Legendary musician Carlos Santana got married this past December 19th, with his love, drummer Cindy Blackman, in a ceremony performed at the Ritz-Carlton on Maui. And even though it rained that day, the happy couple made the best out of it. According to PEOPLE magazine, the 63-year-old Santana stated: “The weather was kind of iffy, so we said, ‘Let’s just do it inside’. “Because no matter where we did it, the sun was shining.” Adds Blackman: “My favorite part of the ceremony was when we washed our hands in a bowl of rainwater,” says Blackman, noting that this gesture was suggested by Salvador, Santana’s son from his first marriage. Do you wish to congratulate them?

The ceremony was attended by approximately 180 guests, including friend George Lopez and musicians Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, who performed at the reception. The famous guitar player says of his 51-year-old wife: “Cindy is just like me, a perfect match … from fire of passion to vulnerability. Everything tastes better when you share it with your soul mate.” Cindy is a renowned drummer who has worked with the likes of Lenny Kravitz. She wore a silk custom-made dress from Zoro boutique in Zurich. She told PEOPLE they release doves to “release our purity and love into the cosmos”.

Santana proposed last July. The now married couple spent their holidays and honeymoon over there in Hawaii. But starting today, Santana gets back to work, since he’s starting his series of concerts at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

courtesy: aol.com