Bret Michaels talked to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette recently had quite a bit to say about the upcoming Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls tour.

When asked how the tour came about, Michaels said, “Very simple. I was going out solo this year. I have a brand new tour and CD, Bret Michaels ‘Get Your Rock On’. I was going out solo and we’re going to do a couple dates with Poison for our 25th anniversary. Well, I mentioned at a couple venues that I thought it would be great if Motley and Poison toured together for our 25th and 30th anniversaries. And I took a lot of flack [laughs] from certain members of Motley Crue, who vowed they were never going to do it. Well, here we are doing it. I look at everything I do as a music fan. I think Motley and Poison touring together is going to be an amazing summer tour. The bottom line is, all that matter is that we have a good time and the fans get completely rocked.”

Regarding what the relationship has been like between Motley Crue and Poison over the years, Michaels said, “Here’s the funniest thing. Vince has toured with Poison many times solo. We get along great. As far as Motley and Poison, there hasn’t been much of a connection. This is the first time we’ve ever done a tour together. I know over the years that Motley has a certain way they want to brand themselves or want themselves to be seen. With Poison, we just want to go out to play for fans and the people who show up. If there’s going to be a friendly competition as far as wanting to go out and put on a great show, absolutely. As far as saying anything bad about them, I just don’t. As far as getting along, I’m not around them enough to know or really care how they feel. Even if they like Poison or don’t like me, I’m playing to fans who show up. It doesn’t have to be a lovefest between our two bands. I don’t want the fans to be separated. Motley fans are Poison fans are rock fans. Music is a universal language. Look, I’ve toured with Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice In Chains, you name it, KISS, and we’ve always had great time. I think the bottom line, Motley probably made a couple bold statements in the press that were probably unnecessary, and I think the bottom line is, it all came around to us going and out and playing to a lot of fans, and I think it will be the tour of the summer. I know I’m going out there to have a good time after all I’ve been through.”