Def Leppard has re-recorded versions of two of its classic songs, “Rock of Ages” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” to celebrate what the band is calling “the summer of ‘Rock of Ages.'” The tracks will be available as digital downloads beginning June 4th at iTunes, and other online music sellers.

The re-recorded tracks will be released 11 days before the premiere of the ‘Rock of Ages’ film film, which features a soundtrack with renditions of classic 1980’s rock hits. Def Leppard hits the road with Poison and Lita Ford on the Rock of Ages 2012 tour, kicking off June 20th in Salt Lake City, Utah.














In an interview with Playboy Magazine the star of ‘Rock of Ages,’ Tom Cruise reveals what it was like for him to perform the song with the cameras rolling…and Def Leppard in the crowd.

“I was down in Miami, recording different songs, and [director] Adam [Shankman] called and said, ‘Def Leppard’s coming by the set.’ I said, ‘Man, that’s cool.’ Then I paused. ‘Wait, I’m rehearsing their song tomorrow.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah!’ [laughs] So we started right in the deep end, and that was the first scene I shot in the movie…They went to the back of the Bourbon Room, and I looked at my band and was like, ‘Hit it.’ All the crew was watching them watching me.”

Although Def Leppard attended the set hoping to poke fun at Cruise, they were pleasantly surprised by what they saw and heard.

“[T]he lead singer, Joe Elliott, points at me and goes, ‘F— you! F— you!’ Cruise continued. “Then I saw big smiles on their faces, and I realized I’d gotten their stamp. It was a very cool moment. It was important they knew I was honoring their music and not making fun of them.” Read the entire interview here: Cruise also is featured in the June issue of W Magazine.

The beautiful Julianne Hough talked with yahoo! movies about her role in ‘Rock of Ages’ and revealed that a lap dance scene with her in bra and panties had been cut from the movie. We can only hope it shows up as a extra on the DVD release.

‘Rock of Ages’ is about a small town girl and city slicker guy trying to make it big in 1980s era Hollywood — and the wild, sex and rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere they become part of along the way. With scenes in strip clubs with pole dancing and Tom Cruise’s glam metal rock star character, Stacee Jaxx, having his way with groupies, you wouldn’t think anything was off-limits in the film but Julianne Hough, who plays Sherrie Christian, says one of the scenes she filmed with Cruise was so racy it ended up on the cutting room floor.

The actress says that when her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest visited the set, he got an eyeful. “He did come on set a couple of times and he was like, ‘Wow, this is a little sexy!'” the 23-year-old actress tells Interview. “There was one scene we did that ended up not making it into the film, but it was a really great dance-and-vocal number — ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane.’ It was in the strip club, and I gave Tom a lap dance in the scene. The movie flowed better without it, so I understand why it got edited out, but at the same time, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. I got to do that, and it’s not even in the movie?'”

Having been raised conservatively in Utah, Hough talked about what her father will think about her role — a kind-hearted aspiring singer who takes a job as a stripper to pay the bills. “I think it would be a lot harder for him if it wasn’t a musical,” she tells the magazine. “If it were a dramatic film where I’m stripping and it’s for real — taking off my clothes and doing things. My dad understands that — my family, I should say, understands that — because it’s a performance.”

Besides, the worst of it did end up on the cutting room floor. “For the scene I did with Tom that got cut out, I was in a bra and underwear, basically giving him a lap dance, so my father will probably like that scene getting cut out.”

Hough also talked about working with megastar Cruise, having grown up watching him on the big screen. “I think my generation will always look at him as Tom Cruise, the movie star,” she tells Interview. “The thing about Tom is that he’s super-cool, and whatever nerves I had going into a scene with him, afterwards he would say how funny it was or what a great job I did. So that really made me feel confident. But at the same time, my first scene with him was when my character, Sherrie, meets him for the first time and he says that she has a perky heart as he’s grabbing her chest, so that was definitely pretty real.”

Here’s a new video for ‘Anyway You Want It’ from the movie with Mary J. Blige on vocals

A recent ‘Dancing With the Stars’ appearance by ‘Rock of Ages’ stars Julianne Hough, Mary J. Blige and Diego Boneta performing a medley of songs from the movie.