Blink-182 have canceled their upcoming tour dates due to a medical emergency with Drummer Travis Barker. He had to undergo a tonsillectomy, which is not life threatening as was the plane crash he was in back in 2008, but still damn painful. Barker posted on his twitter account: “My throat still feels like I’m swallowing broken f—— glass. Looking forward 2 this being over with. #Day6.”

In response to a fan asking why a gig was canceled, Barker later tweeted: “My throat is still bleeding from getting my tonsils yanked.” Barker also shared that he is enjoying green tea ice cream three times a day to help cool and heal his aching throat.

All of the Blink 182 tour dates in May are canceled, including a stop at the Bamboozle fest in New Jersey on May 19th.