Bruce Springsteen invited British folksters Mumford & Sons on stage at Monday’s (May 28) Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands to sing ‘Hungry Heart’ during his encore, and by the looks of the video, the Boss really enjoyed himself during the performance.

Someone appears from off-stage to toss various percussion instruments to the members of Mumford & Sons about a minute into the video. They hop around and clap their hands during the solos, bow down to saxophone player Jake Clemons, the nephew of the late Clarence Clemons, and generally a great time is had by all.

The Wrecking Ball Tour rolls through Europe in July, and will return to the U.S. this August.
Here’s the video with Mumford & Sons, along with some ‘Spirits In the Night, ‘I’m On Fire’ and more from Pinkpop.




Eric Church continues to rise up the country music charts with his latest single ‘Springsteen,’ which is now in the top 5. While the Boss is his inspiration, the song is more about the memory of a girl, and a wonderful summer they spent together.

“Even though you’re a million miles away/When you hear Born in the USA/You relive those glory days/So long ago,” the singer asks before the memorable chorus. ‘I’m on Fire’ and ‘Born to Run’ are two other songs he mentions early in the song.

“When I think about you, I think about 17/I think about my old Jeep/I think about the stars in the sky/Funny how a melody sounds like a memory/Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night/Springsteen.”

Church may be one of the hottest country artists around, but he is a huge rock fan and his live shows show that. This summer he’ll play Metallica’s Orion Music and More Festival.