An Iron Maiden goalie mask that will be used for the upcoming 2012-2013 NHL season (if there’s not a lockout) by Nashville Predators back-up Chris Mason was unveiled last month. Now we have more rock inspired goalie mask art, as Black Sabbath and Audioslave masks have surfaced.

InGoal Magazine reports Massachusetts recreational hockey goaltender Liz Conner has had a Sabbath-themed mask created by Headstrong Grafx. Conner, a big Sabbath fan said, “Some women spend their money on purses and shoes. I spend mine on cool custom painted goalie masks.” Check out more photos here


The Audioslave theme goalie mask is from the huge fan of the band and University of North Dakota goaltender Clarke Saunders. Check out more on the mask here

Here’s the back story on the Iron Maiden goalie mask that was first in the news last month: