Steven Adler (Adler’s Appetite/ex-Guns N’ Roses) tweeted comments on bassist Chip Z’Nuff’s (Enuff Z’Nuff) split with Adler’s Appetite:

Adler states: “I luv Chip Z’Nuff like a brother and wish him the best in all his future endeavors.” He adds, “Chip’s departure was my decision due to the fact that I am working on an original band with (Adler’s Appetite guitarist) Michael Thomas and Lonnie Johnson.”

Adler also posted: “I have a record deal and we were just in the studio this past Sunday recording our first single that will drop in the next 2 months. Our first single has one of the hottest new singers in the game right now on vocals. Hint – his bands initials are just like mine. AA. Adler’s Appetite will continue to perform together on select dates, but my new project will have a new name TBA in the next month.”

Chip Z’Nuff previously posted the following message: “To quote the late great George Harrison, “All things must pass”. So I move on with my life, as I’m no longer with Steven Adler’s Adler’s Appetite. Keep your ears open for new music coming soon! Peace and Love, Chip!” Hey Chip…Time to get the band back together…meaning Enuff Z’Nuff!