Nikki Sixx posted this on his facebook page yesterday….Marshall of Rock loves ya Chloe! Watch this video!

Nikki said this about Chloe and her video post:
Chloe ,You made the most beautiful video for “Skin” ..Thank you..You improved the quality of ( Just ) my life with this video…I wanna meet you…You are a role model….Your strength will give others hope…..THANK YOU

Chloe said this:
Hey everyone I’m Chloe… This is my story. The song is Skin by Sixx:A.M. Thanks for all the support everyone! I especially want to thank Nikki Sixx, James Michael, and Dj Ashba for sharing it, and all the fans that shared it after that and etc!!! Thanks for all the love I now believe I am the HAPPIEST girl ever! XoXo, you all rock! 🙂