Baltimore’s own Charm City Devils will release their third album ‘Battles’ on Sept. 23 via The End Records. The band worked once again with Grammy winning producer Skidd Mills (12 Stones, Saving Abel), who also produced the band’s 2012 release ‘Sins.’

Vocalist John Allen says about the album title ‘Battles:’ “There are many battles you face in life. The battle to survive, to get out of your own way, to do the right thing, of good against evil.”

Allen correlates the stage as being his battlefield. “I love it when someone comes up to us after a show and says, ‘I thought you were going to suck, but you guys are awesome!’ It’s like, ‘Go ahead. Underestimate me. Discount me. Count me out!’”

He continues, “I love to prove people wrong and turn them around and win them over, and that’s what we do, night after night. Plus, meeting the fans, and introducing that human element, makes it all worth it!”

Check out the video for the first single ‘Shots’ below. “‘Shots’ is literally a shot over the bow saying THiS iS ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!” vocalist John Allen adds. “Although it sounds like an anthem to get wasted to, it’s really a pissed-off letter to a close friend who is in denial about his addiction problems.”

“Outwardly, the song seems like a party anthem, but to me it’s more. Sure this song and video are about as Rock and F—ing Roll as you can get! But, to me it’s the band! There’s no outside songwriters, no overblown production, we are wearing our influences on our sleeves. The video is a documentary of the touring life of the band and lyrically it’s a plea to a close friend to please get help for his addictions before it’s too late. This is one of the songs that every night I know I have physically, mentally and emotionally left it all out on the table!”

Get the new single now at itunes.  To pre-order the album or bundle that features the CD, T-shirt and shot glass go to the Charm City Devils webstore and check out for all of their upcoming tour dates.

‘Battles’ Track Listing:
1. Tear It Apart
2. Crucify
3. Shots
4. Everyday
5. Want
6. God’s Gonna Cut You Down
7. Lying To Yourself
8. Rich N Famous
9. Destiny
10. Karma
11. Let It Go

Charm City Devils Battles album cover

Charm City Devils 2014