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Marshall Of Rock

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Dee Snider News: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap, new Broadway-themed album and autobiography to both drop May 8

by on Mar.18, 2012, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Dee Snider News: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap, new Broadway-themed album and autobiography to both drop May 8

On last Sunday's episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice' Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and his broken finger were back for the challenge of putting together a car presentation for Buick. Dee had a second surgery to separate a tendon from scar tissue in the broken finger and the four pins and plate from the earlier surgery were removed.

Although Dee really couldn't participate in driving the car or any physical activity releated to the challenge, he helped out in the production room from a technical angle. Adam Carolla was the team leader, which ultimately was perplexing to Donald Trump and his sons in the board room, since this seemed to be a challenge tailor made for another member of the team, race car driving Michael Andretti.

Ultimately the men’s team 'Unanimous' lost for the second week in a row, and Trump decided to axe two contestants rather than one, showing both Adam and Michael the door. Dee seems to have a solid position on the show, and tonight he hopes to mop up the competition. There is some disatisfaction by he and his teammates with Lou Ferrigno, who seems to complain he is being under-utilized at every board meeting, but says nothing during the tasks. Dee even tweeted about it this past week.

Watch the full episode and the promo for tonight's show at 9/8C on NBC.

Dee Snider's Broadway-themed album, 'Dee Does Broadway,' will be released on May 8, and it will include collaborations with his Celebrity Apprentice co-star Clay Aiken. They perform together on the track 'Luck Be a Lady,' from 'Guys and Dolls.' Other collaborations include Broadway and television icon Bebe Neuwirth on the 'Damn Yankees' song 'Whatever Lola Wants', Broadway legend Patti LuPone on a West Side Story medley 'Tonight/Somewhere', Cyndi Lauper on 'Sweet Charity's' 'Big Spender', the stars of the Broadway hit musical 'Priscilla Queen Of The Desert' (Will Swenson, Tony Sheldon, and Nick Adams) on South Pacific's 'There Is Nothin' Like A Dame', Mark Wood of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra playing violin on the Phantom Of The Opera ballad 'Music Of The Night', and a special rendition of 'The Joint Is Jumpin'' from 'Ain't Misbehavin'' with Dee's oldest son, Jesse "Blaze" Snider. Songs are also featured from classic Broadway shows including 'Cabaret,' 'Chicago,' 'The Threepenny Opera,' 'Anything Goes,' and 'Sweeney Todd.'

Dee Does Broadway was spawned from a number of voicemails exchanged featuring "Broadway Tunes" sung as messages between Dee Snider and Alice Cooper in 2009 and Dee's 2010 Broadway run in the Broadway rock musical 'Rock of Ages.' Inspired to take this musical journey, the classically trained countertenor (who sang with his high school choir and always loud as hell) Snider enlisted producers Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen (whom Dee worked with on the metalized Frank Sinatra tribute called Sin-atra). The album was mixed by the legendary Ric Wake and Gustavo Celis, and features the incredible orchestrations and playing by the renowned composer/arranger Doug Katsaros and the bass guitar playing of one of rock's prolific players, the legendary Rudy Sarzo.

Dee Snider explains the process, "Over the past year I have worked closely with my team and collaborators picking from decades of musical hits with only two rules: The song had to speak to me as a singer on some level, and it could not be a rock song to begin with. No Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease, Hair, Rent, Rocky Horror, etc. What would be the challenge in that?" He continues, "There are many who think doing an album of rocked out show tunes is pure insanity on my part. Apparently, they haven't seen any photos of me from the 70's and 80's. Could I have been in a more theatrical band? Ever since I was a kid, I'd heard the real power inherent in a lot of songs from musicals and this record gives me the chance to show it."

Never straying from his rock roots, Dee Snider puts his own unique spin on musical favorites, "It may not be metal - but it definitely rocks!"

Dee Does Broadway tracklisting:

'The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd'
'Big Spender' (with Cyndi Lauper)
'Mack the Knife'
'Whatever Lola Wants' (with Bebe Neuwirth)
'Music Of The Night' (with guest violinist Mark Wood)
'The Joint Is Jumpin'' (with Jesse Blaze Snider)
'Luck Be A Lady' (with Clay Aiken)
'I Get A Kick Out Of You'
'There Is Nothin' Like A Dame' (with the stars of Priscilla Queen of the Desert: Will Swenson, Tony Sheldon and Nick Adams)
'Razzle Dazzle'
'Tonight/Somewhere' (with Patti LuPone)

"Cabaret," is the first single, and you can hear it below.

Look for Dee's autobiography, 'Shut Up and Give Me the Mic,' as it will be released on the same day as the album.

Filled with entertaining anecdotes and candid confessions, 'Shut Up And Give Me The Mic' takes you through the good times and bad with a heavy metal star who worked as hard as he played, and who did it all for his wife, four kids, and millions of fans. As lead singer and songwriter of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider became the poster boy for heavy metal, hair bands, and the wild side of rock. Now, in his twisted new memoir, he reveals the real stories behind the crazy makeup, the big hair, and badass hits like 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and 'I Wanna Rock'.

In his journey from every parent's worst teenage nightmare to Renaissance man, Dee avoided the usual pitfalls associated with rock stars. But that didn't stop Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center from targeting him-a fight that led him to testify before Congress with Frank Zappa. He may have been slapped with a Parental Advisory warning label, but, through it all, Snider stayed positive and focused on being the best he could be.

Dee has scheduled the following book signings around the country, with more to be announced:

7 - Ridgewood, NJ - Bookends - 7 PM
8 - Huntington, NY - Book Revue - 7 PM
9 - Mendham, NJ - Mendham Books - 7 PM
10 - Madison, CT - R.J. Julia - 7 PM
11 - Philadelphia, PA - Barnes & Noble - 6 PM
12 - Detroit, MI - Barnes & Noble - 4 PM
14 - Skoki, IL - Barnes & Noble - 7 PM
15 - Kansas City, MO - Unity Temple on the Plaza - 7 PM
16 - Norma, OK - Hastings - 7 PM
17 - Tucson, AZ - Barnes & Noble - 7 PM
18 - Tempe, AZ - Changing Hands Bookstore - 7 PM

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Remembering 9/11: Rockers share 9/11 memories; Chop Shop Radio Special, Staind 9/11 victims benefit concert

by on Sep.10, 2011, under LINKS, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Remembering 9/11: Rockers share 9/11 memories; Chop Shop Radio Special, Staind 9/11 victims benefit concert

Tomorrow marks 10 years since the horrific terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that brought down the Twin Towers, killed 3,000 people and forever changed both the future of the United States and the world. Here is a series of remarks made by hard rock/metal acts relecting on the ensuing 10 years on 9/11, how it affected them and what it still means.

FILTER singer/guitarist Richard Patrick told The Pulse Of Radio how he and his fellow Chicago residents felt immediately after the attacks took place. "In Chicago, we just got pissed," he said. "I mean, I wasn't there. In New York. I'm sure it was a whole gamut of gigantic . . . But the first three days I was just fuckin' mad. And then I got really sad. I wept for like a couple of days. I just couldn't control it."

AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he has mixed feelings about how the day should be observed. "You know, it's hard for me to say that it should be a day where everybody remembers it and talks about it, and is, you know, keeps it as the Number One subject of the day; whether it should be a day of mourning and a day of silence and not doing anything; or whether it should be a day where we go out and be defiant and show that we're not gonna change our lives for these people," he said. "I'm not sure — I kinda go back and forth. I think everybody should really reflect on that day, but I don't... I wouldn't want to satisfy the criminals who did that by going too far into a fearful feeling."

Tom Araya (SLAYER): "I was at home in L.A. when I first found out what was happening. On September 10th the band had done a midnight in-store signing in El Toro, Calif. for the 9/11 release of our 'God Hates Us All' album. We got home around 4 a.m. from that. I was asleep when Sandra, my wife, was awakened by a phone call that suggested we turn on the television. We then found ourselves watching the first tower on fire and I remember asking Sandra, 'What is this?' We saw the plane hit the second tower and it took a while for everything to register. We were supposed to fly out that day to start a European tour. The whole time we were watching what was unfolding before our eyes I was thinking to myself, 'We ain't flying anywhere for a while!'" (via AOL's Noisecreep)

Steve "Lips" Kudlow (ANVIL): "I was working doing deliveries for Choice Children's Catering when an announcement came on the radio in the delivery van I was driving. I remember thinking, 'How the hell did planes get past radar detection and end up over a no-fly zone over New York City?' I thought this was too much to have been any kind of accident. I thought if the country was being attacked, wouldn't there be some kind of protocol for this? It was awful watching people jumping out of windows to escape the inferno. The news was relentless and heartless in its reports, almost enjoying the news scoop of the century. It was one of the saddest days in history, alongside the JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. What a colorful history our world has created!" (via AOL's Noisecreep)

Scott Ian (ANTHRAX): "I was in Lincoln, Neb. out on tour, parked outside the venue we were playing, when I first heard the news. I woke up to pee, stumbled out of my bunk to the bathroom on the bus, and the driver was in the front lounge watching television. He said, 'A plane crashed into the WTC and I ought to take a look at what's happening in NYC.' I sat down and finally focused on the TV and saw the first tower smoking and I asked our driver, 'How big of a plane was it?' It was obviously not just a small plane like I had imagined. I sat there stunned, watching the report on CNN when the second plane hit and I ran into the bunk area of the bus yelling for everyone to get up, 'We're under attack, get the fuck up!' or something of that nature. We spent the rest of the day like the rest of the world, glued to the TV on the bus, shocked, horrified and scared shitless by what we were witnessing. Nothing seemed to matter at that point except to get home to our families and we started figuring out how we could all just get home as soon as possible." (via AOL's Noisecreep)

Joe Satriani (CHICKENFOOT): "I was at my home in San Francisco, I heard about the attacks as my radio-alarm clock started to wake me up. In disbelief I turned on the TV and watched in horror, then immediately picked up the phone and tried to reach my family in New York. We were all waiting to hear if my sister-in-law Linda was safe. She made it out of the downtown area and over the Brooklyn Bridge with thousands of others that day. I felt so brokenhearted having to sit my eight-year-old son down and explain to him what had happened. I was so saddened, angry and disappointed that this was the world we had made for our children." (via AOL's Noisecreep)

Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX): "I was out on tour and my wife called my cell and was freaking out. I remember wanting to be home with my family in New York. I was so worried about them and my friends who worked down there. I went back to New York some days after and went down to the site. The first thing that hit me was the glow and smell in the area of the attack. It smelled like death." (via AOL's Noisecreep)

Syndicated radio program The Chop Shop Guitar Show has put together a emotional, compelling show this week featuring personal remembrances from a number of classic rock artists who found their lives forever altered by the events and tracks conveying the emotion. Host Steve Black is joined by Geddy Lee of Rush, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, guitarist Steve Vai, Reb Beach of Whitesnake, members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Megadeth, Eric Johnson, Scott Stapp of Creed and several others who share their stories, surrounded by the music that helped to bring everyone together as our country worked to move forward.

Geddy Lee recalls the moment when he learned about the attacks: “I was in Toronto and somebody found me and told me to turn on the television and of course I sat there for the next two hours just completely stunned and appalled by what I was watching. My reaction was much the same as any normal human being, I was sickened by it and it had a profound effect on the entire world I think and life has really not been the same since that day. “

Listen to the entire show on It's a must listen!

In the four video clips below, members of Slipknot, Godsmack, Unearth and Indestructible Noise Command comment on 9/11, how it affected them and what it still means:

Staind have announced they will mark the release of their new self-titled album by performing a special show in New York City to benefit the families of 9/11 victims. The show will be held at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square on September 15. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, tickets to the show will be priced at $9.11, with all revenue from the show to benefit the families of 9/11 victims.

"As the release of our new album coincides with the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we wanted to use the attention to make the point that there is still much work for all of us to do," said Aaron Lewis, lead singer of Staind. "We are deliberately making the ticket price $9.11 to underscore the point that if enough of us do just a little bit, together we can make a big difference in the lives of the families whose members made the supreme sacrifice for our country."

Fans can purchase tickets beginning at 12:00 noon Saturday, September 10 here. Members of Dysfunction, STAIND's official fan club, will have the opportunity to purchase tickets immediately through the web site Purchases will be limited to two tickets per buyer. Moreover, Atlantic Records will match STAIND's donation from ticket sales for a separate additional donation to the charity.

Those not able to attend the event in person will be able to stream the concert live on courtesy of Ustream.

Produced by Johnny K (3 DOORS DOWN, DISTURBED, SEVENDUST), STAIND's seventh studio album has been described as the most heavy and intense STAIND album to date. The debut single, "Not Again", is the fastest rising single of the band's career — currently #2 on the Active Rock chart.

"Staind" will be released in-stores and all digital retailers September 13 and the band will be performing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" live that night.

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Doro Pesch In-Store performance at Best Buy in Pennsylvania (video)

by on Sep.05, 2011, under CD/DVD RELEASES, ROCK NEWS, VIDEO

Doro Pesch In-Store performance at Best Buy in Pennsylvania (video)

Metal Queen Doro Pesch her band had an in-store signing session and live performance Saturday afternoon (September 3) at the Best Buy in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. This was an all-ages free event and Doro's only Philadelphia-area appearance in 2011. Doro has two upcoming shows, first with Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery performing at her September 9th show at the Gramercy Theatre in New York, N.Y. and a second show in Chicago on September 11. Both shows will include clips from the DVD, limited edition merchandise, an autograph session as well as a performance by the metal queen herself. It all coincides with the stateside release of the mammoth "25 Years In Rock" 2 DVD/CD set, out September 13. Check out footage of the event below:

The setlist for the performance was as follows:
1. Earthshaker Rock
2. I Rule The Ruins
3. Burning The Witches
4. True As Steel
5. Egypt (DIO cover)
6. Fight For Rock
7. All We Are

Fast Tube

Fast Tube

Fast Tube

Doro received some sad news earlier this week. She flew from Düsseldorf to New York on August 31, just three days after Tropical Storm Irene made landfall just west of her second home on Long Island. When she arrived in Long Beach, a city of 33,000, instead of her neat house on the beach, Doro only came upon a heap of ruins.

"The damage is disastrous. The whole ground floor was flooded. It stinks, electricity failed and everything's wrecked inside of the house. From the TV to the fridge to the furniture. Everything's grime-stained, defective, unusable."

Doro continues, "The worst thing is that pieces of my stage costumes and lots of my souvenirs and presents from fans from all around the world are lost forever now."

We wish you all the best Doro, and are glad some immediate positives are following this sad news.

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“That Metal Show” announces guests for season number eight

by on Jul.14, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, TV ROCK NEWS

“That Metal Show” announces guests for season number eight

VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" will be back for season number eight on Saturday, August 20 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.A full slate of metal and hard rock icons will be a part of the upcoming season once again.

Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson host the only TV show about all things hard rock and heavy metal. Metal musicians and rock royalty, including Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell), Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) and Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen, HSAS, Chickenfoot), will be part of the discussions this season.

Scheduled guests:

-Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour)
-Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy Osbourne)
-Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees)
-Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)
-Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iced Earth, Dio Disciples)
-Jani Lane (Warrant)
-Michael Sweet (Stryper)
-Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat)
-Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell)
-Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave)
-Doug Pinnick (King's X)
-Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob)
-John Sykes (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder)
-Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
-Sammy Hagar (Van Halen, Chickenfoot)
-Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick)
-Dave "Snake" Sabo (Skid Row)
-Charlie Benante (Anthrax)
-Graham Bonnett (Alcatrazz, MSG, Rainbow)

Guest guitarists:
-Vinnie Moore (UFO)
-Tony MacAlpine
-Phil Collen (Def Leppard)
-Alex Skolnick (Testament, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

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