Billy Idol was seen as he exited a Beverly Hills medical center hobbling on crutches with his right foot in a cast. Shortly later he tweeted that he went under the knife last week to “correct malformation of foot due to hitting a truck tire in road a year ago.”

“Hit foot on shredded truck tire causing a hairline fracture a year a 1/2 ago and it was calcifying causing malform pain,”
Idol clarified his cause of injury and also chronicled his use of pain meds saying, “Motorcycling at around 60 mph when i hit the tire in the road. meanwhile tonight I’m crushing one of these percocet pills and shooting it!”

He then added, “Nodded out woke up in a pile of my own vomit! This is like the old days!” This doesn’t exactly sound promising for an addict, but it seems like Billy’s getting by: “The pain in my foot has now resided so no more pain pills boo hoo but bollocks I’ve been there & (over) did that!” Be careful on that bike Billy!