An epic Alter Bridge Box Set that includes 27 discs of DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray & Vinyl Limited edition material is now available for pre-order. Only be 3,000 made in the entire world, with each country having a limited quantity available. Pre-order prior to November 1st, you can have your book personalized with your name engraved inside of it in silver.

Made for the diehard AB fan, the set includes every CD and DVD the band has ever released, plus new discs of unreleased footage during the band’s career and footage currently being shot on the Fortress Tour.

Alter Bridge box set 2013-2

Included in this limited edition collection are 180 gram LP’s of “Live From Amsterdam” and “Live From Wembley”. These are limited pressings and will be true collectables.

Alter Bridge box set 2013-3

1) Live From Amsterdam Concert
2) Live From Amsterdam Concert Blu Ray
3) Live From Amsterdam Documentary
4) Live From Wembley Concert
5) Live From Wembley Documentary- “The Road To Wembley”
6) Live From Wembley Concert Blu Ray
7) Webisodes DVD (every one 2009-2013)
8) Interviews DVD 1 (Interviews shot by DC3 in their entirety- unedited)
9) Interviews DVD 2 (Interviews shot by DC3 in their entirety- unedited)
10) Download Festival 2005 & 2011 DVD
11) Pinkpop Festival 2011 DVD
12) One By One Docoumentary (from AB 3.5) DVD
13) Europe Tour 2013 Doc & show footage DVD
14) Fortress Webisodes- 2013 DVD
15) Wembley in 3D Blu Ray
16) Music Videos 2004-2014

1) Live From Wembley
2) One Day Remains
3) Live From Amsterdam
4) Blackbird
5) AB 3
6) AB 3.5
7) Fortress

1) Amsterdam 1
2) Amsterdam 2
3) Wembley 1
4) Wembley 2

Alter Bridge box set 2013