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Lita Ford’s ‘Living Like A Runaway – A Memoir’ to be released September 9

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Lita Ford’s ‘Living Like A Runaway – A Memoir’ to be released September 9

Lita Ford will tell her story in the autobiography via HarperCollins publisher; "Lita Ford, Living Like A Runaway - A Memoir". You can pre-order the hard-cover or E-Book now, with the release date September 9.

About the Book:

The legendary former lead guitarist of The Runaways—“heavy metal’s leading female rocker” (Rolling Stone)—opens up about the ’70s and ’80s music scene and her extraordinary life and career in this long-awaited, emotionally powerful memoir.

Lita Ford lived her dreams, until her life turned into a nightmare. She left home at age sixteen to join the world’s first all-female rock group, the Runaways—a band whose legend was sealed by the 2010 hit movie starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning—and went on to become the first woman hard rock guitarist, a platinum-selling star who gave Ozzy Osbourne his first Top Ten hit, a bare-ass, leather-clad sexy babe whose hair was bigger and guitar licks were hotter than any of the guys. She is also the mother of two sons whose harrowing tale of her catastrophic marriage to a metal rocker makes Ike and Tina Turner sound like life at the country club.

But in the end, Lita’s story changes from a music story to a woman’s story—a wrenching, desperate drama of human bondage and a mother’s love, a life-and-death struggle over her own soul. Trapped in an increasingly terrifying marriage, systematically stripped of her connections to the outside world, Lita Ford became a prisoner in her own life, a slave to her husband’s demands, living like a captive. She plotted her escape and her freedom cost her the boys she stayed in the marriage to protect. Her graphic, explicit story will terrify and horrify readers, but they won’t be able to put it down.

Living Like a Runaway will shock people with the candor that Lita Ford shines on her dramatic life story. At ease as a woman in the previously all-male world of rock, Lita shares with her male counterparts an unvarnished directness when it comes to topics such as sex, drugs, money or fame. No female rock star of Lita’s stature has ever before told the real story of women in rock. With unprecedented rawness and honesty, Living Like a Runaway reminds us that Lita Ford is not only one of music’s greatest pioneers, but also one of its fiercest survivors.
Pre-order e-book or hard cover here

Lita Ford Living Like A Runaway book cover

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Joan Jett will be the 2013 Sunset Strip Music Festival ‘Elmer Valentine Award’ recipient

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Joan Jett will be the 2013 Sunset Strip Music Festival ‘Elmer Valentine Award’ recipient

Joan Jett will be the 2013 Sunset Strip Music Festival honoree! Since co-founding The Runaways at age 15, Jett has continued to be an originator, innovator, visionary--and a pivotal figure in the history of The Sunset Strip.

“I actually lived on The Strip, right across the street from the Whisky,” said Jett. “The Sunset Strip is a piece of rock ‘n roll history. I never thought all of those insane times would turn into an award, but I’m very honored, and inspired to keep making music.”

As with previous SSMF honorees, Jett will be celebrated at an exclusive VIP event Thursday, August 1 at the House of Blues Sunset Strip, kicking off the three-day music festival. There she will be presented with the coveted “Elmer Valentine Award” and, immediately following the tribute ceremony, lucky attendees will enjoy a full live performance by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. Tickets for the event are extremely limited; see info below. In addition to the VIP reception, the City of West Hollywood will honor JETT by officially proclaiming Thursday, August 1 “Joan Jett Day.”

This marks the sixth installment of the award ceremony and SSMF, which celebrates the music and icons that have made an impact on the legacy of The Strip. The event debuted in 2008 with the recognition of Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri and Elmer Valentine, founders of cornerstone Sunset Strip venues The Roxy Theatre, Rainbow Bar & Grill and Whisky A Go-Go. In 2009, Ozzy Osbourne received the “Elmer Valentine Award,” which was thusly named after the passing of original honoree Valentine. The 2010 award went to Slash, in 2011 Mötley Crüe was recognized, and in 2012 The Doors were celebrated.

“It is my honor and pleasure to take part in inducting the first female music superstar, Joan Jett, to the exclusive group of Sunset Strip icons to receive the coveted ‘Elmer Valentine Award,’” says SSMF Festival Managing Director Karmen Beck. “We are delighted to celebrate Joan Jett who has so much influenced the history of the legendary boulevard.”

Linkin Park will also be a part of the festival this year, performing their only live show in the US for rest of this year on August 3rd. Get all the details and tickets here

Joan Jett SSMF 2013

Joan Jett's record label is in the process of suing Hot Topic over the pop culture retailer's Blackheart lingerie line, according to a recent story in The Los Angeles Times.

Blackheart Records, which jett co-founded, argues that Hot Topic has infringed upon its "Blackheart" trademark. Of course, the rock icon was the leader of a band named the Blackhearts. The line can be viewed here

It's also worth noting that the website for the lingerie line markets its products for "girls who rock & roll." As you know, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts' most well-known song is "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."

Blackheart Records had been selling its own apparel, jewelry and accessories for some time when it was approached by Hot Topic in 2010. The brand, a favorite of goth teens, wanted to partner with Jett’s company to design and distribute merchandise, according to the complaint.

But Blackheart Records said it was taken aback when Hot Topic emerged with its own, separate Blackheart collection of goods. Blackheart Records seeks unspecified damages, and an injunction preventing the sale of the lingerie line.

In response to the complaint, Hot Topic has released the following statement: "Hot Topic, Inc. takes the rights of artists very seriously, and has in fact compensated Ms. Jett over the many years in keeping with mutually agreed-upon license agreements...this lawsuit is a surprise to us, and we are confident in our rights to use the Blackheart brand name."

The company said it has 11 registered trademarks for the use of the Blackheart brand for retail stores, apparel, lingerie, accessories, cosmetics and more. Hot Topic accused Blackheart Records of abandoning its trademark filings for apparel and accessories years ago.

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Cherie Curry of the Runaways issues new album update, announces Summer tour dates

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Cherie Curry of the Runaways issues new album update, announces Summer tour dates

Former Runaways vocalist Cherie Curry issued the following update on her facebook page in regards to her long delayed new alum: "There have been a lot of stories flying around, mostly negative about my album and why it isn't out. I feel I owe you an explanation since you have patently waited as I have since it was recorded late 2010-2011.

"You see, I just wanted to get out there and play for you again. After 30 years, with the movie, my book, and then a successful show opening for Joan [Jett] in 2010, the time was right for me to make a record, if I was ever going to again. I was ready to get back in the game but when you put your hopes, dreams, your career in someone else's hands, it's a risk that can be disappointing and frustrating so I have sat on the sidelines waiting for a record that still isn't mastered. That has been very, very hard since all I wanted was embrace and perform the music I loved from my past, of course by THE RUNAWAYS, the music you love to listen to with some new material. Had I known my record company would hold the record this long, I would have gone a different route, but that's water under the bridge now.

"It wasn't supposed to be this complicated. It was supposed to be fun. I did what my management told me to do and that meant I wait. No playing, no nothing. I don't think I'm unreasonable thinking three years is long enough.

"This record may never come out. I've [accepted] that now. It's a huge disappointment since it has some great songs that Matt Sorum, Nick Maybury, Grant Fitzpatrick, Jake Hays, Lanny Cardola, Billy Corgan, THE VERONICAS, Brody Dalle and many others worked hard on with RUNAWAYS fans in mind. I'm learning that even though you can't make others do what you think is right and you feel discouraged, it is our choice get off the sidelines and back in the game

"Someone recently said to me: 'Rise from the discouragement. Shake off what didn't work out. Quit mourning over what you've lost and get back in the game. Even though it's painful, it's not the end. Even though it's unfair, it's not over. Wipe away the tears, wash your face, put on a new attitude and get back in the game.' So, I'm going to do that.

"I'm going to record a single this summer and release it on iTunes. I'm going to play, play, play, like I wanted to from the beginning. I'm going to give the fans what they want and deserve without management and without a record company.

"Lita Ford said to me the other day, 'Sister, you're not dead yet!' And she's right. It's time to put faith in the only things I can count on. Myself and the fans. That's really all that matters."

Cherie Curry has announced some Summer tour days. See if there is a date near year and get out and rock with Cherie!
Jul. 13 - Corona, CA - M15 Concert Bar & Grill
Aug. 7 - Lakewood, OH - The Foundry (hifi)
Aug. 8 - Ferndale, MI - The Magic Bag
Aug. 11 - Minneapolis, MN - The Belmore/New Skyway Lounge
Aug. 16 - Fresno, CA - Strummer's
Aug. 17 - San Francisco, CA -
Aug. 18 - San Luis Obispo, CA - SLO Brew

Cherie Currie SLO Brew

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Lita Ford talks new album and how ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ with Ozzy came together under the influence

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Lita Ford talks new album and how ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ with Ozzy came together under the influence

Lita Ford is getting ready for a busy summer with the upcoming release of her new album 'Living Like A Runaway,' and the big North American summer tour opening for Def Leppard and Poison. In an interview with Metal Underground, Lita talks about how she approached the album, her interest in getting The Runaways going again, being a mom in a rock band, and getting stoned with Ozzy Osbourne to create the iconic track 'Close My Eyes Forever.'

In the interview, Lita recalls how the biggest hit of her career, the duet with Ozzy, 'Close My Eyes Forever,' came about by accident during a night of drinking, getting stoned and driving under the influence.

The 1988 hit from her album Lita crowned an era during which she was named best female vocalist in rock, while Ozzy was named best male vocalist. She was managed by his wife Sharon at the time.

“Close My Eyes Forever was a mistake. It was just me and Ozzy and Sharon hanging about in the recording studio. They showed up one day and had a housewarming present for me: a life-size duplicate of Koko the gorilla from the San Diego Zoo. It was freaking huge – I had to strap it in the front seat of my jeep to get it home.

“Ozzy stayed, Sharon got bored and left, and me and Ozzy had a couple of drinks and we were jamming. We started singing, messing about and we wrote Close My Eyes Forever. Next thing I knew the sun was coming up. I looked at him and went, ‘Uh-oh, we’re in trouble.’ Sharon had been waiting all night.

“We were a long way from where Ozzy had to go. He said, ‘Can you drive me home?’ I said, ‘No, I can’t.’ We were stoned out of our minds. He got into a cab and I strapped Koko into my jeep and drove home – just barely made it.

“And then we had this hit song.”

It’s not the only time in Ford’s career a track has come out of the blue; the title song from new album Living Like a Runaway has a similar history.

She explains: “I presented two album titles: Branded and Living Like a Runaway. Everybody went: ‘Living Like a Runaway.’ The problem was I hadn’t written the song yet.

“I thought, ‘It’s such a great title’ and if I don’t write a song, someone else was going to. So I had to hurry up. We started with nothing but the title, and in three days we had a finished song.” Read the entire interview with Lita here:

Fast Tube

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Lita Ford to release new album ‘Living Like A Runaway’ on June 19


Lita Ford to release new album ‘Living Like A Runaway’ on June 19

Lita Ford will release date for her new album 'Living Like A Runaway' on June 19th in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. The album will be released as a double LP, limited edition CD, standard CD and digital download.

The legendary female metal icon Lita said about the album, "This CD is truly a dream come true. It took me one year to write this CD along with producer Gary Hoey and song writing partner Michael Dan Ehming. We have dumped out hearts and souls into this amazing CD -- along with a lot of tears, pain, heartache, laughter, ripping out hair, going hungry, losing sleep and a lot of frequent flyer miles! 'Living Like A Runaway' is like being able to walk through fire and coming out the other side unscathed."

Lita will be rocking tracks from the new release as she hits the road this summer with Def Leppard and Poison on the 'Rock of Ages Tour.' Lita is looking forward to the tour and getting to play the new songs live, "We are honored with this awesome tour and being able to play with these brilliant musicians. So strap in tight, it's going to be one powerful journey."

Best known for her work with The Runaways and her solo career, featuring hit singles 'Kiss Me Deadly' and the Billboard charting duet 'Close My Eyes Forever' with Ozzy Osbourne, Lita is ready to make a return to the throne as the queen of metal.

Lita Ford with Def Leppard and Poison 'Rock Of Ages' Tour Dates:
Jun. 20 - Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Amphitheater
Jun. 22 - Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Jun. 23 - Las Vegas, NV - Red Rock Amphitheatre
Jun. 25 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
Jun. 27 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
Jun. 29 - Atlanta, GA - Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
Jun. 30 - Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Times Forum
Jul. 2 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
Jul. 3 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
Jul. 6 - Cleveland, OH - Quickens Loan Arena
Jul. 7 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
Jul. 10 - Baltimore, MD - Merriweather Pavilion
Jul. 11 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
Jul. 13 - Wantagh, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach Pavilion
Jul. 16 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
Jul. 17 - Hamilton, ON - Copps Coliseum
Jul. 19 - Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena

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