Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton recently underwent radical laser surgery for cancer of the throat and tongue. He was first diagnosed in ’06 and underwent chemotherapy and radiation, and when it returned, Tom opted for laser treatment when it had spread to his voice box. His surgery last week has been called a success (with no damage to his airway or voice); Tom is at work on a new album with his Aerosmith bandmates and will tour with the band when they hit the road this fall.

In the latest Q&A video posting by Tom, he introduces us to his unusual looking dog:


Andrew Charles is a new rock ‘n’ roll inspired fashion collection for men and women, which will launch in September 2011 exclusively at Impulse departments of Macy’s and

Legendary rock star and style icon Steven Tyler will infuse his style into the brand and serve as the inspiration for all Andrew Charles menswear. Tyler, who is never seen on-stage without a series of scarves tied to his microphone stand, will also be developing a Steven Tyler Rock Scarf Collection for Andrew Charles. The scarves will launch this holiday season.

Additionally, Tyler, and his daughter Chelsea, will be the faces of the brand, appearing in an advertising campaign and making personal appearances at select Macy’s locations nationwide.

“I’ve always loved mixing music and fashion,” says Andy Hilfiger, the brand’s creative director and president of marketing. “Steven is a huge inspiration for us and immediately came to mind when we created the Andrew Charles DNA.”

“Steven Tyler is an unparalleled rock ‘n’ roll style icon, and the perfect match for Andrew Charles, a fashion line built on the fusion of fashion and music,” says Tommy Hilfiger, “His involvement in the line infuses Andrew Charles with the unmatched authenticity and unrivaled creative energy that only Steven Tyler can bring.

Photos: Melissa Mahoney