Axl Rose injured his leg in Moscow, severly bruising it after falling off a table he was dancing on to celebrate the opening of his band’s European tour.

“Can you say HemaToma?!,” the singer asked while posting a photo of the massive bruise on his Twitter account.

The official statement from Russia said:
Guns was on afterparty in Premier Lounge club after second gig in Moscow, Axl danced on the table and fall down from it. He hit his hip. When band were about to fly to Dublin it was found that Axl can move only with pain, so he stayed in Moscow with doctor.

Head of press service from Stadium Live (they are organisators of Moscow gigs) said: “Indeed, Axl Rose is still in Moscow, due to small health problems. A good doctor watching for him, so we are confident that he will soon be able to continue his tour.”

He has since not missed a gig, and possibly even showed off his bruise to a few Scottish models at the band’s Glasgow gig this past Friday. The reported that GnR contacted a model agency to demand 20 of their prettiest girls for their gig at Glasgow’s SECC on Friday.

The band’s promoter invited 20 models, from All Talent – The Sonia Scott Agency, to join them backstage after the concert. A source said: “The band’s promoter contacted Sonia and asked if she could provide the band with models for the gig. He asked Sonia for 20 of her prettiest models to stand in the front row and wow the band while they’re performing. The girls have then been invited to join Axl and the boys backstage for drinks and they’ve even asked Sonia if she can arrange a party for the band.”

The source revealed the band have a soft spot for Scottish girls. They added: “Axl and the rest of the band love girls from Scotland and they want to party in Glasgow. No other band has ever requested models from the agency to party with a rock band before, so this a first. But then again, it is Axl Rose.”

Layla Ferguson, 19, of Bellshill, Kyleen McKerlich, 23, from Kyle of Locklash, and Annie Voigt, 22, of Arbroath, are among the girls chosen to party with the band.

Layla said: “I’m really excited about meeting the band. I don’t know much about them really – my mum and dad are more into them – but I’ll listen to their songs before Friday.”

Annie added: “I’m a secret rock chick so I’m going to rock out. I’m the envy of all my friends. I can’t believe I’m going to meet the band.”

Tell us how the bruise is healing Annie, O.K.?