Bon Scott’s “Round And Round” from Starline Media Entertainment will be released tomorrow (February 22), featuring rare recordings made prior to the singer joining Australian hard rock legends AC/DC. The album is based around the three-track “Round And Round” single that Scott recorded with Peter Cross of the Mount Lofty Rangers in 1973. Producer Ted Yanni has devoted two years to bringing Scott back to life, assisted by many like-minded friends, musicians and technicians. “Round And Round” also features material from Scott’s pre-AC/DC band Fraternity.

“Round And Round” track listing:

01. Carey Gully
02. Round And Round
03. To Know You Is To Love You
04. She Said
05. Every Day You Have To Cry
06. I Can’t Dance With You
07. Peculiar Hole In The Sky
08. Love Makes Sweet Music
09. Can Hear The Raindrops
10. Why Me
11. Sooky Sooky

Here’s some audio samples: