Queen’s Brian May Talked to film composer David Arnold about music and movies in The UK’s Independent. May shares a story about recording the music for the ‘Flash Gordon’ film, scoring the ‘Highlander’ movies, and his work with a broad range of artists.

Brian’s worked with some obvious (Eddie Van Halen) and less obvious (the boy band 5ive) artists in his time. He still does and has been asked to join bands in the past (Sparks tried to recruit him, saying Queen were going nowhere and they were going to conquer the world).

I wonder if Queen hadn’t existed who he would like to have been guitarist with. “I’d have probably liked to be in AC/DC. But I’m the wrong sort of size and shape unfortunately. Because it’s different from Queen. Queen were very eclectic – that’s the word isn’t it? – and we just trampled over every boundary that there was but AC/DC are in a sense the opposite – they know their style and it’s incredibly pure and I have a great respect for that. And every single note they play is AC/DC completely. Maybe that would be it.

“If I feel excited by it I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. And in fact I kind of enjoy that feeling of discomfort. I recently played on a Dappy record and I told a few people and they go, ‘What the hell are you doing that for!? That’s not music! How could you possibly consider it?’ And again, I said, ‘No, listen again, you’ll find the guy’s actually a great lyrical power and he’s a great singer and the record is brilliantly produced, so what exactly is your problem?’ And everybody came back when they heard it and said, ‘Bloody hell, that is great and it’s a great combination.’ And it’s a daring idea for both of us and I love it – I love breaking the boundaries.” Read the entire article here: www.independent.co.uk