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Don Henley to release fist solo album in 15 years, ‘Cass County’ on September 25.

by on Jul.19, 2015, under CD/DVD RELEASES, LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Don Henley to release fist solo album in 15 years, ‘Cass County’ on September 25.

Don Henley will release 'Cass County,' his fifth studio album, and first solo album in 15 years, on September 25. Named for the northeastern Texas county in which Henley was raised, 'Cass County' will be available as a 12-song standard CD and digital album, as well as a 16-track deluxe version and 180 gram Vinyl LP.

A super deluxe version of the album will also be available in Don Henley’s official online store, including a 50 -page booklet with exclusive photos, collector postcards, deluxe CD album, and deluxe Vinyl (2-Disc 180 Gram). A limited number of bundles will also be offered, including a T-shirt and 12X12 lithograph.

Don Henley will launch a solo tour of North America in October 2015 that will include concerts in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Durham, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Nashville, TN; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Port Chester, NY; San Francisco, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Toronto, ON and Washington, D.C. Singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin will open on all the dates. Each ticket ordered for any of the tour dates will receive a Cass County deluxe CD. Full tour details will be announced shortly.

Pre-order the album now at Fans who preorder Cass County digitally on iTunes will instantly receive downloads of “That Old Flame” and “Take A Picture of This.”.

Don Henley Cass County album cover

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Foo Fighters new album to coincide with Dave Grohl HBO series about other iconic recording studios

by on May.15, 2014, under CD/DVD RELEASES, ROCK NEWS

Foo Fighters new album to coincide with Dave Grohl HBO series about other iconic recording studios

Big plans for the Foo Fighters next album have been revealed, with the as-yet-untitled record arriving this fall through Roswell/RCA Records. The bonus is that is will be chronicled in an upcoming HBO series directed by Dave Grohl.

Grohl will expand on his Sound City film and look at iconic recording studios across North America where the Foos recorded for the new album. Studios featured in the series will include Nirvana/Page & Plant producer Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, Don Zientara’s Inner Ear studios in Washington DC – where Fugazi, Henry Rollins' first band S.O.A. and Grohl's pre-Nirvana punk rock band Scream recorded - and Rancho De La Luna studios in California, a site at which Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Mark Lanegan, among others, have recorded. Other studios in Austin, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Nashville will be featured as well.

Grohl will also conduct interviews for the series, speaking with some of the artists who have recorded at each facility, including Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, Heart's Nancy Wilson, Joe Walsh from The Eagles and Dischord Records head honcho Ian MacKaye.

A press release for the series explains: “One song was recorded in each city, every song featuring local legends sitting in, and every lyric written in an unprecedented experimental style: Dave held off on putting down words until the last day of each session, so as to be inspired by the experiences, interviews and personalities that became part of the process.

“Each episode delves into the singular regional identity of each city-how each region shaped these musicians in their formative years, and in turn the impact those people had on the cultural fabric of their hometowns-ultimately celebrating their common bond: Every artist that appears in the show, regardless of genre or locale, started as an average kid with the universal dreams of making music and making it big.”

The as-yet-untitled series be a part of HBO's winter schedule, with the first episode of the series premiering on the eve of the band’s 20th anniversary.

Foo Fighters2

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New documenary on The Eagles to make premiere at Sundance Film Festival, followed by TV debut on Showtime next month

by on Jan.18, 2013, under ROCK NEWS

New documenary on The Eagles to make premiere at Sundance Film Festival, followed by TV debut on Showtime next month

The new Eagles documentary, 'History of the Eagles, Part One,' will premiere tomorrow (January 19) at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The premiere screening will happen at the Eccles Theatre at 9:30 p.m, with Eagles band members Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmidt and Joe Walsh expected to attend. Other screenings in different theaters will take place over the course of the festival. Variety has also reported that the movie will get its TV debut next month on the Showtime cable network and that a sequel documentary will be released before the end of 2013.

Director or 'History of the Eagles' Alison Ellwood told Variety the project came together with less difficulty than she expected.

"We thought that production would be more problematic than it was," she said. As an example, she mentioned the participation of the group's former guitarist Don Felder, who brought lawsuits against some of his ex-band mates after he was fired from the Eagles in 2001. "We weren't sure if [he] would agree to be interviewed," noted Ellwood, "but he sat down and offered a great deal of insight."

She said that singer/drummer Don Henley "requested some changes here and there, but [the band] really did give us the reins to tell the story."

Ellwood told Billboard, "Part one is from when the band began til its breakup. It goes back into the roots of Don (Henley) and Glenn (Frey) and what sparked the desire to become the band. Film two picks up with the solo careers and the band reuniting in 1994. There's quite a bit of Joe (Walsh) in 'Part Two.' It's almost the crux of the film."

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Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles recovering from Cancer Surgery

by on Dec.24, 2012, under ROCK NEWS

Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles recovering from Cancer Surgery

L&M's Eagles Fastlane fan site reported earlier this week that, according to a message from Timothy B. Schmit's assistant Julie Freeman, the 65-year-old Eagles bassist was diagnosed with throat and neck cancer in October and underwent an operation in New York City following the band's November 17th Las Vegas concert.

Freeman explained in her note that Schmit was "only in the hospital for three days," adding that "the surgery was successful and Timothy has received a clean bill of health." She also said that it looks as though all of the cancer in his throat and neck has been removed and he won't need to receive radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Freeman also notes that Schmit will need to "keep an eye on things every month for about a year" to make sure there's no recurrence.

While Timothy has not yet regained his singing, Freeman reported that he expected to be well enough to join the Eagles for their December 30th concert at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Fans wanting to send get-well wishes to Schmit can do so by sending an email to, and type "Message for Timothy" in the subject line. If you want to mail him a card or letter, you can send it to Timothy B. Schmit c/o ETC 1100 Glendon Ave., Suite 2000 Los Angeles, CA 90024. Happy Holidays Timothy, we here at wish you all the best!

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New Eagles documentary celebrating the band’s 40th anniversary will premiere next month at Sundance Film Festival

by on Dec.06, 2012, under ROCK NEWS

New Eagles documentary celebrating the band’s 40th anniversary will premiere next month at Sundance Film Festival

The documentary celebrating the Eagles' 40th anniversary will premiere next month at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. 'History of the Eagles Part 1,' that documents the early history of the band, will get its debut screening on January 19th at the Eccles Theater in Park City, Utah.

The rock-doc will trace the group's story from the band's formation in the early 1970's to their initial breakup in 1980. All former and current band members, and many friends and musical associates, were interviewed for the documentary. The movie was directed by Alison Ellwood and produced by Alex Gibney, who won a Best Documentary Feature Oscar in 2008 for his work on 'Taxi to the Dark Side.'

Eagles singer/guitarist Glenn Frey said in a statement: "For the last five years, and intensely this past year, we have been putting together this document of our history with Alex and Alison. We're all very pleased with the progress so far, and are excited to see the finished product at Sundance."

Guitarist Joe Walsh recently discussed his favorite period of the band's history that the movie covered with ABC News Radio, talking fondly about his early days with the group, following the release of 'Hotel California,' when the Eagles "were in a huge creative phase."

Walsh said, "All kinds of music got made in those days that's still around today. And to have been part of that chemistry and camaraderie, and that energy…is something that not all musicians get a chance to experience…Riding that wave, shall we say, was nothing but wonderful memories."

Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, who sued the group after being fired back in 2001, also talked with ABC News Radio about his involvement in the film. "I got a call from my attorney who had heard from their attorney, and they had asked me to be involved in the documentary. And I thought it was only appropriate, after all the years and all the work that we had done together, that I went in and offered my appearance in the documentary. So we filmed for a day an interview that will be in the documentary."


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