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Rock On the Talks Roundup: Peter Gabriel, Michael Stipe & Brian Eno, Daughtry, David Crosby & Graham Nash, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

by on Nov.12, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Rock On the Talks Roundup: Peter Gabriel, Michael Stipe & Brian Eno, Daughtry, David Crosby & Graham Nash, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Here's the roundup of this past weeks Rock on the Talks. First, Peter Gabriel stopped by Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night (Nov. 9) to play a fantastic arrangement of his classic hit "Red Rain" with a full orchestra. The new version can be found on his latest album, 'New Blood.'

Stephen Colbert wrapped last night's episode (Nov. 11) of the Colbert Report by paying tribute to recently disbanded college/alt-rock icons R.E.M. Colbert lifted frontman Michael Stipe on his Rock and Roll Shelf of Fame and wrapped up the show by joining the singer and previous guest Brian Eno for an acappella rendition of Bill Withers' "Lean on Me."

Chris Daughtry and his band stopped by NBC's The Today Show on Wednesday morning (Nov. 9) to perform their latest single 'Crawling Back To You,' from the new album 'Break The Spell.'

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On November 8th, David Crosby and Graham Nash stopped by Late Show With David Letterman to perform "Taken At All," a number originally released on their 1976 album 'Whistling Down the Wire.'

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds appeared on Late Show With David Letterman to perform the first release "If I Had A Gun" from his new project's debut album. It has that Oasis feel to it, that's for sure.

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Mariachi El Bronx stopped by Conan to perform "Revolution Girls" from their new album, Mariachi El Bronx II on November 10th.

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Rock On the Talks Roundup: Evanescence, Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Cornell

by on Oct.15, 2011, under INTERVIEWS, ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Here's the appearances of Rockers from this past week on the talks shows, either sitting down for an interview or performing. Ozzy was out promoting his new book "Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy" on a couple of shows, and Evanescence and Chris Cornell performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Evanescence performed on Thursday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (Oct. 13) and played "What You Want," the first single from their new album, "Evanescence". They also performed "Going Under" as a web only performance on

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Chris Cornell of Soundgarden performed his great new solo track "The Keeper" from the "Machine Gun Preacher" soundtrack on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night (Oct. 12)

Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne sat down for the full hour on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" (Oct. 11) to discuss "The Osbourne's" MTV show, getting sober, the incident where Ozzy nearly killed Sharon, and more. Jack Osbourne also that he and his fiancée Lisa Stelly are expecting their first child.

"I'm excited. I'm a little nervous." Jack said. Ozzy reportedly jumped for joy and hearing the news, saying "I'm shocked. I think it's fabulous." Sharon said, "I'm happy because it's what Jack wants so I'm happy, and I've always wanted to be a grandma so it couldn't be better." Ozzy already has four grandchildren; two each from daughter Jessica and son Louis from his previous marriage to Thelma Riley.

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Video footage (Oct. 12) of Ozzy Osbourne's wife/manager Sharon Osbourne announcing on her CBS daytime talk show "The Talk" that she will become a first-time grandmother next April can be seen below.

Ozzy also appeared on NBC's The Today Show on the morning of October 12th. The interview was conducted by former President George W. Bush's daughter, Jenna Bush Hager:

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Rock Picks of the Week: Bush, Lenny Kravitz, My Darkest Days, Cold, Broken Teeth

by on Aug.31, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, ROCK PICKS, VIDEO

Rock Picks of the Week: Bush, Lenny Kravitz, My Darkest Days, Cold, Broken Teeth

Bush are back with their first album of new material in 10 years called "The Sea Of Memories", to be released on September 13. Produced by Bob Rock (Aerosmith, Metallica), the CD is the first to be made available via Bush's own imprint, Zuma Rock Records, through an exclusive partnership with eOne Music. The first track "The Sound of Winter" is marking a major comeback for the band and is on it's way to approaching the success of some of their previous tracks from the 90's.

About the album, singer Gavin Rossdale said about the album: "When making music, you have a choice to repeat what you've done or move on. It would've been safe to just rework (1994's debut album) 'Sixteen Stone' over and over, but what kind of life would that be? When you're driving down the road, you're focused on what's in front of you; you don't really think to keep checking in your rear view mirror. I like the idea of art changing, developing and morphing."

The current Bush lineup includes original drummer Robin Goodridge, guitarist Chris Traynor and bassist Corey Britz. Traynor replaced original axeman Nigel Pulsford in 2001 while Britz has stepped in for Dave Parsons.

Bush has announced a headlining tour of North America that will kick off September 13 at the Babcock Theatre in Billings, Montana. On September 27 at 4th & B in San Diego, Bush will begin a tour with Chevelle and special guests Filter. Bush has also partnered with I Love All Access to offer a variety of VIP packages for the tour.

Look for Gavin Rossdale on "Chelsea Lately" September 21 and on September 22, Bush will perform on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

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Lenny Kravitz is back with the first single from his new release "Black and White America" called "Stand." It's another great track from Lenny, exuding positivity and joy, while delivering an impowering message. Lenny has always been known as a student of the musical past, with his music and image harking back to the 60's and 70's. In this video from, Lenny himself gets a good look at his new baby. The vinyl release is also out only at participating indie record stores. The smell, the packaging, the's all good with vinyl!

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Lenny has been branching out into acting in the last couple of years, first with a critically acclaimed dramatic role in "Precious", and next with the role of Cinna, a fashion stylist who designs outrageous costumes for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) to wear while participating in the Hunger Games. Cinna develops a close friendship with Katniss, and his designs help shape her character. "The Hunger Games" movie will be released on March 23, 2012. The movie is based on best selling trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins.

Lenny also continues with his acting chops in his new extended directors cut for the first single "Stand". Lenny plays three different characters, including band leader Desmond Ritchie, drummer in The Fab Three, Bubba Washington and game show host Bart Billingsworth. Lenny looks ready to take Wayne Brady's job on "Let's Make A Deal" if he wants it.

Lenny will be headlining the free Samsung & AT&T Summer Krush 2011 Concert Series on August 31 at Terminal 5 in New York City. Also look for Lenny performing as part of the Toyota Concert Series on the NBC's Today show on Friday, September 2nd in New York City. Lenny will be touring Europe until the end of November, so don't expect a full North American tour until early 2012.

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Lenny also released a "behind the scenes" for his video "Stand" from the set of "Run For Your Money." Bart Billingsworth, Desmond Richie and Bubba Washington are all profiled in this hilarious film:

Up next are Toronto, Canada rockers My Darkest Days, who have been working thier ass off in 2011, and it's paying off! Non-stop touring has gotten the band big-time exposure, and now they are onto the third single from their self-titled debut album. After the success of the first two singles "Porn Star Dancing" and "Move Your Body", the band are onto "Every Lie" for the new single. It's approaching top 20 at active rock, with top 10 potential.

The guys are back on the road Septemeber 1st in their hometown of Toronto at the Canadian National exhibition, before hitting Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, including shows with Finger Eleven, Great White and Sick Puppies.

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Cold "Wicked World" is the next Rock Pick of the Week. Cold are wrapping up a summer tour with Volbeat with three consecutive nights at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, before continuing on solo with dates in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The song comes from the Jacksonville, Florida band's 5th studio album "Superfiction."

Cold have been in the game for quite awhile, having formed in 1996, broken up in 2006, and gotten back together in 2009. "Wicked World" is a current top 20 track at active rock radio.

Fast Tube

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Up next is ex-Dangerous Toys frontman Jason McMaster's band Broken Teeth with a straight ahead kick ass rocker called "Bullet". The song is featured on the band's latest album, "Viva La Rock, Fantastico." 'Bullet' is the third video release from the record. McMaster was inducted into the South Texas Music Walk Of Fame on June 4th in his home town of Corpus Christi, TX. McMaster is the first metal artist to be honored by the South Texas Music Walk Of Fame.

A vocalist, bassist, guitarist, and songwriter with two gold-certified records under his belt, McMaster is notorious for being one of the busiest musicians in rock and roll. His rock and roll resume dates back to 1982, when he fronted influential progressive metal band Watchtower, later moving on to make headlines with the southern sleaze rock act Dangerous Toys. In recent years, Jason has been channeling his talent into the Austin-based hard rock act Broken Teeth, having released five albums since the band’s formation in 1999; along with two albums from his NWOHB influenced band IGNITOR, and various tribute bands. His impact on the Texas rock and metal scene was previously recognized in 1998, with an induction into the Texas Music Hall Of Fame.

The South Texas Music Walk of Fame honors six new Texas artists every year, in a ribbon-cutting ceremony that kickstarts the annual WaterStreet Market Music & Arts Festival in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Journey rock NYC on “The Today Show” (video)

by on Jul.29, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Journey rock NYC on “The Today Show” (video)

Journey performed on the "Today" show this morning (Friday, July 29) as part of this year's Toyota Concert Series. Journey has just kicked off their "Eclipse Tour" with Foreigner, and special guest Night Ranger. Check out the footage:

One of the songs performed on the "Today" show, "City Of Hope", is the first single from Journey's latest CD, "Eclipse". The track was inspired by, and written in lead singer Arnel Pineda's hometown of Manila, Philippines
"Don't Stop Believin'"

Matt Lauer giving the band a plaque for having the #1 single of the 20th Century and "City Of Hope" performance:


"Any way You Want It"

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Real tension with Shannon revealed in Gene Simmons Family Jewels (full episode), Gene’s tweets leading up to premiere

by on Jun.18, 2011, under LINKS, ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Real tension with Shannon revealed in Gene Simmons Family Jewels (full episode), Gene’s tweets leading up to premiere

Leading up to making the rounds with partner Shannon Tweed in promotion for "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" on A&E, KISS bassist Gene Simmons unloaded about his family issues on Twitter. Here's the tweets:

“A publicity stunt? Wish I thought of it. VERY REAL on our end.”

“Anyone who says they didn't get into rock n' roll for chicks is trying to sell you something.”

“I hate missing family events. But sometimes you have to what you have to do. The world doesn't always stop for you.”

“It is good to distract someone during a business deal. Gives you the upper hand. But sometimes, admittedly, I don't see the whole picture.”

“Powerful men like to feel powerful. Attractive women make them feel powerful and disarm them.”

“It was all a photo op. Made him feel important. Deal closed.”

“I hate the idea of therapists. Silly.”

“I am opposed to the idea of therapy. My mother's generation didn't have therapists. They dealt with their problems and moved on.”

“My mother's generation was not given the option of therapy. They had to get up each day and live. No whining. No "what does this all mean?"

“As much as I hated to admit it at the time, therapy actually made me ask myself some important questions. Maybe that is why I avoided going.”

“My philosophies might not make sense to others, but it makes perfect sense to me. And, for the most part, has served me well.”

“I don't like being questioned. I don't like the idea of answering to anyone except the woman that gave me life.”

“There is no family without Shannon. Living without her is not an option.”

“If you never get married you can never get divorced.”

“Tell me one person that had too much money.”

In the first episode of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", you really do see the pain that Shannon is in. Now that their children Sophie and Nick are both out of the home, Shannon obviously can focus on herself more and her needs, and Gene's behavior is hightened in her mind. When I originally saw the interviews with the two on The Today Show and The Joy Behar Show, I questioned the validity of their confrontations as strictly promotion for the upcoming season premiere of the show. After seeing the first episode, I don't question it...there is true tension and animosity in the releationship. In this case, this reality show seems real. I can question if this is healthly for their releationship and for their kids in having this all aired for public consumption. I guess too much money is never enough, you saw that in Gene's tweet.   Best of luck to Shannon and Gene. Check out the full episode here: Gene Simmons Family Jewels

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