Boston is back as Tom Scholtz announced U.S. tour dates

Boston is back as Tom Scholtz announced U.S. tour dates

Feb 17, 2012

Boston has announced a return to touring! A summer tour is in the works, and just in time before the end of the Mayan calander. Boston frontman and leader Tom Scholz released this statement.

Scholtz said: “Just 10 months till the end … at least till the end of the Mayan calendar, anyway, I wonder, did they mean to prophesize the end of the world, or was the December 21st planetary alignment just a convenient place to stop chiseling stone tablets on a really long calendar project? Some people think it is the same thing, so why take a chance? If I was making a bucket list, it would definitely include going out one more time to play some Boston shows — before time runs out!”

“I don’t really think the world is going to end this year, but on the off chance the Mayans were on to something, let me take a moment to thank all of you for helping make the Boston experience an awesome ride. One of the best things about Boston to me is its fans; they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and collectively the best crowds anyone could wish to play for.”

The 2012 lineup for Boston includes longtime rhythm and lead guitarist Gary Pihl, bass player Kimberly Dahme and drummer Jeff Neal, who have both been in the band for about a decade. Singer/keyboard player/percussionist Tommy DeCarlo, who took over for Stryper’s Michael Sweet on lead vocals after Sweet ended his three-year stint with Boston last year with bring the vocals.

Boston 2012 Tour Dates:

Jun. 28 — Hollywood, Fla.
Jun. 29 – Clearwater, Fla.
Jun. 30 — Valdosta, Ga.
Jul. 1 — St. Augustine, Fla.
Jul. 3 — Orlando, Fla.
Jul. 26 — Rama, ON
Jul. 27 — Belleville, ON
Aug. 1 - Columbus, OH
Aug. 7 - Sturgis, SD

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