David Coverdale and Whitesnake.com made the following announcement today: “HE’S BAAACK” The Third Time’s A Charm…WHITESNAKE are delighted to welcome back the ONE, the ONLY… Mr THUNDER & LIGHTNING!!!…….THE STORMBRINGER!!! TOMMY ALDRIDGE is BACK in the Snakes!!!

David Coverdale: “When I asked all the band members to put together their wish-list of potential drummers for us… every one, without exception, had TA at the top of the list… Also, most of the fans who communicated their suggestions on WS.com wanted Tommy back in the band… So, without further ado, we are delighted to welcome him back with us… It seems it is our destiny to work together… This is going to be so much fun… Welcome back, TA!!!”

“I can’t express how honored & grateful I am to be back in the Snake fold. Working with DC & Co has always been a labor of love. SO stoked to be back & finish what we started!!”…Tommy Aldridge

Whitesnake would like to thank all the amazing musicians who honored us by applying for the position of drummer… We were blown away by so much incredible talent & we wish each & every one the very best in their lives & careers.

Tommy Aldridge