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Rock Picks of the Week Ketchup: Black Keys, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Theory of a Deadman, Eve To Adam, Art of Dying


Rock Picks of the Week Ketchup: Black Keys, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Theory of a Deadman, Eve To Adam, Art of Dying

Since my Rock Picks of the Week have continually turned into the Rock Pick of the month or every three weeks, I must make a commitment to being more diligent about catching up. So here is my Ketchup. Some of these tracks have been out awhile, but I have to give them a pick.

Black Keys 'Gold On the Ceiling'
Black Keys have had another massively successful track with this one, as it's currently the #1 track on the alternative charts, top 5 at adult rock, top 10 at active rock and top 20 on the rock charts. The Keys recently performed it on the MTV Movie Awards as part of a tribute to Johnny Depp, who joined the band on guitar.

The Keys recently filmed an episode of the Travel Channel’s 'No Reservations' with host Anthony Bourdain and have shot a cameo, in full ponytails, for a Comedy Central series 'Workaholics.' They also will continue touring in 2012 with some big time gigs including as headliners at the inaugural Firefly Festival in Dover on July 20-22, New York’s Catalpa Festival on July 28th, Lollapalooza in Chicago on Aug. 3rd, and Montreal’s Osheaga Festival on Aug. 5th. Then they'll head overseas for a few European festival dates, followed by a return to the U.S. in October for a brief West Coast swing a and a gig at the recently announced Austin City Limits festival. They'll finish out 2012 with tours of Australia and Europe.

They are also worthy of a tribute album called 'Black On Blues,' out July 17th, which features such artists as Iggy Pop, Leslie West, Ginger Baker of Cream, Dave Davies of The Kinks and more.

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Van Halen 'She's The Woman'

I was glad to see that the band actually put out a video behind this one, compiled from rehearsal and concert footage. I like almost everyone thought the worst when VH pulled those 30 dates from their current tour schedule, but was relieved that they just "simply bit off more than we could chew," acording to David Lee Roth in his recent video message addressing the situation.

Van Halen‘s former bassist Michael Anthony heard DLR's explanation for the postponed dates, but he isn’t quite so sure that is the main reason. Their was a report with tour insiders saying the band members "hate each other" and are "arguing like mad." Sammy Hagar weighed in saying, "I'm surprised it took this long. I predicted this was going to happen a lot sooner … They’re hard people to get along with, those brothers."

Anthony told Classic Rock Magazine: "Everybody’s got their own opinions. Who knows? To me it sounds kinda interesting – if you say you’re tired and you want to recharge your batteries you don’t put 30 shows on sale. If I were a fan I’d be going, 'Why are you putting 30 shows on sale?'"

Anthony also offered a possible explanation for why three days lapsed between the announced schedule changes and Roth’s public statement about them: "Maybe that’s the three days you take to come up with your story?" Despite his assessment, he had kind words for the group. "I wish them well — they put out a great album, they’re a great live band, they always have been," he says.

Would he ever consider rejoining the band? "I don’t know. As time goes on now, less and less. Eddie’s got his son up with him now. The circumstance would have to be right. I was always the never-say-never guy, but I don’t really think about it any more...Chickenfoot, my relationship with those guys is great."

Van Halen have since announced more tour dates in 2013, as well as a tour of Japan. There is also speculation that the guys will be rocking the 2013 Super Bowl. Look for the next single from 'A Different Kind Of Truth' to be 'Stay Frosty.'

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Foo Fighters, who have become one of my favorite bands EVER, released yet another song from the 'Wasting Light' album. 'Bridge Burning' follows the lead of all the previous tracks released, getting significant airplay. The Foos haven't released an official video, but here's a video interpretation of the song from the band's 2011 'This Video Sucks Contest; directed by Will Doyle & Richard Peete.

The Foos hit the Marcus Ampithetre in Milwaukee, WI on June 28, before hitting festivals in Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands during the month of July. They stop in Belfast, ND on August 21st for a one off U.S. date, then return to the UK for two gigs in late August. The band will wrap up their never ending tour on September 22nd at DeLuna Fest in Pensocola, Florida. Dave Grohl will then focus on completing his Sound City Studios documentary, which I cannot wait to see! Spin Magazine recently brought forth why Dave Grohl is the 'nicest guy in rock.' Check out the reasons why here:

Theory of a Deadman's 'Hurricane' is another great track from the band's latest album 'The Truth Is...'. It has already gone top 5 on the rock tracks, as the band continues building on their past success thus far. Theory of a Deadman will be headlining on tour for the rest of the summer. Check out a date near you here:

Fast Tube

Frontman Tyler Connolly recently did a funny little experiment in New York's Time Square called 'You Don't Know Me.' Check out both parts:

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New York rockers Eve To Adam are up next with their track 'Reach.' While it didn't have the "reach" I would have hoped as far as radio airplay goes, it did further the band's reach and exposure in a positive way. It comes from the album 'Banquet For A Starving Dog', and is a positive, uplifting song. You can 'Reach,' you just gotta believe, and I believe in this band!

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Eve To Adam recently ended a run touring with Creed at the Fillmore on May 31 in Detroit, Michigan, and their currently at home working on new material and preparing for summer shows while promoting their new single, a cover of the Alice Cooper classic, 'School's Out.' The single is now available for digital download and has been getting a very positive reaction from critics and fans alike. The track was even debuted on June 5th by Alice Cooper on his radio show! Get the song here on itunes

Canadian rockers Art of Dying are back in the rock picks of the week with their latest track 'Sorry.' It's another great track from the 'Vices and Virtues' album. The Art of Dying is my life to live. Vocalist Jonny Hetherington and the guys bring quality rock, and I expect continued growth from this band in the future!

Fast Tube

Recently we had the chance to get into the studio with producer Dan Donegan from Disturbed to lay down an acoustic version of "Sorry". We've been so touched by all of the 'Sorry profile pics' over the last few months that we decided to make a video for the acoustic version of the song featuring our biggest fans. Thanks for making this video possible, we couldn't have done it without you!
- Jonny Hetherington

Fast Tube

The band has a few more gigs this summer. Check them out here:

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Rock Picks of the Week: Redlight King, Chevelle, Volbeat, Art Of Dying, Rolling Stones

by on Dec.16, 2011, under ROCK NEWS, ROCK PICKS, VIDEO

Rock Picks of the Week: Redlight King, Chevelle, Volbeat, Art Of Dying, Rolling Stones

I'm back with some rock picks of the week after a few week hiatis. I may have to double up this week to catch up a bit, since a few of these tracks have been out for a little while and are already at or near the top of the rock charts. They all kick ass regardless. First up is Redlight King with their track 'Bullet In My Hand.'

After the success of their cover of Neil Young's 'Old Man,' Redlight King bringing it and rocking harder on their latest single. 'Bullet In My Hand' was recently featured in promotional ads for the CBS show "Person of Interest," and vocalist and band leader Kaz grew up in Hamilton, Ont., Canada, which was once a booming steel center on the shores of Lake Ontario. He grew up in middle class home where his parents “struggled to pay the bills.” Like his dad, Kaz loved cars and drag racing (Redlight King is named for the light “tree” that signals the start of a race). As he grew, music also began to take hold. He loved Queen, Springsteen, Dylan and Lennon no less than A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim, Treach and Nas. He started writing early on, recording his first track at age 16. But in his teens, music took a back seat to judo. He was good enough for a shot at Canada’s Olympic training center to prepare for the 2000 Games. But he didn’t make the team.

Kaz returned to music, landing a deal and ultimately releasing an album in Canada. That led to a Juno Award nomination for Best New Artist, but he later continued his musical path in Los Angeles. It has worked out so far, as redlight King's Hollywood Records debut album is full of quality rock. There could be a couple more tracks released off the album after this one.

Fast Tube

Chevelle is up next with their #1 Rock Track, 'Face To The Floor.' The track immediately grabs you and doesn't let go. It kicks serious ass, has a great hook, and doesn't let up. Chevelle have been around since 1995, forming in Grayslake, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Chevelle has sold over three million albums in the United States, and the band's sixth album, 'Hats Off to the Bull' was just released on December 6.

Fast Tube

Copenhagen, Denmark's Volbeat is up next. After great success with 'Fallen', they are following up with another great track, 'A Warrior's Call.' Volbeat is vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen, bassist Anders Kjølholm and drummer Jon Larsen.
The song is from the band's latest album 'Beyond Hell/Above Heaven', and is the story of the “viking warrior” , danish professional boxer Mikkel Kessler.

“Feel the fire, he’s entering the ring..
The viking warrior, Mikkel Kessler
Will now brand his name in the back of your head “

Fast Tube

Shortly after announcing their participation in the 2012 Gigantour with Megadeth, Motorhead and Lacuna Coil, Volbeat announced that they parted ways with guitarist Thomas Bredhal.

The band announced the break up on their website comparing being in a band to being in a marriage with lots of ups and downs along the way. In the band’s own words, “At times you can work it out and sometimes you need to go separate ways.”

There doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings involved, with the band thanking Bredhal for his time spent with them: “We want to thank him for the work he has put in for Volbeat and we wish him all the best in the future,” continues the statement.

So what does the future look like for Volbeat? The band will move forward with their touring schedule as a trio, and get ready to kick some ass in the new year.

Canadian rockers Art of Dying are back in Rock Picks of the Week with their latest 'Get Thru This,' from the album 'Vices and Virtues.' It's a quality follow-up to their great track 'Die Trying.' You can count me in as a 'Die-Hard.' The band just wrapped up a U.S. tour, but look for more dates early in 2012.
Art of Dying are:
Jonny Hetherington - vocals
Greg Bradley – guitar
Tavis Stanley – guitar/vocals
Cale Gontier – bass/vocals
Jeff Brown – drums

Fast Tube

Here's a great acoustic version of 'Get Thru This', shot in an alley during the filming of the main video for the song:

The Rolling Stones recently released the deluxe version of the 'Some Girls' album. It features 12 bonus tracks many of which were recorded instrumentally with vocals added recently by Mick Jagger. All of the tracks are included in the remastered Deluxe Edition and Super Deluxe Edition of ‘Some Girls,’ which was released November 21st.

Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards wrote most of the bonus tracks, which were performed by Jagger, Richards, bassist Bill Wyman (who has since left the band) and drummer Charlie Watts. Also making appearances were Stones collaborators Ian Stewart and Chuck Leavell on pianos and Sugar Blue on harmonica, with none other than former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty contributing handclaps.

'No Spare Parts' was first recorded by Chris Kimsey in early 1978, features a “country guitar twang, subtle groove and soulful storytelling,” describing it as “a powerful and poignant acoustic tune.” It has the feel of another track on the album “Far Away Eyes,” which could be why it was left off the original. “No Spare Parts” was recorded in Paris and recently discovered by producer Don Was for inclusion on the reisuue. It tells the story of a trip from Los Angeles to San Antonio and features Mick Jagger on electric piano, Keith Richards on acoustic piano, Ron Wood on pedal steel guitar, Charlie Watts on drums and Bill Wyman on bass.

“Some Girls,” a landmark 1978 release also featured “Miss You” and “Beast of Burden.” The album went a long way toward reestablishing the Stones’ then-flagging youthful appeal. It reached No. 1 on the U.S. charts and No. 2 in the United Kingdom.

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