Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder have collaborated once again. The two recorded one of the two original songs for McCartney’s new pop standards album ‘Kisses On the Bottom’ called ‘Only Our Hearts’ at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. ‘Kisses On the Bottom’ will be released on Feb. 7.

“Stevie came along to the studio in L.A. and he listened to the track for about ten minutes and he totally got it,” says Paul. “He just went to the mic and within 20 minutes had nailed this dynamite solo. When you listen you just think, ‘How do you come up with that?’ But it’s just because he is a genius, that’s why.”

The two previously teamed up for ‘Ebony and Ivory,’ which was on McCartney’s 1982 solo album ‘Tug of War.’ It was a No. 1 hit in the U.S. and the U.K., spending seven weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. ’Tug of War’ debuted at No. 1 and would go on to receive an Album of the Year Grammy nomination in 1983.

You can get a free download of ‘Only Our Hearts’ with Stevie Wonder on harmonica at the Tiffany & Co. website. There is also a video of the making of ‘Kisses On the Bottom’ filmed at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, conducted by the great rock journalist Robert Hilburn. Check them both out here.

In the video below Flaming Lips (joined by jazz/rock guitarist Nels Cline) perform a 17 minute version of the Beatles classic ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy),’ from the band’s annual ‘New Year’s Eve Freakout’ concert in their hometown of Oklahoma City. The show also featured Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band. During the evening, the band also performed a version of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever,’ as well as ‘Happy Christmas’ and ‘Give Peace A Chance,’ where they were joined by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon.

Last year, Flaming Lips were joined in the studio with Yoko Ono for a limited edition 12″ single, and also found time to deliver a wild rendition on video of yet another Beatles classic, a reworking of ‘I Am The Walrus.’

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levittit, the kid from ‘Third Rock From The Sun,’ and now built up quite the list of motion picture credits including ‘(500) Days of Summer’, ‘Inception,’ ‘Hesher,’ ’50/50,’ and more. He will has roles in the upcoming Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ and is currently filming ‘Lincoln,’ the biopic on Abraham Lincoln. Levittit is currently at the Sundance Film Festival, and he decided to perform a short set of songs that included the Beatles ‘Hey Jude.’ See what you think: