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‘Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal’ documentary creators kick off fundraising campaign

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‘Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal’ documentary creators kick off fundraising campaign

The creators of 'Inside Metal: The Pioneers Of L.A. Hard Rock And Metal' Documentary Film Series, which features the biggest names of '80's Metal, offers Metal fans a chance to be included in these historical movies!

The early '80s metal scene in Los Angeles has become legendary, as it spawned such worldwide headliners as Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Dokken, W.A.S.P., and originally, Metallica (before the latter relocated to San Francisco). And the new documentary, 'Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal,' chronicles the entire scene.

Directed by Bob Nalbandian and produced by Metalrock Films, 'Inside Metal' features all-new interviews with countless bands and artists that thrived on the scene, and tell its story, first hand. To ensure that this killer documentary receives the attention it deserves, a fundraising campaign has been set up at WWW.METALROCKFILMS.COM - which will help strengthen the film's distribution, marketing and promotion.

This groundbreaking movie features exclusive and candid interviews with members of Metallica (Lars Ulrich), Ratt (Stephen Pearcy), Dokken (Don Dokken), Quiet Riot (Carlos Cavazo), W.A.S.P. (Chris Holmes), Megadeth (David Ellefson), Great White, (Jack Russel), Y&T, (Dave Meniketti), Stryper (Michael Sweet) and Armored Saint (Joey Vera).

'Inside Metal' is about giving fans the real inside story from the behind the scenes world of metal and hard rock with in-depth interviews, ultra-rare concert footage and photographs, and an original music score from that era; in this no-holds-barred, never before seen, recollection of untold stories.

To check out some sneak previews, visit:

Early feedback has been exceptional, including renowned video director Jonas Åkerlund (who has worked with the likes of Metallica and Ozzy) raving, "This film captures an era that catapulted metal into the spotlight and takes the audience on a wild ride down memory lane. After watching it I wanted to get in my time machine and experience those days for the first time. You’re hit with a potent nostalgia, a time I thought we couldn’t get back, not until I saw this film. I can’t get enough of this shit, what an amazing film to watch over and over again, well done!"

Metalrock Films ask - and want - real and serious metal fans to be a part of this historic documentary and spread the word that this was the scene where it all began, ground zero.

"Our Fanbacked campaign will raise the direly needed financial support to bring this film to one and all in the US and Internationally in order to pay for the marketing and promotion to get it noticed by the general public. We want to bring this film to your theatre, town, bar, club and living room! Unite and support us. We have created some one of a kind opportunities for our friends and fans to participate with us in birth of this film. Get your name on the screen and let the world know that you support metal and the bands that create it. Help us tell the story of the music you love and let the world know you love it. Join in the festivities of our, and your, accomplishments by being at the premiere of the movie and interact with the artist that participated in its creation. Commemorate your participation with a plaque, t-shirt, poster or other limited edition merchandise items that says 'Metal Rules.' Keep checking back as we add more tasty premiums."

And thanks to you and your donation, 'Inside Metal' will finally get the true story of the scene heard - worldwide!

Inside LA Metal movie poster

To make a donation, go to:

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Y&T set to release 4CD set ‘Earthquake: The A&M Years 1981-85’

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Y&T set to release 4CD set ‘Earthquake: The A&M Years 1981-85’

On October 14th Y&T will release a 4CD set called 'Earthquake: The A&M Years 1981-85', which features six studio albums with B-sides and a rare Friday Rock Show album featuring their appearances at Reading and Monsters of Rock.

There was a time in the late 1970s/early 1980s when America was seemingly overrun with great hard rock bands. They all had power, individuality and the sheer audacity to ignore trends and go with their instincts. And in this company of lycanthropic lotharios there were none better than Y&T.

The San Francisco based heavy metal act burst on the scene when they were known as Yesterday and Today and recorded two albums for the London label. They were snapped up by A&M and recorded a number of albums for the label including what is regarded as one of the finest metal albums of all time in, 'Earthshaker'. All of their output for the label is featured on this multipack that also has albums such as 'Black Tiger' and 'Down For The Count', available in Europe legally for the first time in a number of years.

In 1981 Y&T released the sensational 'Earthshaker' album and exploded on the scene with the sort of thoroughbred command that had more in common with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal than the smoother and more mainstream attitudes starting to invade and pervade in the States. When you listen the flood of riffs which are the hallmark of this album, it's just irresistible. From the opening shards of "Hungry For Rock" through the titanic "Rescue Me" and onwards to the stormy "Hurricane" and finally to the climactic, epic "I Believe In You", this was an album that had not one weakness. Each track combined a spontaneity with lively, well crafted ideas. And these were musicians who could live with anyone on the planet. Moreover, topping it all off were the soaraway vocals of Dave Meniketti. One of the great hard rock singers, his voice can both crack concrete, and yet also drips with honeyed nectar. It is capable of sounding innocent and vulnerable, yet quickly turn on its heels and become a roaring savage.

While 'Earthshaker' set a benchmark for 1980s American hard rock that few were able to emulate, 'Black Tiger', released the following year, was the proof that it was far from being a one-off. The songs on 'Black Tiger' were of the highest order. "Open Fire", "Hell Or High Water", "Forever", "Black Tiger" and "My Way Or The Highway" were straight out of the top drawer, and it was no surprise when the album became the first from Y&T to chart in the UK, as it reached number 53.

If 'Black Tiger' was the natural successor to 'Earthshaker', then 'Mean Streak' in 1983 proved to be equally invaluable. Produced by Chris Tsangarides, a lot of the songs on this album have become staples of the band's live set through the years. These include the title track, "Midnight In Tokyo", "Hang 'Em High" and "Down And Dirty". 'Mean Streak' made it to number 35 in the UK.

But this sniff of success was only the appetizer for what was about to happen. Now, Y&T took a massive leap forward in sales terms, as they elected to go for a more commercial style. The result in 1984 was their biggest album to date, 'In Rock We Trust'. Working with producer Tom Allom, they sold close to half-a-million copies in America, and reached number 33 in the UK. 'In Rock We Trust' features "Rock & Roll's Gonna Save The World", "Masters And Slaves", "Lipstick And Leather" and "(Your Love Is) Drivin' Me Crazy" -- real stompers kissed by the stamp of class.

Things got even more accessible in 1985, when 'Down For The Count' hit. Produced by Kevin Beamish, Y&T finally got a successful single in America, as "Summertime Girls" made it to number 55. Bright, breezy and breathtaking, it showed how Y&T were able to embrace the MTV generation, yet also come up with an anthem to appeal to their diehards. Using keyboards for the first time, they also had a battery of other top quality songs to back up "Summertime Girls". These featured such moments as "Looks Like Trouble", "Hands Of Time", "Don't Tell Me What To Wear", plus an exquisite cover of Loggins And Messina's "Your Mama Don't Dance".

While they were hauling themselves up to a new level of success during this period of time, the band were still a formidable presence live. They show this on the 1984 live album 'Open Fire', which more than lived up to its title, as it brought together a manic montage of their finest songs, all lifted by the added cachet of their stage presence. And they proved equally adept when captured live for the BBC's 'Friday Rock Show', which represents a cross section of the band's finest accomplishments.

By 1986, drummer Leonard Haze had gone and three years later Stef Burns took over on guitar from Joey Alves. By 1991, it was all over, and the band split up. Yes, they did return in 1995, and continue to this day in various guises (only Meniketti now remains from the halcyon days). But when you want to hear Y&T in their prime -- when you wish to get a taste of why they were once regarded as one of the world's greatest hard rock bands... well, the music on these four CDs is all you need. It represents the glory age for a glorious band.

Earthquake: The A&M Years 1981-1985 track listing:
1. Hungry For Rock
2. Dirty Girl
3. Shake It Loose
4. Squeeze
5. Rescue Me
6. Young And Tough
7. Hurricane
8. Let Me Go
9. Knock You Out
10. I Believe In You
11. From The Moon
12. Open Fire
13. Don't Wanna Lose
14. Hell Or High Water
15. Forever
16. Black Tiger
17. Barroom Boogie
18. My Way Or The Highway
19. Winds Of Change
20. Mean Streak
21. Straight Thru The Heart
22. Lonely Side Of Town
23. Midnight In Tokyo
24. Breaking Away
25. Hang 'Em High
26. Take You To The Limit
27. Sentimental Fool
28. Down And Dirty
29. Rock & Roll's Gonna Save The World
30. Life, Life, Life
31. Masters And Slaves
32. I'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know)
33. Break Out Tonight
34. Lipstick And Leather
35. Don't Stop Runnin'
36. (Your Love Is) Drivin Me Crazy
37. She's A Liar (album version)
38. This Time (album version)
39. Open Fire (live)
40. Go For The Throat (live)
41. 25 Hours A Day (live edit)
42. Rescue Me (live)
43. Summertime Girls (studio version)
44. Forever (live)
45. Barroom Boogie (live)
46. I Believe In You (live)
47. In The Name Of Rock
48. All American Boy
49. Anytime At All
50. Anything For Money
51. Face Like An Angel
52. Summertime Girls (studio version)
53. Looks Like Trouble (album version)
51. Your Mama Don't Dance
52. Don't Tell Me What To Wear
56. Hands Of Time
57. Hungry For Rock (live at the Reading Festival 1984)
58. Black Tiger (live at the Reading Festival 1984)
59. I Believe In You (live at the Reading Festival 1984)
60. Open Fire (live at the Reading Festival 1984)
61. Forever (live at the Reading Festival 1984)
62. Rescue Me (live at the Reading Festival 1984)
63. Mean Streak (live at Donington 1984)
64. Barroom Boogie (live at Donington 1984)
65. Lipstick And Leather (live at Donington 1984)
66. Rescue Me (live at Donington 1984)
67. Rock & Roll's Gonna Save The World (live at Donington 1984)
68. Masters And Slaves (live at Donington 1984)

Y&T The A&M Years album cover

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Y&T bring the Summertime (Girls) to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (video)

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Y&T bring the Summertime (Girls) to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (video)

Y&T rocked the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on Friday night (Aug. 2), playing two shows on a beautiful California day/night for appreciative crowds as part of the Boardwalk's 'FREE Friday Night Bands on the Beach.' My wife and I booked a hotel within walking distance and made our to the beach shortly before the 6:30pm show. The plan was to attend the 8:30pm show, so we prepped while walking the boardwalk. Y&T actually played two different sets, so at least we did hear and see parts of 'Mean Streak' and 'Summertime Girls,' which were missing from their second set ('Rescue Me' was the only track repeated in the second set). We positioned ourselves for the second show on an upper concourse, and you can watch the results below.

Guitarist John Nymann, bassist Brad Lang and drummer Mike Vanderhule were all in top form, joining Y&T leader Dave Meniketti, whose voice and lead guitar work showed he is still on top of his game. Another great set by Bay area rock legends Y&T! It was fantastic to see the ocean waves crashing in the background while rocking out on the Boardwalk!

Check out some Boardwalk and Y&T photos of the early set at www.facebook/marshallofrock/y&t Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk continues its Free Friday Night Bands on the Beach with War, followed by Foghat, Eddie Money and Papa Doo Run Run to wrap up the Summer series on August 30.

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Rock Picks of the Week: Buckcherry, Rival Sons, Slash, Geoff Tate, Danko Jones, Frank Hannon, Diemonds

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Rock Picks of the Week: Buckcherry, Rival Sons, Slash, Geoff Tate, Danko Jones, Frank Hannon, Diemonds

Kicking off Rock Picks of the week are the great American Rockers Buckcherry with their new track 'Gluttony' from their upcoming album 'Confessions,' which is due February 19th from Century Media Records. You say I drink too much, you say I smoke too much, you say I f**k too much, A Glutton Enemy has started! It's another great track from the always underated Buckcherry, who continue with another track sure to please all of us fans, and hopefully bring new fans into the fold. Each and every album from Buckcherry is full of quality hard rock and I'm sure the new album will be no exception.

Buckcherry just wrapped a string of concert dates in the U.K. and will headline North American shows in late December and January before joining Kid Rock on his upcoming 'Rebel Soul' Tour, kicking off February 2nd in Kansas City, MO. In addition, Buckcherry will also be co-headlining with Queensryche, the Fremont Street Experience's Downtown Countdown New Year's Eve 2013 celebration in Las Vegas on December 31st. The band's will be joined by Quiet Riot, Pop Evil and Otherwise in festivities that will last from 6pm to 3am. Here's to a kick ass 2013 for Buckcherry!!!

One of my favorite bands, Rival Sons have released the second single from their 'Head Down' album, which is available now on itunes and will be available in the U.S. on January 22nd. 'Until The Sun Comes', is the track that many figured would be a single from the album on initial listen. The video was directed by Simon Gesrel, protégé of Academy Award-winning director Michel Gondry (White Stripes, Bjork).

'Head Down' on Earache Records--which has gotten fantastic reviews including a four-out-of-five star review from The Guardian/U.K., a “Breakthrough Artist” award at this year’s Classic Rock Awards show in London and the current cover Classic Rock Magazine. Head Down reached #1 on the Rock chart in the U.K. Rival Sons look to 2013 to showcase the record here in the U.S. with North American tour dates.

The video is a freaky desert action clip, with crazy motorcycle sand dune racing, with the hills of the desert as a motif for the double entendres of the woman in the song. Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan says, "I really dig this video; it's a completely new direction for us. Filming videos can be very awkward for me, but this time I got to ride a dirt bike out in the desert where I'm most comfortable; it just felt so natural for the song. We're all pretty good on a bike so we just took turns doing tricks and trying to outdo each other. We ended up with some sweet footage. Nice."

Director Simon Gesrel adds, “The video took about six weeks to make: two weeks of prep and four weeks of animation, including three weeks of post-production. This clip has references from Time Rider to apocalyptic science-fiction, i.e. Mad Max, especially Italian B-movies etc. like Nuovi Barbari--sometimes just the posters for these films are great inspiration! Plus more well-known series such as Knight Rider and Street Hawk etc.

"The character and the bike were made from different toys customized and aged (about four inches). The base of the décor is made of polystyrene covered in real sand. The film set resembles a sand dune. We worked with three different sets, so there were effectively three different bikes and the characters. The set with the girl was shot in live action whereas the other scenes were in stop-motion, image by image. We worked with a naked model covered in glycerine, then covered in sand so the sand stuck. It was hard work despite the presence of a naked lady made of sand.

"I like playing with clichés ('I know you've heard it all before...'); it allows us to be direct with formats for a short clip - at the same time I look to remain accessible. The idea is a meeting of inspiration - a spur of the moment thing, that finishes with a sexual rapport, but I wanted it to remain a clip for everyone; people see what their age permits and it remains fun for everyone."

Rival Sons evoke a retro classic rock vibe, and have been compared to Led Zeppelin, even having been praised by Jimmy Page. Formed in 2008, the Long Beach, CA. quartet of Scott Holiday (guitar), Robin Everhart (bass), Mike Miley (drums), and Jay Buchanan (vocals) wrote, recorded, and mixed 'Head Down' in just 20 days, conjuring the same energy that made their last album a fan and critical favorite. Explains Buchanan: “In the code of the Samurai, any decision must be made between 3 and 5 breaths…Writing by that code forces us to act, go with our instincts and really, truly listen to each other. Creatively, you’re bringing your most immediate instincts.”

New Music Express have the exclusive premiere of the video. Watch it here:

The video clip for the Slash track 'Bad Rain' from 'Apocalypse Now' was released awhile ago, and I don't know if it will even be worked at radio, as Slash has mentioned he is already writing for his next album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Kennedy won't be able to cut vocals for it however until after completing the next Alter Bridge record and findiong time to fit it into his schedule, but a video with an animated Slash and Kennedy, strippers and a strip club monster takeover with tattoo conversion for a certain patron has to make Rock Picks of the week.

Geoff Tate, the Queensryche frontman with one of the most recognized voices in hard rock and heavy metal has released a lyric video for the song "Dark Money" from his second solo album, 'Kings & Thieves', which was released on November 6th from InsideOut Music.

The song conveys a message of how 'Dark Money' has seemingly infiltrated all aspects of our political system, the destruction it has caused, and how we need to open our eyes to it all.

After the messy split with Queensryche this past June and the legalities surrounding the use of the band name, and the resulting decision that both Tate and his ex-bandmates can use it, Tate is currently rehearsing with his own version of Queensryche with drummer Bobby Blotzer (Ratt), bassist Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult). Also part of the project is returning Queensryche guitarist Kelly Gray, who played with the band from 1998 until 2001 and also produced several of their albums, and keyboardist Randy Gane, who has toured and recorded with Queensryche and Geoff's solo band.

'Kings & Thieves' track listing:
1. She Slipped Away
2. Take A Bullet
3. In The Dirt
4. Say U Luv It
5. The Way I Roll
6. Tomorrow
7. Evil
8. Dark Money
9. These Glory Days
10. Change
11. Waiting

Canadian rockers Danko Jones are up next with their latest track, 'Just A Beautiful Day', which comes from the band's new album, 'Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue.' It's the sixth full-length record from the band, was produced in full by their longtime partner Matt DeMatteo and mixed by Mike Fraser, known for his work with AC/DC, Aerosmith and so many others.

It's the first album recorded with drummer Atom Willard, who is the sixth in Danko Jones' history. Willard was behind the kit for Rocket From The Crypt, he's also played with The Offspring, Social Distortion and Angels & Airwaves. He is the first drummer in the band to stand on equal creative footing with Danko and his longtime bassist John "JC" Calabrese.

It's another great offering from a band that has yet to get the recognition they deserve in the U.S.

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon has released a new video, for the Six String Soldiers album track, 'Set Me Free', featuring a live performance recorded in Albuquerque, NM on September 22, 2012. Frank Hannon, Mike Araiza and Jeff Sandoval have created what is quickly being regarded as one of the most impressive unabashed tributes to the importance of the guitar in rock n' roll music in generations. Six-String Soldiers is a full-length disc of 12 solidly written songs backed by the musicianship of legendary guitarists Dickey Betts, 3-time Grammy Award winner Rick Derringer, Pat Travers and Y&T founder Dave Meniketti.

It all started in Albuquerque, New Mexico when Frank Hannon judged a “Guitar Contest” put on by 94 ROCK and discovered the talents of guitarist Mike Araiza. The winner’s prize was jamming onstage with Tesla and little did Mike know that 5 years later he would be collaborating on what would become one of musics most guitar-driven albums in a generation. Mike Araiza and vocalist Jeff Sandoval came to Frank Hannon with some small seeds of song ideas to record in his RedHawk Records studio and the three of them teamed up to write 12 songs of great Rock-N-Roll music! They set out to recruit some of histories top legendary guitarists to join them and create the sound of the Six-String Soldiers.

Frank Hannon - Guitar & Vocals
Jeffery Sandoval - Vocals
Mike Araiza - Guitar
Cortney DeAugustine - Drums
Aaron Leigh - Bass

Six-String Soldiers tracklisting:

I’m Alive (f/Pat Travers)
Set Me Free
Six String Soldiers
Lipstick, Smoke And Gasoline (f/Dave Meniketti)
Cross Your Mind
Touch The Ground (f/Dickey Betts)
I’m Just Sayin'
Love, Life And Beauty
To The Light (f/Rick Derringer)
Six-String Soldiers is available now digitally via iTunes, or on CD via

Toronto based rockers Diemonds are up next with their latest 'Get the Fuck Outta Here' from the new album 'The Bad Pack'. Fronted by the beautiful and sexy vocalist Priya Panda, the band combines quality musicianship with a agressive party vibe. Check out their video for the track with one pissed off janitor who escaped an insane asylum after being victim of a prank gone wrong that disfigured him. He vows revenge and gets it, for the most part. It's comedic and shocking, the way Diemonds want it to be!

Diemonds has played shows with the likes of Slash, Steel Panther, L.A. Guns, Sebastian Bach, Megadeth, Faster Pussycat and so many more. They continue to get their brand of rock out to the masses by constant touring and outreach to fans.

Diemonds are:
Priya Panda - Sweet Squealin' & High Heelin'
C.C. Diemond - Guitar Rippin' & Whiskey Sippin'
Daniel Dekay - Flyin' Vees & Smokin' Trees
Tommy Cee - Rockin' Bass & Givin' Chase
Aiden Tranquada - Drummin' Thunder & Evil Plunder

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KISS remembers Dick Clark, check out the Rock on American Bandstand (video)

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KISS remembers Dick Clark, check out the Rock on American Bandstand (video)

The site was down on April 18th when it was announced that Dick Clark had passed away, and although I did a post on the Marshall of Rock Facebook page, I wanted to do a full video tribute to Dick on the site. Today Paul Stanley posted this today about attending Dick Clark's Memorial:

"Yesterday, the private memorial for Dick Clark took place, and I was there by invitation along with Erin, Gene and Shannon. Dick was a true icon who changed the world of rock and roll while making a career of using his love of music to make icons of others. To see rock's greats spanning 5 decades humbled and giving thanks to this giant only underlined once again... the impact this wonderful man had on so many. Any of the current Idol/Voice type shows wouldn't exist without the trail that Dick Clark blazed to make them possible. He left an indelible mark on me for the irreplaceable generosity he showed KISS over the years. Always there with a word of guidance, we won't forget him. He will live on through his impact on countless aspects of American pop culture." Paul Stanley

The legend of the  incredible music and television icon Dick Clark will always live on. I grew up watching American Bandstand, and even though I'm a rock guy, I appreciate all music in general and thoroughly enjoyed what he brought into my world. Thank you Dick. Here's some of the best rock moments from AB. He even had Y&T and Dokken on AB.

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