addressing Jack's MS diagnosis. "He is doing so amazing. He is so strong and so positive and, yes, my son will conquer." Sharon even managed to have a laugh with Conan, revealing that hubby Ozzy has graduated from texting to sexting, and he sent her a pretty dirty pic on Valentine’s Day.

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Little Ozzy rocks ‘America’s Got Talent’, gets hug from Sharon

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Little Ozzy rocks ‘America’s Got Talent’, gets hug from Sharon

Little Ozzy, a mini-Ozzy Osbourne impersonator performed "Mama, I'm Coming Home" earlier this week on NBC's 'America's Got Talent.' The 4 ft. 8 inch Little Ozzy didn't make it to the next round, but did amuse Ozzy's real wife Sharon, who's a judge on the show.

Sharon said: "I have to tell you something, my husband is away from me right now, and it made me miss him even more by you singing me that song, so I really thank you.' Little Ozzy did get a hug from Sharon, as fellow judge Howard Stern invited him up to the podium to meet her. Rock on Little Ozzy!, Batteries for Everything!

Little Ozzy has a couple of tour dates on tap and is available for bookings, check him out at
June 8 - Athens, OH - The Union
June 9 - Cleveland, OH House of Blues

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Lita Ford talks new album and how ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ with Ozzy came together under the influence

by on May.30, 2012, under INTERVIEWS, LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Lita Ford talks new album and how ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ with Ozzy came together under the influence

Lita Ford is getting ready for a busy summer with the upcoming release of her new album 'Living Like A Runaway,' and the big North American summer tour opening for Def Leppard and Poison. In an interview with Metal Underground, Lita talks about how she approached the album, her interest in getting The Runaways going again, being a mom in a rock band, and getting stoned with Ozzy Osbourne to create the iconic track 'Close My Eyes Forever.'

In the interview, Lita recalls how the biggest hit of her career, the duet with Ozzy, 'Close My Eyes Forever,' came about by accident during a night of drinking, getting stoned and driving under the influence.

The 1988 hit from her album Lita crowned an era during which she was named best female vocalist in rock, while Ozzy was named best male vocalist. She was managed by his wife Sharon at the time.

“Close My Eyes Forever was a mistake. It was just me and Ozzy and Sharon hanging about in the recording studio. They showed up one day and had a housewarming present for me: a life-size duplicate of Koko the gorilla from the San Diego Zoo. It was freaking huge – I had to strap it in the front seat of my jeep to get it home.

“Ozzy stayed, Sharon got bored and left, and me and Ozzy had a couple of drinks and we were jamming. We started singing, messing about and we wrote Close My Eyes Forever. Next thing I knew the sun was coming up. I looked at him and went, ‘Uh-oh, we’re in trouble.’ Sharon had been waiting all night., Batteries for Everything!

“We were a long way from where Ozzy had to go. He said, ‘Can you drive me home?’ I said, ‘No, I can’t.’ We were stoned out of our minds. He got into a cab and I strapped Koko into my jeep and drove home – just barely made it.

“And then we had this hit song.”

It’s not the only time in Ford’s career a track has come out of the blue; the title song from new album Living Like a Runaway has a similar history.

She explains: “I presented two album titles: Branded and Living Like a Runaway. Everybody went: ‘Living Like a Runaway.’ The problem was I hadn’t written the song yet.

“I thought, ‘It’s such a great title’ and if I don’t write a song, someone else was going to. So I had to hurry up. We started with nothing but the title, and in three days we had a finished song.” Read the entire interview with Lita here:

Fast Tube

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What’s up Grandpa Ozzy! Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa welcome baby girl to the world

by on Apr.25, 2012, under NEWS

What’s up Grandpa Ozzy! Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa welcome baby girl to the world

Ozzy Osbourne is a Grandpa now as son Jack Osbourne and his fiancée, Lisa Stelly, welcomed daughter Pearl yesterday (Apr. 24). Baby girl weighed in at 8 lbs., 6 oz. An editor (Rosie Nixon) for the UK's Hello magazine first revealed the news on Twitter.

"HELLO! can exclusively announce the safe arrival of @MrJackO & @lisamarstelly's baby girl Pearl weighing 8lb 6oz. Love & congrats to them!" the editor wrote. Jack then retweeted the message, confirming the news.

After announcing they were expecting their first child less than two weeks after confirming their engagement, Osbourne, 26, admitted he was “excited [and] a little nervous” about becoming a father., Batteries for Everything!

Ozzy is certainly a proud Grandpa, but new Grandma Sharon Osbourne will be doing most of the spoiling of her new Grandaughter, saying, I’m going to be the grandmother from hell because I am going to spoil this baby so bad. My son and Lisa are going to be like, 'Get her out of here!’"

"Today I witnessed my first grandchild being born, life changing experience,” the proud grandma Tweeted last night. "She is an angel."

Congrats to the new parents!

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‘The F’n Osbournes’ animated series coming soon

by on Mar.05, 2012, under FUNNIES, ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS

‘The F’n Osbournes’ animated series coming soon

The Osbourne family will return with their own show as Toronto’s Cuppa Coffee Studios is producing ‘The F’n Osbournes,’ a 20-episode stop-motion animated series.

Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne voice themselves in the series. Jack and Sharon will also have a role in shaping the show’s scripts. Sharon is currently a co-host on 'The Talk,' the CBS daytime talk show, but the rest of the Osbourne family hasn't been part of a TV show since the failure of 'Osbournes: Reloaded' on FOX. That show only lasted one episode.

"Teaming up with Cuppa Coffee has spawned a great opportunity to produce a unique animated prime-time show," said Sharon, who shares executive producer duties with Jack. “I’ve been excited about animating our often crazy lives for a while now." Jack swears the show will be “a radical and humorous new spin on our family.", Batteries for Everything!

Cuppa Coffee also produced MTV's 'Celebrity Deathmatch.' Founder Adam Sheehan said about the new Osbournes project: “Although it is a cartoon, it’s certainly not one for little kids, bearing in mind the family that are at the root of it,”

Cuppa Coffee will shop the series at the MIPTV market in Cannes, France in April.

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