An audio teaser for “Chickenfoot III,” the forthcoming second album from Chickenfoot is available here:

eOne Music recently signed a new, exclusive deal with the band for North America. They are scheduled to release “Chickenfoot III” sometime in late September. Alan Grunblatt, President of eOne Music, said, “Chickenfoot is one of the top-selling hard rock groups in the country. Everyone at eOne is thrilled to be working with them.” Sammy Hagar adds, “I am very happy to join forces with eOne. The Foot has landed!” Sammy also says the “Chickenfoot III” album cover and first video will both be in 3D.

Discussing why the chemistry between the Chickenfoot bandmembers works so well, Hagar said in a recent interview, “Chemistry is the most magic thing you can have in a band. You can have four of the greatest musicians in the world, and if they don’t have chemistry, the music ain’t gonna be great. And you’ve seen it in a lot of other bands out there, in supergroups that have tried to be together over the years. It doesn’t always work. Chickenfoot works. I don’t know why. I think we’re all grown up. Nobody cares, no one needs the money, no one’s trying to get famous, we’re not looking for fame and fortune. We just wanna play the kind of music that we love and we grew up on and continue that type of music and most people aren’t doing that.”

Bassist Michael Anthony recently said that the album was a “lot heavier” than the band’s self-titled 2009 debut, adding, “I think we’ve really evolved as a band . . . we were a lot more comfortable jamming with each other, and I think we dug a lot deeper. There’s a lot more meat to these new songs.” “We took a giant step on this record,” Hagar told the Artisan News. “It still sounds like Chickenfoot, ’cause it’s the same guys, but I think the experience that we had together on tour and the success of the last record really opened us up to who and what we are.”

Chad Smith won’t be touring with Chickenfoot due to his commitments with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is no word at this time on a possible replacement drummer on the tour.

Artisan News recently talked to Sammy Hagar and got his thoughts on why he feels it’s inevitable that he will work with Van Halen again sometime in the future, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with Chickenfoot, which is his No. 1 priority right now.