Bob Seger has put a self-imposed deadline of September 24th for his new album’s arrival in stores.

Seger attended last weekend’s Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles and was quoted as saying, “I came here to get stoked up, see a bunch of great talent, and I’m gonna fire up the writing pad tomorrow night.” Seger brought his wife, daughter and son to the event to the Grammys as well, especially for one artist.”I told my manager Monday, ‘I gotta see Adele sing.’ The whole family loves her,'” he says. “It’s really the main reason I started my way here.”

Seger has been writing his first new studio album since 2006′s ‘Face the Promise.’ He began a three-month block of songwriting on Jan. 1, and prior to that, he already had a few finished tunes in the can, including one called ‘Ride Out.’