Alter Bridge has uploaded a new webisode..”Golf With Flip”..this one featuring drummer Scott Phillips trying to get in 9 holes of golf. The band had a day off as Indianapolis was flooded, and Scott tries to not get to frustrated on the course.

Here’s another recent webisode showing the lighter side of the band:

On October 25th, Alter Bridge will release a special CD/DVD edition of their most recent album III, entitled III.5. The special edition will include three additional songs – ‘Zero’, ‘Home’, and ‘Never Born To Follow’ – making a total of 17 tracks on the album, as well as an extraordinary hour-long DVD documentary called One By One.

One By One is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker and Live From Amsterdam director Daniel E. Catullo III, intended to be an intimate behind-the-scenes look into the rise of Alter Bridge. Featuring brand new interviews and concert footage shot all over the world, plus special interviews with Slash, Alter Bridge’s management team, and dozens of fans from every corner of the globe, viewers will learn about the sacrifices made by the band to get where they are today and why they continue to do what they do so passionately.

AB III.5″ CD/DVD special edition track listing:
1. Slip To The Void
2. Isolation
3. Ghost Of Days Gone By
4. All Hope Is Gone
5. Still Remains
6. Make It Right
7. Wonderful Life
8. I Know It Hurts
9. Show Me A Sign
10. Fallout
11. Breathe Again
12. Couer d’Alene
13. Life Must Go On
14. Words Darker Than Their Wings
15. Zero (extra track)
16. Home (extra track)
17. Never Born To Follow (extra track)

Bonus DVD:
“One By One” – a full-length documentary on the story of Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips has confirmed that the band will take 2012 off so that the instrumental members of Alter Bridge: Phillips, bassist Brian Marshall and guitarist Mark Tremonti can return to Creed. Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy will get back to work with guitar legend Slash on his second solo album, on which Kennedy will do all the vocals.