Poison’s Bret Michaels submitted footage to The Weather Channel that made their “Weather Warrior” segment last week. Bret shot footage of the extreme weather he encountered on tour through middle America. The first part of the clip was taken from his tour bus. He said, “This is Bret Michaels. I am on tour and heading into one of the most insane storms I’ve ever seen. You’ve got to see this lightning, check it out. Woah. The wind’s gotta be blowing at least 40 mph. All kinds of insane lightning strikes. This is awesome. Scary, but cool.”

The clip then shows Michaels boarding a private plan for the next part of his trip. The footage taken from the skies showed miles of fields and towns flooded by a massive storm. Michaels said, “We came through that storm in Omaha. The only thing you’re seeing is rooftops of some of these buildings. Bridges gone. A lot of good people here, including my sisters, they’ve been hit hard by the flooding. So let’s hope for the best.”