Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney have now both had an opportunity to poke fun at last weekend’s plug-pulling incident at London’s Hard Rock Calling festival. If you don’t know the story, officials cut short their performance a few days earlier when he and McCartney kept playing past the curfew time of 10:30 p.m. at the concert held in Hyde Park. First it was Springsteen’s turn, at very next gig in Dublin last Tuesday, then McCartney got his turn at an Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal.

At the opening of the gig with the E Street Band in Dublin at RDS Arena, a giant prop electrical power switch was positioned on stage. Springsteen kicked off the show announcing, “Before we were so rudely interrupted…,” then flipping the switch to “ON” and played the final minute of “Twist and Shout,” the song that had been cut short three nights earlier. From there he and the band rocked their version of the Bobby Fuller Four’s ‘I Fought the Law.’

In the encore, Springsteen re-launched into ‘Twist & Shout,’ prompting a man dressed as an English policeman came out to stop them, only to be rebuffed by Springsteen. During the last song, ‘American Land,’ the policeman pulled the plug from the fake generator, only to have it be put back in by Little Steven. At one point Springsteen held up a sign that said, “Only the Boss says when to pull the plug.” But Springsteen and the band ended the performance before the 11 p.m. curfew. He had been fined about $61,000 after a 2009 performance in the city ran into overtime.

Paul McCartney had to wait a few more days for his jab at the curfew-breaking guest appearance with Springsteen. In a new video just posted, McCartney talks up he and his band’s upcoming Olympic opening ceremony performance, with the stage in the process of being set up when drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. starts playing around. Then the full group kicks into ‘I Saw Her Standing There,’ but the are cut off mid-song, causing the band members to shrug their shoulders at one another with McCartney returning to the mic asking, “Who pulled the plug?”

McCartney will close opening night of the Olympic Ceremonies July 27th.